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Ad Free blog - no ads and proud

There's blogads, and adwords in blogs, and sponsored blogs and blogs that in fact are ads, not to mention the google ads that every damn blogger seem to have - but fear not we knew the backlash had to come sooner or later. Now there's Ad Free Blog, a cute banner all thee who do not carry ads or sponsored messages on your blog may proudly display. Spotted by Stay Free Magazine (a contender in the battle of the ad blogs you know, nudge nudge). Because weather you care to admit it or not, Adsense is The Electronic AE as Jim Hanas so eloquently put it.


Brand Channel's Reader's Choice Awards winners announced

Back in November Dabitch alerted us to the voting for BrandChannel's fifth annual Readers’ Choice Awards. And now the votes are in and tallied up and today, the list of winners has been announced.

Following years of back and forth fighting for the top spot, Google reclaimed its title from Apple as the Readers’ Choice for the brand with the strongest global impact. Google’s continued expansion in addition to new applications impressed more voters. Starbucks and Ikea remained among the top five as Al Jazeera dropped from fifth to 25th. Newcomer Skype rounded out the tech-dominated global list with its third place debut following its purchase by eBay last September.

Winners inside.


It's official, women are dolls. Russian nesting dolls.

smokinghotkova is the English/Russian translation company,, campaign to attract men who pursue Russian women via the internet.

Created by ad agency Hawairish, partner Ty Hutchinson explains, "Our client wanted to do something besides post ad banners in the Russian dating forums. Since we
knew these men spent a lot of time surfing websites full of beautiful, Russian women, we decided to create our own website full of beautiful, Russian women, except these women happen to be nesting dolls."


WOM confusion

A NYTimes article titled Advertising Is Obsolete. Everyone Says So. reports on the WOMMA conference held at the end of last week titled "Word of Mouth Vs. Advertising". And as usual, WOMMA is telling people "Don't advertise."

First off, isn't word of mouth a form of advertising? Why, yes, yes it is! Well, imagine that. Even on WOMMA's blog, people have been arguing the fact that WOM is advertising. So why even bother pitting the two against each other? One word: buzz.

And second, word of mouth cannot work solely on its own. To say so is just stupid. WOMMA seems to think that they are the magical marketing and advertising solution. And the sad thing about it is that it tarnishes the entire image of word of mouth.


Huffington Post Contagious Festival

Yes, it's yet another "viral" festival, award, thingie - the Huffington Post Contagious Festival is "a unique opportunity for talented designers, political activists of any persuasion, filmmakers and comics to reach millions of people with creative, viral online work. The contestants that create the best projects get Internet fame and the chance to meet with friends of Huffington Post from the worlds of entertainment and politics to discuss future projects and opportunities." Or a thinly veiled plea that you make some content for them. Whichever comes first.


Bad Guerilla is twice as annoying as bad ads

CTA Tattler tells of their encounter with a blue faced US cellular walking ad-man where his blue face and annoying habit to yap loudly on a mobile phone while in transit is paid off with "Talk Until You're Blue in the Face, with U.S. Cellular." written on his backpack. Apart from the terrible pun, how annoying isn't it when people yap loudly on a mobile phone on the buses and trains? U.S. Cellular went out to highlight the worst thing about mobile phones with their dumb guerrilla stunt, and agitated people all around their messenger in the trains.


Two hard nuts to crack, or three.

Triple badlander - for those who can't count. Google's prime number billboard versus BMG's trade poster.


Jessica Simpson and Miss Piggy in Super Bowl XL Commercial

Yet again, Pizza Hut is bringing together Jessica Simpson and the Muppets for their Super Bowl XL advertisement this year.

Apparently Miss Piggy and Miss Simpson will be dressed alike. Perhaps now that Jessica Simpson is single they will have her try to win over Kermits affections.