Adland's adnews first to buy for Super Bowl 2006

Just three months after this year's Super Bowl, ad space is already being purchased. Yesterday, announced they have lined up airtime for Super Bowl XL.


We're more creative when we lie down.

Science now has an explanation to why Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is so awesome, any why hookers can come up with so many interesting tricks... Apparently we are more creative when we lie down. This all has to do with something called noradrenaline, which is believed to impair creative thinking, less noradrenaline is released when we lie down. Quick everybody request a nice recliner for your office! It's vital for your creative output.
Discovery writes:

Lipnicki said there is historical evidence for his finding in the case of the Greek mathematician Archimedes, who worked out while lying in his bath that the amount of water that overflowed his tub was proportional to the amount of his body that was submerged.
The observation became known as Archimedes' principle, or the principle that an object immersed in a fluid experiences a buoyant force equal in magnitude to the force of gravity on the displaced fluid.
Professor of medieval history Donnchadh O'Corrain of University College Cork said medieval Irish poets also composed their complicated court poetry while lying flat on a couch in a darkened room.

The London Police Mural, before Springer & Jacoby painted over it.

Ah, remember that London Police mural we spoke of only yesterday? Well, thanks to happy 180:er Mark Kenny we have a picture of what it once looked like before Springer & Jacoby moved in and made it all go away with a few buckets of standard white paint.

A moment of silence, please.


Virtual Bartender 1, and 2 and now 3.

Woopsie, looks like the ever-so popular Virtual Bartender Chicks (and version number two) from have been re-done by Bavaria beer in Brazil (say that ten times fast after drinking ten of them).
To view the Brazilian version, hop in to their site and click the babe on the top, leave your 'name' and 'email' and choose where you live from a drop-down menu. Then off you go.


Ipod ad campaign spotted in the Simpsons.

Remember that religious iPod ad that adgrunt Rocknrolladvertising spotted outside London's St. Lukes church last year? His post about it, December 9..

Looks like pop culture imitates art? iGod has been spotted in an episode of the Simpsons.


Logo twins mean very different things

Over at Bold user Bedford spotted a very funny set of logo twins which mean very different things.

While one means "port-a-potty" the other means "protection and service for people who rent their homes". What the lingonberries in milk-red color means in either logo is anybodies guess.


Cannes Lion advertiser of the year: Playstation

Well it was bound to happen after all those little lions, the brand has won 26 of them, and three grand prix awards. Ken Kutaragi , vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment will be receiving the advertiser of the year award on Saturday the 25th of June at the Cannes Lions.
Playstation has consistently done great ads ever since the brand was born back in 1994.

Their Grand prix were, Playstation "Nipples" 1999, Playstation "Rebirth" 2003 and last year they won with the film "Mountain"

Update: Playstation is also the Clio Awards advertiser of the year and will grab home that trophy at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami’s South Beach, May 24, 2005.


Things that don't exist.

At the website things that don't exist, one of the non-existant things is close to home for us adgrunts, namely A career that will support me, after I graduate from art school.. Someone on the page comments: "I graduated Art School 10 years ago and make an awful lot of money in advertising." Bo-yah! This never seems to work when you graduate from portfolio school, mind you. ;)