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Dumb eBay "advertising" auction of the week

For a while there we wouldn't touch eBay auction crap with a ten foot T-square since it was such a cheap ploy to get attention, but now there are so many of them, some dumber than others, that I reckon we could do a post a week with it. Don't you?

This week, some clever moron is trying to sell "the right to put whatever you want in my msn messenger nickname". Wow!

Msn Advertising Space - Website Advertising Space auction

Of course, this violates Ebays terms of service but that usually doesn't kick into deletion gear until after the bid has generated lots of posts (and free "ads" for ebay) all around the web.


AT&T's most expensive campaign ever their biggest flop

AT&T has rolled out the biggest ad campaign in the history of AT&T and SBC Communications. The national campaign with the slogan "Your world. Delivered." is expected to run in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The ad campaign which pits the telco against cable operators who already sell telephone services debuted on TV on New Year's Eve and may prove to be the first mistake they made.
See sarcastically headlined Oh boy! Now at last AT&T offers blogging flickr photos and venom posted in blogs - the poster which reads "Blogging delivered" is causing laughing fits all over the web. AT&T can kiss my RSS says horsepigcow who also has a photo of an AT&T printad which reads "Your delivered". Yeah "Your delivered" not You're. Eff knows what it's supposed to mean. Perhaps AT&T can explain?
I guess the "blogging delivered" one - apart from piggybacking on current hype - is meant to mean that they deliver the net to you, therefore they deliver the blogging you do to you. I want to see "Spam delivered" and "Viruses delivered" posters now, while they're at it, taking credit for shit they don't do.


Battle of the Ad Blogs update - the noise

Aw shucks. Some people are a little dissapointed that they weren't nominated to the Battle of the Ad Blogs 2006, and we're sorry that not everyone could make it onto the nominee list or if we simply missed a fantastic new blog out there. See, we started with the blogs listed in the ad links , two hundred odd, and suggestions from an invited group of hardcore adgrunts. We then went about voting ourselves for the ones that should be in the final nominations, as 200 odd blogs would be a wee bit too much. Just a tad, aye?

How we will collect the contenders for the battle next year remains to be seen, we're already discussing an open submissions form and then a vote, but if you want to keep yourselves in the searchlight here, make sure your blog is submitted to the adlinks.

Read more - linkfest inside. We've sorted out anchors so that it's easier to link directly to each category in the battle.


Mike Hilburger wins the Gold Mobius award

The 2006 Mobius awards aren't online yet, but we do know who the gold winner is, it's Mike Hilburger, with "seatbelts" and you can view it here.


Burger King brings out the Whopperettes for the Super Bowl

In a :60 spot, CP+B have created an over-the-top production in the spirit of 1930s musicals, 92 "Whopperettes", featuring gals dressed as burgers, flames, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes who will sing and dance to new lyrics for the famous "Have it Your Way" jingle.

In addition, BK has teamed up with Sprint to send out the ad and extras along their wireless network to those who opt-in within 30 minutes of the ad airing on TV. There will also be a Whopperettes site.

The ad will be downloadable to iPods and within days will be shown in movie theaters. Whopperette posters also will go up in Burger King's 7,600 U.S. restaurants.

"As much as people want to write the TV network obituaries, alternative media becomes a way of extending what is still the No. 1 form of viewership in the world," says Russ Klein, Burger King's top marketer.

Production for the ad totalled about $1 million.


Ad agencies bet their presidency

Earlier we were alerted by Dabitch to the redirecting of agency homepages due to a football (American) bet between Hadrian's Wall and Boone Oakley.

It appears another bet between ad agencies is on the table. This time, a presidency is at stake.

Mike Burns has bet the presidency of his Fort Collins-based agency Burns Marketing Communications for a week.

If the Broncos win, Burns will assume the role of honorary president at Markowitz Communications, a marketing and public relations agency in Pittsburgh. If the Broncos lose, Saul Markowitz takes over at Burns.


Battle of the ad blogs 2006.

I remember when the blogosphere was a very lonely place when you blogged solely about advertising, as all the cool kids were blogging about anything but. But since ca 2003, that has all changed as the advertising blogosphere suddenly mushroomed and is still getting bigger every day.

So welcome to the Battle of the Ad Blogs 2006, where a posse of adgrunts have sifted through the ever growing pile of ad blogs to find the gems and pit them against each other. Your vote is needed to sort out the creme de la creme! We've sorted the blogs with the right stuff into categories and want you to vote in any or all of them.

The blog with the most votes in a category wins the battle 2006, a badge to proudly wear on their blog and a snazzy t-shirt (their choice of size and colour) with their battle tank #1 Ad Blog status on it, full bragging rights included. The blog with most votes overall will get something extra. * Update: the something extra is; all winners get a Tank tee and a Pixies Live Disc, while the jammy blog that gets the most votes overall gets the tee, the disc and a 100-pack of Jewelboxings! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

The battle will rage until Friday Feb 10, when we'll announce the verdict of the worlds ad blog readers. Who will win? :9
Bets of luck to all battle-blogs!


More advertisers get ready for Super Bowl XL

As we get closer and closer to the mania of the Super Bowl XL advertising bonanza, more and more information on the commercials comes through the pipeline.

Here is an UPDATED list of the spots broken down by air time (if we know it) that you can expect to see this year.

If you prefer to be surprised, don't read for more. ;)

As time goes by and new information becomes avaliable, we'll make another post or two like this with all the nitty gritty details we can get our paws on.