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Bomb Threats and Protests - The Protein World Story Continues

In news which surprised no one, Protein World has reported a bomb threat against them, while protests are scheduled in Hyde Park for the weekend. But, I cannot stress this enough as UK Correspondent, 99.999% of Londonders could not give less of a shit about these ads. Even working in an advertising agency, I have not heard it discussed even once amongst colleagues.


If "grow up Harriet" becomes a meme, blame Protein World

Social media in general and Twitter in particular has become increasingly difficult for brands to find the right tone of voice to use in. It doesn't help either that most people like to use twitter to complain straight to brands, whether they are customers or not, about everything from delayed flights to choice of background color in a brands advertising campaign.


Adland Live from D&AD Judging Week

The walk into the Old Truman Brewery is deceptive. You enter up some stairs, following the neon yellow flags fluttering in an uncomfortable English breeze and before you know it an army of signs, loud and confident in their protestations, surrounds you. “The past is history, now is the future!’ says one, another boasting in all caps that “Good is not good enough.” You’ve entered into a large reception with an impromptu coffee shop, sofas, creative-looking people with their noses buried deep in MacBook Pros. This is not the deception.


Polaroid Zip Instant mobile printer available May 1

Polaroid are back! Why just last night I was whining there was a huge gap in my life that there's no instant film printer I could attach to my phone, which much like a Polaroid® spits out a paper that is its own developing kit, And then lo - here is the Polaroid instant mobile film printer launching May 1.


Sagmeister & Walsh robbery hoax was created by Achos Barcelona

You're a cynical lot, you know that? I posted Sagmeister & Walsh NYC studio was robbed & robbers caught on camera and all I got was "hmmm..." from Tom Megginson in the comments and "oRLy" style replies on twitter. Like, none of you wanted to entertain the story even for a minute.


Craig Leffel Joins Filmworkers for Color Projects

Veteran colorist will pursue color work through Filmworkers while continuing as executive producer of his boutique creative studio Big Spoon Industries.

CHICAGO—Filmworkers today announces that it has reached an agreement with veteran colorist Craig Leffel to represent him for color correction projects in the Midwest. Leffel will continue to serve as executive producer of Big Spoon Industries, the creative production studio he formed last fall, while handling color correction assignments through Filmworkers.


Joe Boxer stakes claim as the official sponsor of lounging with nonactivity tracker

FCB Chicago and Kmart found a sport they can totally own. With all these hipster fitness trackers available, and seemingly everyone - including President Obama - wearing them (that's not a security issue, no siree), Joe Boxer found to zig to that zag. the Joe Boxer inactivity tracker, which you'll get free with any Kmart purchase of Joe Boxer jammies.


I Plugged Into The Matrix And It Was Awesome

I’m sitting in the corner of the Lowe Profero kitchen, as two incredible races happen around me. The first is taking place in front of my eyes, as I sit in the pilot’s seat of a Red Bull Air Race, swooping triumphantly through the air. The craft lurches upwards in a sudden loop-the-loop and my stomach jumps and shifts around despite the fact I haven’t moved an inch. The second race takes place behind the scenes, as the Oculus Rift and the Vive hurtle towards a consumer release in 2015.