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ACNE Welcomes Managing Director and Broadcast EP Line Postmyr

Integrated production company ACNE is thrilled to announce the addition of Swedish Managing Director and Broadcast Executive Producer Line Postmyr in Los Angeles. Postmyr joins the team with over two decades of award-winning work on commercials, music videos, and feature films. She aims to expand ACNE USA’s offering to match that of ACNE Sweden which includes commercials, music videos, photography, and long-form projects.


Alert: Malvertising from Google advertisements via engagelab infecting browsers

It's time once again to duck and cover kids, as yet another Ad network has been compromised, just this time it's Google! Shocker, yes, and the worlds largest reach. It's Fox-It that's reporting on "Malvertising from Google advertisements via possibly compromised reseller", and they state:


True Fruits Smoothies non-apology for "ugly girl friend" black bottle smoothie annoys vegans

As we reported earlier, True Fruits smoothies experienced a very negative reaction to the design & text on their black bottle smoothie, but True Fruits refused to apologise for the tone of voice the brand has decided to employ. The black bottle is opaque, because while the blend of fruits in it taste great the mix makes for an unappetizing look, making their usual design of clear bottles an unwise choice.


Garbage In, Garbage out.

Have you heard about Pat Pope? In addition to being a world-class awesome photographer, he recently gained press and notoriety (and infamy to some) as being The Guy Who Wrote An Open Letter To Garbage.


Beagle Street Releases Pounds in Bristol

The culmination of a social media campaign which asked members of the public to vote on which city the Beagle Street Pounds would visit next, these intrepid pups were seen in Bristol earlier last week.


Become a Bates Motel voyeur with #DerriereLeMur

To promote season 3 of Bates Motel, 13ème RUE and entertainment agency Darewin created this microsite that puts you in the skin of Norman Bates, along with a first glimpse at the new season's premiere. The interactive experience uses your webcam and microphone and turns you into a freaky peeper who spies on his hotel guests. Derriere Le Mur means "behind the wall," so you pretty much know what you're getting in to.


Whitehouse Post New York Welcomes Editor Kate Owen

Whitehouse Post is excited to welcome sought-after commercial and film Editor Kate Owen to their roster. UK-born Owen was drawn to an editorial career early, starting as an apprentice to award-winning film editor Jim Bambrick at the age of 18.


Fiat UK & Jelly Belly create scented car designs the #Flavoured500

Fiat UK has teamed up with Jelly Belly to bring to life the first ever scented car to sit in line with Fiat’s popular 500 model.
Fiat is no stranger to teaming up with other designers and creative types, they released the Gucci 500 in 2012. And Fiat explored the world of scent when they created the Minty Fresh scratch 'n sniff ad 2014.