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Nike says "sorry" about the minor theft.

Update on the Minor Theft story, Nike apologizes for "The creation of a Tour Poster inspired by Minor Threats Record cover."
Nike points out that W+K and Odopod had nothing to do with it, instead the tour poster was "designed, executed and promoted by skateboarders for skateboarders."


The Adventures of Super Fast Max

R/GA, who grabbed home three cyber lions in Cannes last week are opening a new shop in London - if you are interested check out their site for jobs.

Meanwhile, they are gearing up for the next viral award with their new stunt for Verizon, The Adventures of Super Fast Max. Filmed in Keller, Texas it uses actual town residents as cast and crew while we follow Super Fast Max around. Like a Jack Handy of speed, he'll share his words of wisdom like "Some people say that trees can't be fast, but that's just a myth."


Cannes night life 2005

Those who aren't hiding their green hangover complexion under the deep red fast tan that comes from being yanked out of ones fluorescent office and exposed on a Rivera beach might want to hear some Cannes nightlife gossip, if your ears haven't fallen off from hearing too much already. This is the last of it, I promise.


I'd like to teach the world to chill

Crispin Porter and Bogusky, have re-done the hilltop classic, the song that reached the top of the pops of the best ad-songs of all time, is now re-sung by G. Love in the new ad for Coke Zero called chilltop. (Flash site).
The lyrics are as bland as they can be: "I'd like to teach the world to chill, take time to stop and smile/I'd like to buy the world a Coke and chill with it a while." but we weren't expecting anything else.


Decorate your willie with Dickorations!

No longer does your trouser snake need to go naked or unadorned! From tuxedos for those special occasions to superhero capes when a fair maiden needs rescuing, "Dickorations" will have your beef bayonet looking sharp!

"Dickorations" is a new campaign for Durex Condoms running as print in Maxim, FHM, etc and with a web site where you can print out costumes for your, uh, lower member. Both print and online for this campaign was created by Fitzgerald & Company in Atlanta.


Cannes Radio and Titanium Lions 2005

Grand Prix for Radio Lions went to DDB Chicago for their extensive radio campaign of 11 ads. The campaign consists of "Mr. Cargo Pants Designer", "Mr. Pro Sports Heckler Guy", "Mr. Miniature Train Modeler", "Mr. Discount Airline Pilot Guy", "Mr. Gangsta Rapper Posse Member", "Mr. Tiny Dog CLothing Manufacturer", Mr. Bathroom Stall Dirty Joke Writer", "Mr. Hot Stock Tip Giver Outer", "Mr. Basketball Court Sweat Wiper Upper", "Mr. Over The Top Carb Counter", and "Mr. Giant Pet Snake Owner".

CDs: John Immesoete (Group CD)/Mark Gross
CWs: Bob Winter (CD)/Chris Roe (ACD)/Chuck Rachford (ACD)/ Pat Burke/Chris Carraway/Mark Gross/Bill Cimino (CD)

There was no Grand Prix winner for Titanium Lions. No specific metals given out for it either.


Cannes Film Lions Winners 2005

Well, it's not much of a surprise to us, but W+K London took home the Grand Prix with "Grr" for Honda Diesel. It also won the Journalists' Award.

Bravo to the team!
CDs: Tony Davidson/Kim Papworth
CWs/ADs: Sean Thompson/Michael Russoff/Richard Russell Agency Producer: Charlie Tinson/Rob Steiner
Production Company: Nexus Productions, London
Directors: Adam Foulkes/Alan Smith
Producers: Jullie Parfitt/Chris O'reilly
Editor: Nexus
Music: Be Nice To The Pigeons/Hate Something
Sound/Design Arrangement: Wave London
Account Supervisor: Francesca Sellers
Advertiser's Supervisor: Matt Coombe


Viral advertisements spreading

USA Today talks about viral advertising spreading thorough marketing plans. It was a tie-in to their reporting on the Cannes Cyber Lions awards, and apparently is one of the "hot topics" being chatted about during the Cannes Festival this year.

"People have grown increasingly skeptical of packaged, canned, Madison Avenue-speak," says Russ Klein, Burger King's chief marketing officer.