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Publicis invites you to "Skip Maurice" - it's a trap!

It's a tradition for Publicis Groupe for CEO Maurice Lévy to send out a taped holiday greetings message every year: this year it's at Publicisgroupewishes2016 - please go there.


Acne Partners with Simpatico for East Coast Representation

Commercial/interactive powerhouse Acne has enlisted Simpatico founder Jolie Miller as the company’s new East Coast sales rep.


Down The Tubes: How being internet famous doesn't pay

In today's Hollywood Reporter there's an article by Bill Carter about the still runway success Jimmy Fallon is enjoying, and how Stephen Colbert as a late night host has been all but stillborn since his deb


Designer must haves: the Black Christmas Jumper and Rapping paper.

"I'm wearing black until I find something darker" - all ye fellow Art Directors, rejoice.


More hotels are getting smarter, advertising on Airbnb

As AirBnB recovers from its tone deaf advertising telling legislators where to spend taxes when they themselves


Santa Monica Police Ask: How Will You Get Home?

Spotted in the wild, by yours truly, a very simple idea for the Santa Monica police urging Angelenos not to drink and drive. They placed this half-Taxi, half-police car in front of Third Street, a pedestrian friendly shopping area.


Spoiler alert: The Super Bowl Ad Buy list 2016

Who is buying spots in the Super Bowl 2016? It will be known as the Super Bowl 50, as seen in the logo above, after some people expressed concerns that the roman numeral system would no longer work now that we've reached a sole "L".


My Talking Tom children's game has sex ads appear in it

Twice now, the creators of 'My Talking Tom' smartphone app have drawn complaints for serving ads with inappropriate images of semi nude and nude women, coupled with explicit wording.