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Playing with Adrian Belew's Flux: Day one.

FYI I purchased this app. Just so we're clear, this is not an advertorial. That being said I'm a huge Adrian Belew fan. And FLUX is worth the review, not to mention the listen and view.
Two months ago we wrote about Adrian Belew's Kickstarter campaign to fund an app called FLUX: music that is never the same twice. Today that app launched for iPhone and iPad. It is as gorgeous and seamless as it is intuitive for skipping, sharing, favoriting and more.


Google Chrome is hanging out with The Hobbit

Google Chrome just updated its Middle Earth Hobbit site promote the upcoming release of "The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies." Now you can geek out even more than you already do by immersing yourself in battles from Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. You can play as a good one or an evil one, and even get your own nerdy name. You can even do a PVP (Player vs Player) mode. It works on computer as well as tablet and mobile. It was designed by North Kingdom.


Land Rover presents: The Vanishing Game

International best selling author William Boyd spins an 8 part tale for Land Rover called The Vanishing Game . More than just an audio book, The Vanishing Game is a multimedia experience that allows interaction on a variety of sensory levels including video, cinemagraphs, photography, animation, voice-over narration and a musical soundtrack


Unit 9 Presents: Five Minutes, with G-Shock Watches.

Do you like live action zombie games? Well, up-and-coming student writer and director Maximilian Niemann and producer Felix Faißt have created something you'll love. FIVE MINUTES was created with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. It's not just a zombie game though but it's also a branded interactive film featuring G-SHOCK watches. .

As the hero, John, you're fighting to survive being injured after a zombie battle. You only have five minutes to figure out how to get help and save yourself and your daughter.


"Exit" and the city Wunsiedel turn a neo-Nazi march into a charity run.

In a guerilla action stunt the charity "Exit", which helps people out of neo-Nazi groups, turned a neo-Nazi march into a walk for charity. Simultaneously speaking to their target - that's neo-Nazis who want to leave who might possibly be in the march - while using them as a way to promote the charity. Ballsy. Oh, so very ballsy.


Sainsbury's christmas ad attracts 240 ASA complaints and is Badlanded.

No sooner had the Sainsbury's - 1914 Christmas truce advert been aired, before the Guardian had Ally Fogg calling the ad 'a dangerous and disrespectful masterpiece' in their comment is free section, prompting +1000 comments debating the virtue of using historical events in ads.


ACNE Signs Celebrated Director Tim Hamilton

Integrated production company ACNE has signed internationally awarded comedy director Tim Hamilton. Hamilton is best known for his dry, irreverent sense of humor as exemplified in some of the popular films he has helmed and co-wrote, including Truth in Advertising, a Cannes International Film Festival selection, and its sequel The Reel Truth, which was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi London for the Cannes Lions.


"Drunk girl in public" social experiment hoax breaks all SAG rules

We've all heard by now that the Drunk Girl" social experiment viral video is a hoax. Hoax as in staged, though I don't even understand how anyone would think it wasn't with some of the terrible acting on display.