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New VW Beetle Ad Campaign

A new ad campaign "Force of Good", touting the new 2006 Volkswagen Beetle, has begun. Created by Arnold Worldwide in Boston, the advertising includes TV spots, a website and a promotional tour in seven US cities.

These Ambassadors will battle every day evils by surprising drivers with paid parking meters and tolls, supplying IZZE(R) all-natural sparkling juice to thirsty people on a hot day, distributing coffee during rush hour and participating in local volunteer opportunities.


Won't somebody think of the children?

There is a discussion brewing at Metafilter; "Thinking of the (obese, cavity-ridden, materialistic, insecure, grasping, nagging) Children... for fun and profit!" that anyone who works in advertising should take a look at.

Won't somebody please think of the children?
Oh, don't fool yourselves! Americans under the age of 12 now spend or influence the spending of $565 billion a year - up from $2.2 billion in 1968, and kid-spending has roughly doubled every ten years for the past three decades, tripling in the 1990s. Which means someone is always thinking of the children. The American Association of Pediatrics (pdf) cites this bludgeoning of kidvertising as creating in children "a fever for shopping and spending, swollen expectations about material needs, decreasing immunity to the assaults of advertisers, self-concepts defined by brands of clothing, and a rash of of debt by the time they leave college".
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What is Automotive Advertising...Without Automotive Marketing

Do you know the difference between automotive advertising and automotive marketing?

I have found the majority of auto dealers confuse the two and don’t even realize there is a difference in marketing vs. advertising. I could only begin to guess how many billions of dollars are wasted every year in automotive advertising and automotive marketing. The automotive business accounts for the largest spending on local newspapers and local radio stations.


Ad campaign without a poker face & foul hand.

Our friends at Bold have found an ad campaign so bad, its terrifyingly terrible.

The poker room site has promotional films here, where Swenglish tries to pass for English, the acting is stiffer than a senior who mistook internet viagra for arthritis meds, and the jokes themselves are even older - see the suck the cork out of a winebottle gag. Somewhere there might actually have been an idea in the campaign but it sems to have been buried in mass of mediocrity.


And the Emmy for a commercial goes to...

The Emmy awards are being telecast this Sunday. Winners for the commercial category of the Creative Arts have already been posted on their site.

Two of the nominations this year were Super Bowl ads.
Read on for the nominations and the winner.


Apple Cans Second Switch Campaign

For over a year Apple had been planning to produce a new series of Switch ads featuring people who connected with Apple for the first time by purchasing an iPod and then went on to purchase a Mac.

And now, three months after shooting the spots, the campaing has been cancelled. The spots were done by Moxie Pictures and Errol Morris who directed the first campaign. Apparently there was tension on the set about how to portray their switchees...which seems to be the reasoning for the plug being pulled.


Brands get consumers involved in advertising

It seems lately that there has been a rash of ads advertising contests or competitions to get consumers to do some creative work for brands.

Most recent brands to add to the list are Ban deodorant, Chrysler, and Timex watches.

Ban has an online contest where consumers can submit custom ads based on their current campaign...illustrating what they'd like to ban or what spokesperson and MTV VJ Hilarie Burton wants to ban. They provide images or you can upload your own. Winners will have their designs featured in the next national ad campaign.