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Swedish alcohol monopoly urges EU chief to cut down on drinking

Sweden's state-owned alcohol monopoly said Thursday it was launching an 8 million kronor (A820,000; US$960,000) advertising campaign to defend its hold on liquor sales in the Scandinavian country.

Systembolaget, which owns and operates all liquor stores in Sweden, made the case for maintaining its monopoly in a letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, and in a newspaper ad was published Tuesday in the Financial Times.

The ad, headlined "Dear Mr. Barroso, Here's why you should consider cutting down on drinking," highlights drinking problems in Europe, and suggests the Swedish monopoly has helped keep down the country's alcohol consumption. (read more to see the ad)


Lose the arrogance

From Hiring Revolution, a blog by recruiters of Talent Zoo, we get these words of wisdom.

Arrogance is killing this industry. Companies and agencies that think full of pomp and circumstance- the ones that are willing to lose exceptionally talented people because they cannot see past their own egos - are going to be the death of the ad industry. It is forcing people to leave the industry for good. It is creating a generation of mediocrity. It is shifting the power and success to a certain few companies that actually get it. Is this what we want?
News flash - it is NOT 2002 anymore. Just because you are in the position to hire someone, it doesn't mean that they have to come work for you. People have more options now. If you treat them like crap, they will not want to work for you - now or ever. Your time is no more important than someone else's time. Your work-life balance is no more deserving than someone else's.


NSPCC ad upsets kids

Brand Republic reports that NSPCC's latest ad by Saatchi & Saatchi can only be shown after 9am.


Milkman Mike - Microsoft Viral

Bizarre new viral campaign by Microsoft that uses former eye milk-squirting champion to promote Windows Media Center. Check it out: http://www.milkmanmike.com


Link lust: Tactile Apple Nano ad in Japan, billboard link boom

The Cult of Mac website has captured some nice shots of the latest Apple Nano ads in Tokyo's underground, in the Shibuya district.


The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Part Two - Viral Advertising

Today we bring you Part Two of the ongoing Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial. Last time we went over radio. This week, we thought we'd share some helpful (and not so helpful) advice on creating The Viral.

The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial:
Part Two - Key Points of Creating Viral Advertising

Professors: Brandon Barr, Brent Hahn, Clayton T. Claymore, Jane Goldman, Alec Long, Justin Kirby and Åsk Dabitch (in no particular order.)


Attention-grabbing nudity might cause traffic accidents in Rome

Hot on the heels of that British study that revealed that a quarter of British drivers are so distracted by billboards with semi-naked models that they have dangerously veered out of their lane which caffeinegoddess reported on, comes yet another ad that diverts attention from traffic. This time it's a cheeky ad in Rome that a consumer group calls a "road hazard".


Advertising causing bad driving?

Reuters reports that a study released today reveals that "almost a quarter of British motorists admit they have been so distracted by roadside billboards of semi-naked models that they have dangerously veered out of their lane."

One in five male drivers said their eyes were diverted from the road by posters of scantily clad women -- such as the saucy cleavage shots of model Eva Herzigova in her notorious adverts for Wonderbra.

However only one in 10 women were put off by the sight of a semi-dressed male model.