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2006 BTAA Winners

British Television Advertising Awards awarded Best Television Commercial of the Year to W+K's Impossible Dream for Honda. The Most Successful Advertising Agency award went to DDB London, and The Most Successful Production Company award went to Stink.


Pitching Fees

Agencies everywhere are looking for ways to recoup loses from big pitches that eat up an agency's time and resources. It is a touchy subject, as reinventing the wheel isn't easy, especially when advertisers are being asked to hand over money for something they had been getting for free for a long time.

Back in 2004 Australia's AFA was attempting to put together a pitch policy, which was not received well by advertisers. At the end of last week, the The Advertising Agencies Association of India issued a roadmap for charging a pitching fee set to start in April.

In January, the executive committee of AAAI passed a resolution allowing agencies to charge a fee to clients who call for a creative pitch. In the past, the AAAI had tried to enforce a similar pitch fee, set at 1% of the total costs, but clients refused to pay that rate and agencies refused to comply. This is still going to be an issue moving forward.


How to reply in business emails.

Caff pointed out this funny educational movie, where designer ze teaches us how to reply in business emails. Communications skills are important in our business, every character counts!


Coverville: Cover songs from television commercials .

Coverville's a great podcast chock full of music...cover songs to be exact.


It's No Fun Being Dead

Last Friday, The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) launched a campaign for new road safety campaign targeting ages 18 to 21 with NoFunBeingDead.


What are ads really saying?

Julie Kramme Guldbæk in Denmark has been thinking about what ad-images we are subjected to in public space. She's translated the images to text to make us ponder what they are really saying-
Mellem linjerne (between the lines).
Now, this is lost on anyone that can't read Danish, but it does look very strange to see giant posters read "stiff nipples", "muscular nude man grips his stiff limb", "horny woman with naked breasts" etc. I recall all of those ads, but it does sound like images from porn-mags when she puts it that way, doesn't it?


The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Part Five - Account Executives

It's baaack! The AdLand Tutorial Series took a bit of a break but returns for the first time in 2006 with tips for Account Executives. Because they need all the help they can get.

Professors: Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua, John Backman, J. Goldman, Jesper Hansen, Åsk Dabitch, Clayton T. Claymore, Steve Hardy (in no particular order)

And remember kids, An AE is like a toaster, capable of tastefully toasting a concept, or burning it to a crisp.


Bless the Portuguese!

Portuguese chest-pounding patriotism might be the reason we found the Battle Of the Ad Blogs mentioned in print in the Portuguese trade press. No wonder so many .pt's were voting!

Thanks to Hidden Persuader, I now have scans of these rags, to add to our press scrap book. and Hidden were the countrymen that the press wanted to rustle up some votes for. Neat!

Oh, and while I'm on the subject - I have yet to get the Tee's in all shapes and sizes back from the silk screeners. So sorry this is taking much longer than I thought. But it'll come!