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Viral for Opel goes to the dogs

Back in January, Opel came out with a viral for their new Tigra TwinTop by McCann Erickson and MRM Partners ( . Recently they released a new 30-second viral promoting Opel's Astra GTC. This one is a rather reminiscent of the FordKa virals from 2003 for Ford's EvilTwin SportKA that was deemed too evil for killing a pigeon and the Ford KA Cat decapitation ad from 2004. Both ads got raised eyebrows and a lot of noise by animal groups. And this time is no different.


Shutterspeed makes shutterbugs make films

Something about great cameras seems to inspire photographers to make films. Films shot with their still cameras. Yep.

Right now there's a short film by Patryk Rebisz called "between you and me" shot entirely with his Canon EOS 20D available on his website.

Patryk probably hasn't seen the award winning commercial Nikon F5 Granny on Pier back in 1997, which was also shot with the Nikon still camera alone in order to show off how fast that shutter speed is - but you can. Funny how the idea god works isn't it? In one film it's the selling point of the camera, in the other it's just a technique to tell a story with.


Michelob & Music - free mp3s?!?!?

Michelob is giving away free mp3s on their ultramix site until September. They change the tracks you can get every 2 weeks or something, so check it NOW (so you can maximize the downloading of the most music). You can make playlists on the site, and then download the playlist. They also have this auto-mix function so you can just download a playlist they’ve made for different types of workouts. Technology is really crazy! Anyway, it’s great music to workout to, and hey, what makes it better, they’re free!!

Check it out:


Southern Exposure

What does an ad agency in the Northwest know about the South?
It seems, plenty.

Click here to view a funny viral ad.


Yellow Pages and Target split image concepts

Starting in the spring of 2004 Peterson Milla Hooks, an ad agency in Minneapolis, created a "Wants Needs" campaign that used split images. In Novemeber of 2004, AMV BBDO in London created a campaign for the Yellow Pages using the same technique for ads on the Underground.


Another ad agency starts blogging

Digital Bulletin reports that HHCL/Red Cell has launched a new blog-like site "aimed at planners and advertising creatives to give insight into issues affecting their work, from contemporary culture to business and marketing issues."

BigShinyThing was actually launched in February, but is now just getting press? Sort of strange. Maybe they weren't sure how it would take off so they waited a while until they had more to show or were certain that they would be able to keep it up.

It definitely seems like blogs are the new trend for advertising agencies. Only a few years ago there were just a handful of ad agency blogs like Influx Insights by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners and Coudal Partners (which goes back as far as 1999). Even as recently as October of last year, only 10 agency blogs made it Bill_Bernbucks' list of advertising related blogs.


Italian communist leader uses non-conventional marketing techniques

Fausto Bertinotti, leader of the Italian communist party Rifondazione Comunista, is promoting his nomination to the primaries for the Unione, the democratic Italian party, using viral/guerrilla marketing tecniques. The concept of the campaign is a yellow post-it with the words "I want" and the claim "Attacchiamoli!" (with the double meaning of "attack them" and "stick them"). On the post-it you can write what you want for a better country and spread your claims everywhere. The post-it will be distribuited using volunteers.

via emmebi & NinjaMarketing.