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Coca Cola India demand "unconditional apology" from photographer

Oy vey, did they send Coke PR people to the charm-school of Lizzie Grubman or what? First some fool in Denmark tells a site not to link to coke, and now Coke India are threatening to slap a defamation suit for Rs. 2 Million on a photographer simply because one of his photographs doesn't appeal to Coke.

Bad move, brown sugar water. In India coke already has it's problems with goodwill, especially in the south where the Plachimada Coke-botteling facility was shut down after intense community pressure, but has now been re-opened after the the Kerala High Court now has permitted Coca-Cola to extract up to 500,000 liters of water from the common groundwater resource per day. See "Let Them Drink Coke" at IPnews and google newsclusters about it, or head straight to India Resource for more Coke India news. Apparantly it takes seven times as much water to create one bottle of Coke, a process that can't bode well for areas that already lack, and thus need, water.

So when Sharad Haksar took a quite poetic photograph of colorful pitchers lining up in front of a waterpump, which just happens to be situated near a wall that has a "Drink Coca Cola" ad painted all over it, and to top it all off displayed his art on a billboard, coke wasn't happy at all. The gall of this artist! Coke claims this billboard has done 'incalcuable damage' to their brand and want it withdrawn immediately, they also want "unconditional apology".


Crazy Frog beats KFC as most talked about annoying ad

Brandrepublic reports on the latest "Ads That Make News" survey, which shows that crazy frog beats out KFC Chicken Zinger as the most talked about ad in the news in June, despite KFC being the most complained about advert.

The UK's most complained about ad, showing call centre staff talking with their mouths full of KFC, was number two on the list, as newspapers reported that despite more than 1,600 complaints from irate viewers, it was not going to be banned or withdrawn. The ad was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Yet another iPod (spoof). The flea.

Those equipped with windows media can head over to the New York Times and catch an iPod spoof The iPod Flea Ad Spoof.

This week, David Pogue has arranged for a special guest video artist: Scott Kelby, Photoshop maven. Last week, as he keynoted his own Mac Design conference, he played a hilarious Apple ad spoof for something called the iPod Flea, which I'm pleased to offer in its Web debut.
Via researcher.

In-Action Heroes - For Real, part two!

So, there really is no escape from the In-Action heroes, we thought the dolls were the real deal, but then Aquaman from yesbutnobutyes told us:

They did a real-life version here in Midtown New York a few months back. A friend of mine took a picture and posted it on our blog. The agency behind the campaign contacted us and asked if we wanted to interview him. We figured, what the hell? Here's you go...

The interview the suck-up man is here. Some poor starving actor had to play the part of the suck-up man stuck in in a box all day, while some poor starving copywriter had to answer these questions. Only in New York, aye? ;)

'Charlie the Tuna' creator drowns

R.I.P. Charlie. Tom Rogers, creator of Starkist's Charlie the Tuna, drowned in his backyard pool on June 24. Sadly, this is not a joke.


Regulators attempting to squash Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog is back in the news this week. The Dutch Advertising Standards Authority has now banned all TV ads from the company's 2004 "Jamba Sir Mix-A-Lot" ringtone and wallpaper campaign. Jamba appealed, but its complaint was rejected last month. Sadly the new Jamba TV campaigns are not affected by the ruling.

But it appears that in Germany and in the UK, watchdog groups have started investigations regarding "doubtful media practices" and "complaints over hidden subscription charges." So who knows, maybe we'll be free of the frog, eventually.


Hardees attempts to milk attention without Paris

After all the press Carl's Jr. got with the spicy Hilton commercial, the Hardees chain is picking it up. The chain is also hoping a new spot for their Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes & Malts, this time without the help of Ms. Hilton, will milk some attention from their 18-34-year old male target as well.


In-Action Heroes - For Real!

Collectors rejoice, Claymore has spotted that the In-Action Heroes from the degree ads are now available for real! Yes, get your very own Suck-up and Wuss-man to play with, sadly Mama's boy is not available yet. If the online ordering thingie konks out on you, try ringing 1-888-435-3639 instead (US only).

The Degree ads:
Degree for Men - In-Action Heroes - Mama's Boy
Degree for Men - In-Action Heroes - Mama's Boy - variant