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Yo-ho-ho and a badland of rum - Say hello to Captain Malibu.

Wayyy back in 2004, Malibu Rum came out with a television campaign based around a nicely twisted concept of Caribbean island life meshed with urbanite quirks. Groovy. Later, in 2005, Captain Morgan came out with its own television campaign for their Parrot Bay brand extension of rums, using a concept that just might have a few of you experiencing déjà vu. Well, it's time for them to take the badland litmus test.


Slipknot in the ring with Coq Roq

The metal band Slipknot are threatening a lawsuit over the latest Burger King ads - sending this C&D style letter to Burger King headquarters and Crispin Porter and Bogusky which the Smoking Gun shares with us.

B.K Lawyers posse in turn notes that many bands "wear masks and/or make-up to accomplish a mask-like effect, including but not limited to the bands KISS, Gwar, Insane Clown Posse, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, Los Straitjackets, and the Spits."

I'm wondering if this was just a smart move by Slipknot to get them some more press attention, and the BK campaign.. and... Wow, I'm way too cynical... But maybe CP&B people leaked the document to the Smoking Gun because god knows it'll be all over the web in an instant now. Hat tip to Researcher who was up earlier than me this morning. ;)


Dish network - ads that don't suck.

Publicis West has created a new campaign for Dish network that doesn't stink. ;) Playing up the puns quite literally with dead pan delivery, these four ads are worth a peek. "Wow, it sucks hard." is a line in the ads, not about the ads.

Produced by, directed by Steve Miller together with d.op. Mandy Walker and put together by the team from Publicis John Meyer (AD), Conn Newton (CW), Eric Cosper & Simeon Roane (GCD), Bob Moore (ECD), Agency producer Mary Ellen Farrar and agency executive producer Derek Ruddy.



Børsen - We are in Denmark's Financial Times

While playing the NameGame where Lunds was seeking a nice new moniker various tradepress took notice of the unusual way of going about it.
Børsen wrote: "The agency has started a name competition on the weblog Adland, found on the adress , and which is one of the worlds largest and most visited advertising weblogs and cyber-"room" for advertising chats and industry gossip."
A little furter in they quote Susan Hjorlev Lund who says: "We don't think that our current name reflects all our skills and competence. We are an international agency with international clients and co-workers, so it's natural to us to announce this competition over the world wide web. We chose Adland because they have over 50.000 visitors a day."


Naked ad exposed

Brand Republic exposes the naked truth behind a complaint made to the ASA regarding advertising posters for "Naked" by the


Film fans or ad fans?

A friendly adgrunt in our hood tipped us to this pair - "Pick up todays Politiken paper" he said.. "doesn't that ad for the film fest look a little like those Stella ads?".....

Lets have a look shall we?


The NameGame - checking all the entries

The NameGame is now closed to new entries as the ad agency take their time to mull over the great names alrady entered.