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Cannes Press & Posters Winners

TBWA Paris get the Grand Prix, CD Erik Vervroegen CW Benoit Leroux and AD Philippe Taroux are going to party like it's 1999 or something as they raked home the prestigious award for their EMI Music Piracy awareness campaign.

The Art Direction on the five posters is quite trippy and fun, but the line "nothing great comes easy" really doesn't do shit to address 'music piracy' in this day and age. Those who download argue that they do want to support their artists and they wish big music companies did. But the music companies have a well established and well deserved reputation of bleeding artists and customers dry. The selection isn't as good as the billions they earn should make it, EMI dare not produce artists that are the least bit interesting or aimed at a narrow market (remember when they dropped the Sex pistols?) all we get from the big guys is Britney fucking Spears and another pop-tart clone again. Great albums are out of print. None of this is addressed in these posters - great eye candy but I doubt it affects what the target - the pirates - see as the real issue. Most people do want to do what is right already, and pay the talent for their skills.
Read more for more winners.


Cyber Lions Rumors

What is Cannes without all the rumours? Nothing! Well, it's pretty quiet out there but we have managed to hear with our very big ears that the Volvo Life on Board project, where QUAD productions made two films, is tipped to be winning a nice shining gold. We'll see tomorrow, won't we?

Then there is some gossip from the Sydney Morning Herald which has a Cannes Ad Festival Blog that caffeinegoddess found. On it they are pouting that the word on la croisette says No Golds for Oz in the Cyber competition. Aaaaaaaw, better luck next year.


Martini Private Pool: new movies

Martini offers an inflatable private pool in the shape of the Martini logo in the Netherlands.


IKEA Germany - "Midsommar in Schweden"

According to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, IKEA in Germany has been forced by the head offices of the furniture giant in Sweden to remove three TV spots from the nationwide german TV stations RTL and Sat1.
The spots promote "Crazy Midsummer Prices" and depict the German perception of "traditional" Swedish activities on the celebration of the longest day of the year. We get to see drunken Swedes in traditional costumes dancing, fighting and generally partying out of control. The German IKEA also has a special website for the campaign.

After having lived and worked in Germany for two and half years now, I definitely recognize the stereotypes, and to be absolutely honest, I just can't see what the problem is… ;o)
The spots can be viewed here:


Telly Winners Finally Posted

If you won a Telly Award, you got a letter in the mail weeks ago. But everyone else had to wait (and wait) to for David E. Carter and company to finally post the winners list. You can check it out here. Unfortunately, they don't say what each agency won for.

Why care? Well, the Telly Awards take a look at commercials and video productions beyond the major broadcast networks, giving their little silver trophies for the best regional, local and cable work in an array of categories. What this means is that you have industry powerhouses like J. Walter Thompson listed alongside worthy regional and local shops--an occurrence rare enough to be interesting.


Cannes Lions Direct Winners 2005

This years Grand Prix went to a strange event for Renault MODUS which was both online and on TV. Two short films were broadcast parallel in absolut syncronicity on two TV stations, one showed our hero "Happy" and the other "Sad". Earlier, TV teaser trailers had alerted people to tune in to the event and to use their remote to switch between channels to see the difference. The end of the film was shown on The films attracted an impressive eight million viewers, Germany has 82 million people.

A neat idea, and the first time channel-hopping between two specific channels became reality in Germany (Sweden actually had a soap-opera that relyed on this story-telling tool a few years back), but can someone explain to me how this film ended up in the direct category? I must have misunderstood the entry rules. Read more to see more winners.


Cannes Media Lions Winners 2005

Procter and Gamble sent in more ads than ever to Cannes Lions this year, and by the looks of it, it's already paying off.

The Grand Prix winner of the Media Lions is a P&G campaign for Biomat laundry detergent in Israel. The 'ad' itself isn't really an ad, it's a happening, a way to reach the unreachable target market the Orthodox jews who not only don't read regular magazine media, and don't own TV’s or radios for religious reasons, but to top it all off have a negative attitude toward traditional advertising. The solution, relying on another religious commandment aiding the weak, a donate your used clothes truck which toured the neighbourhoods. While people qued up to sort out their used clothes at the Biomat-branded truck they could see as donated items were washed in the washing machine in the truck. Biomat helps you help the needy. The message worked. Biomat's shares in the Orthodox sector have grown by almost 50% since the campaign launched.


Copywriting goes underground

They might not be Cannes winners yet, but over at the Viacom Outdoor, Underground website there is a large collection of PDF's of ads competing in the underground writing compet