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Now you can be the bear from the Canal + spot

Do you remember the Bear form the Canal + spot?
Of course you do. it was one of the best spots in the past five years. By the way, Monsieur Ours has a name and it's Paul Bearman. So freaking cute!

Anyway, BETC and company have rightly brought him back for a very fun interactive site. In it, you have hte chance to Be the bear. It's a kind of Choose Your Own Adventure, but with you as director. Very fun.


Scribble - the world's first color picking pen.

Look out geeky designers, art directors and gadget freaks in general, the scribble pen is almost here! What if you could tap an item, anything at all to pick its color, just like you do in photoshop, and then start to draw on your tablet or mobile with that exact color.


The Cannesappé is back! With it you can win tickets to SHOTS party

The Cannesapp is back. MPC made it again! Download the Cannesappé for iPhone on iTunes here and get your SPF & ibuprofen packed. The app will show you vital information, like street maps, and where things are, and MPC thought of your teeny roaming budget so it works offline as well. Ain't that clever?


Pocket Art Director to the rescue!

Stuck in the office while the Art Director is in Cannes/watching football/home trying to catch up on sleep after doing 101 decks nobody looked at? Don't worry, with pocket art director there's no more waiting, it's graphic design made easy, over a million combinations and best yet it doesn't talk back. It's used by most startups and is the secret AIGA doesn't want you to know. Get one for each pocket! You can also simply try it on the web.


How many slaves do you have? Slaveryfootprint will tell you.

Slaveryfootprint is a site that allows you to calculate your slavery footprint, by selecting what you own, how you live, what you eat and how many members there are in your family. Children will add additional slaves due to the many plastic bits & toys, for example, but so will makeup. Along the way you learn stuff like the glitter in makeup is mica and it's mined by people who aren't making a living wage off it. I had no idea mica was used in makeup and toothpaste.


R.I.P Adidas CMO Hermann Deininger

It's belated, but we wanted to make sure we had some confirmation before publishing this. Today we pay our respects to adidas CMO Hermann Deininger who passed away on May 18th. Deininger, 54, apparently died from heart issues.

More, according to Achtung-Mode, the only English language obituary I could find:


adidas "House Match" vs. Nike's "Home Game"

adidas just dropped a new World Cup spot featuring Zidane and Beckham going on a not-so-friendly match inside their house against Lucas Moura and Gareth Bale.
Well, it's a new spot for adidas, anyway. Let's go back to 2004 when Nike Football had a similar approach only this time it was Thierry Henry tearing up his house in some quasi fantastic world in which members of the opposing team knock on his door ready to play.


Gatorade apologises over LeBron #cramp tweets

LeBron James was forced to leave Game 1 of the NBA Finals because of cramps and Gatorade's twitter account was amusing themselves by insunuating this was all due to the fact that he's not drinking it. Lebron signed with Powerade and it seems Gatorade is a bit cranky about that.