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International word-of-mouth marketing conference (Germany)

Interested in buzz, viral or word-of-mouth marketing? Europe is finally getting a proper event specifically dedicated to the subject:

The International word-of-mouth marketing conference will be held from October 6-7, 2005 in Hamburg, Germany.

More than 200 prominent marketing experts and researchers from around the world will gather to discuss with other attendees the latest marketing approaches and future trends in the realm of word of mouth marketing.

The event is being sponsored by Brand Science Institute. (read more for links)


Rumor Mill- Jack White to write next Hilltop song?

NME.com reveals that Jack White of the White Stripes is getting ready to do his first advert ever - for Coca-Cola. Well, maybe.

Despite none of The White Stripes songs having ever been used in advertising before, White has been in talks with the soft drinks giant to pen a new song for their commercials. It's also rumoured that the song already exists.

"Coke have been talking to Jack about getting him to write a new song and he's very interested," an advertising source told NME on condition of speaking anonymously.

Coca-Cola are apparently keen to find a new song which will rival impact of 'I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke' which featured in a 1971 advertising campaign.

The song was written by creatives at McCann-Erickson and performed by the New Seekers. Recently the song was voted the number one greatest song in a TV commercial in a poll done in the UK. The song was so popular it was eventually released as a single.


Million Moms go against DishTV sucky ad campaign (which doesn't suck).

Oh dear.
One Million Moms insist that the "DISH Network commercial teaches kids to use crude language". Yep they are actually talking about the campaign of ads that don't suck which we showed y'all here last week.


Making (logo) copies an art

Bad Design Kills have found a treasure of logo-twins, and show them all off in the Logoworks rip-off collection. By the looks of it, logoworks work is often to close for comfort when compared to other logo works.

What do you think folks, a case of plagarism conveyer-belt style, just change a dash of color here and there, et voila a fresh new logo - or a strange series of amazing coincidences?


MMORPG Meltdown? Sell! Sell! Sell!

It's too soon to call it the Virtual Crash of '05, but new virtual economy site Game Money Price Research has an alarming set of charts up tracking the dive of almost all major MMORPG currencies against the U.S. dollar in the first half of this year. It may be made of pixels, but the sky certainly looks like it's falling.

While GMPR's methodology might be questionable, it seems there's a real trend being tracked here. What to ascribe it to is another question.

In plain numbers (calculated by the Walkering research staff, based on GMPR's charts), the first half of the year looks like this (compared to approximate age of world, in months): (read more to see the rest)


Winners of the Name Game

The NameGame which we announced here had a simple goal and even simpler participation "rules" (email your suggestions to a specific email address = not very hard to do). But all is fair in love and war and nobody reads on the internet, so suggestions were being sent all over the place - and some entrepreneurial people even tracked down the agency - also not hard to do. After all, the name game and the agency who wanted a new one were mentioned in Dagens Media (Sweden), Propaganda (Norway), Børsen (Denmark) and as far away as Brazil in Clube de Criação de São Paulo.

Well, in the end nobody is getting points for being internet sleuths here, but for their actual name suggestions. Without further ado here are the winners that the crew at the "formely known as Lunds" ad agency in Copenhagen decided were the best, after the jump. ;)


Kids beer and candy flavoured vodka shots.

From the nutty products department: in Japan, they have just released a Kids beer. Yep, it looks like beer, foams like beer and is sold in dark beer label style bottles - but it's just a guarana based soft drink for more "festive" occasions where the kids might want to pretend they can drink beer too. It's called Kids Beer! Of course. See this Japantimes article.


Shocking phone camera ad

About the new road safe campaign aired in the UK: "The campaign, which screened for the first time last night, provides a graphic illustration of the trend. Paul Jordan and Angus Macadam, the Leo Burnett creatives behind the campaign, have shot it using a mobile phone camera, the first time such footage has been used commercially. They loaned handsets to teenagers and asked them to film themselves. It ends with a graphic, and shocking, car crash. It's a grainy, low definition film, but that only adds to its authenticity, and, it is hoped, its likely impact".

Curiously I saw it yesterday at Sky News, the reporter was commenting on it ... yes - it's incredibly effective. Visually strong with great impact. I was cold blooded :D

Link to the Guardian here.

See the advert here: Road Safety. (Download the .mpg here)