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Make poverty history - today. G8 rally live.

More than ten years ago a group of bright eyed students in London watched Dave Trott pace up and down in the front of the room ranting ever louder as he got himself all worked up about the world bank, and the poverty in the world. He was animated, he was agitated and most of all he had his name on three ad agency doors so we gave him our complete and undivided attention. It was at the end of the lecture, and he'd been dropping hints all along. "There's nothing stopping you guys from having a book full of creative things printed now - If you were creative enough to do it." soon followed by : "See I'm your target market."

The subject of the world bank was close to his heart, as he was convinced that the situation could be resolved by smart advertising. In broad strokes he briefed us of the scenario; four of the UK banks are in it, they lent money to the third world. The third world paid it all back already, but are now stuck paying back on the interest and making bad economic decisions in order to make the payments. If the four banks just walked away from that interest one day, the poor countries money could be used on medicine, water, and food for their own impoverished populations. But, one bank won't give up their interest unless all four banks do it. How do you make four different banks march in tune? Why advertising of course. Turn their customers against them, and they'll drop their claim. Those paying attention understood that this was to be our live brief until next time Trott came to lecture.


Monopoly on the real streets of London

Fancy a game of live Monopoly? An interesting twist on the old board game comes from Hasbro as they celebrate the 70th year of the popular game. The London edition has had a complete makeover, and there's a live game on the internet. London is the real-life playing board, while cabbies are the playing pieces. The cabbies have been kitted out with GPS (Global Positioning System) so their whereabouts are known, when they land on other players places you're fined, when others land on your property you rack up the cash. It's the world's biggest game of Monopoly and London is the worlds biggest playing board. Try it.


Save the account!

After this man is finished with you, you will take No! for an answer.

Save the Account website carries a spot here reminding us all about the dangers that ad agency accounts face and the battles our suits brave defending creative work every day. The client is enfants terribles, while the creators are ebolaindustries, Italy's first viral ad agency.


Budweiser partners up for Wedding Crashers film

New Line Cinema's upcoming film "Wedding Crashers" is being hailed by Anheuser-Busch as "one big Budweiser commercial".

Bud will use clips from the flim in two upcoming ads, something they haven't done since 1991 for "Backdraft."


New ways for celebrities to advertise

Last week, I grabbed a bottle of Glaceau's flavored vitaminwater. It wasn't until I was through with it, looking at the label, that I noticed the description blurb was all about rapper 50 Cent (a.k.a. Curtis Jackson). My first inclination was to call it product placement. I guess I had missed the news last October when 50 bought a share of the water company.


Nike says "sorry" about the minor theft.

Update on the Minor Theft story, Nike apologizes for "The creation of a Tour Poster inspired by Minor Threats Record cover."
Nike points out that W+K and Odopod had nothing to do with it, instead the tour poster was "designed, executed and promoted by skateboarders for skateboarders."


The Adventures of Super Fast Max

R/GA, who grabbed home three cyber lions in Cannes last week are opening a new shop in London - if you are interested check out their site for jobs.

Meanwhile, they are gearing up for the next viral award with their new stunt for Verizon, The Adventures of Super Fast Max. Filmed in Keller, Texas it uses actual town residents as cast and crew while we follow Super Fast Max around. Like a Jack Handy of speed, he'll share his words of wisdom like "Some people say that trees can't be fast, but that's just a myth."


Cannes night life 2005

Those who aren't hiding their green hangover complexion under the deep red fast tan that comes from being yanked out of ones fluorescent office and exposed on a Rivera beach might want to hear some Cannes nightlife gossip, if your ears haven't fallen off from hearing too much already. This is the last of it, I promise.