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Christian Slater flushed with success?

Christian Slater's career is in the toilet. Literally. He's signed up to advertise a toilet gel in the UK as a part of a public health campaign in the UK titled 'Germaphobia'.

A spokesperson for Domestos says: "We've hired Christian because we wanted to try and bring the germs to life in the advert, he's perfect because he's got this husky, slightly dark voice. And of course, there's a slightly dark side to him."

His recent bad boy actions, groping a woman on the street in NYC, landed him in court.
I wonder if that's what they mean by dark side.

Found via hecklerspray


Brazilians take the lead online

The International Herald Tribune takes a look at the reasons why Brazil has such strong hold online.

At Cannes, Brazilian ad agencies won 25 of 93 awards in the online advertising category, that's over 25%. And yet online or interactive advertising accounts for only only 2% of the total annual ad spend - approximately $3.6 billion - in Brazil.

According to MSN, Brazil's internet advertising is growing at an annual rate of more than 30 percent.


The latest copyright fight - Perfect 10 vs Amazon

Perfect 10 Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction Against Amazon Alleging Copyright Infringement , which means that the magazine Perfect 10 sues Amazon (and for displaying their copyrighted images.

According to Perfect 10, Amazon and will likely argue that because they provide a "search function," they should be excused from liability for copyright infringement. From Perfect10's standpoint, search engines like and Google aren't directing people where to find Perfect 10 images -- that would be Perfect 10 Magazine and -- rather, they are displaying Perfect 10 images themselves. To the extent that or Google do direct users searching for Perfect 10 pictures, it is virtually always to a website which misappropriated those images, not to, Zada says.

Via the Trademark Blog who daringly have posted a Perfect 10 cover. *gasp*!


Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil

The next super-annoying ring-tone to replace the annoying frog this is the schnappi song sung buy 8-year old Joy Gruttman. The extremly catchy tune about a small crocodile has it's own little webgame as well. Play it here, and download the song, watch the video, etc.
Joy's song even knocked Robbie Williams himself off the charts as her single has already sold over 1 million copies it's claimed. The UK release of the single is planned for August 22nd. For anyone who speaks Swedish the German lyrics are hilarious when little Joy does her breakdown mid-song, "schnipp-schnapp-snopp..." as "snopp" means trouser snake to us. Tee hee heee!


British Airways and the Saatchis finally split.

British airways, a client so loyal to the Maurice and Charles that they even left old Saatchi a decade ago when M&C Saatchi was formed to become their first client, have now decided to put the account up for review. M&C Wil be invited to the pitch, which seems to be a money issue rather than the typical "creative differences" one. To Brandrepublic Martin George, commercial director of BA, said:

"However, as the airline continues to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, we are required to review all our major contracts across the business in line with our corporate procurement policy. This means that we will review our global advertising to ensure it meets the needs of our changing business and that we manage our worldwide account in the most effective way."


No No Hubba Hubba if you ain't got no rubba

Oh my word..... This commercial (windows crappy media only) has an animated rapper chanting "there will be no hubba hubba if you ain't got no rubba" and is part of the New Zealand government paid safe sex campaign.
It' also so bad it feels like a parody. They're kidding right? Never mind that hubba hubba sounds like a pink sweet gum, the whole execution ooozes cheese. Must watch, try not to laugh.

Super adgrunts, quicktime version available here.


Ad space for sale on Ebay

... It's become such a common occurance that I'm actually suprised nobody has written some sort of portal or firefox plugin to hunt down the media-space auctions only at Ebay. Any plugin writing wizards feel up to the task? ;)