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Dell Tech Force - thunderbirds meet software

It might not be 2065 yet but the Dell Tech Force look just like the old Thunderbirds heroes with some Team America thrown in. Click image to view movie on their website.

Dell Tech Force


Pussy Galore to join M&S advertising campaign

Our favorite bad girl actress, the original blonde bombshell Honor Blackman who played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger is heading up a new advertising campaign for Marks & Spencer reports Hello Magazine (of all places).
M&S has decided to target mature customers rather than trying to compete in the under-30s market, and who better to add a touch of glamor than the glamorous gran who was recently named one of the 100 sexiest film stars of all time. Honor is now 77 years old but still working her midas touch, her latest role is as the sultry seductress Rula Romanoff on Coronation Street.


Hear Jeff Jarvis, president of and BuzzMachine blogger, talk about the change in the media marketplace to citizen’s media and his own investigation into the FCC’s crackdown on indecency. Jeff also discusses the future of digital media and what media companies and marketers must do to make this shift. As president and creative director at, Jeff oversees the Internet operations for Advance Publications, which includes Vanity Fair, Glamour, Vogue and CondéNet. He is a former television critic for TV Guide and People.


Hack in the box

There’s no job security in advertising. And now there’s even less. Here’s a new software that claims to write headlines.

Click here to meet your possible replacement.


Overstating buzz for cheesy "terrorist" ad KLIF 570AM jumpstarts a viral

Tom Biro at The Media Drop has spotted an ad from the Dallas/Fort Worth radio station KLIF 570AM, which was 'banned' or rather not broadcast due to it's content according to the Dallas Morning News. (Reg. Req.) Comcast asked KLIF 570AM to remove a small section of the ad, and the radio-station marketing geniuses who've just read some buzzbook or another decided to blow it all out of proportion in hopes of getting a big viral on their hands (not to mention the free PR).


Pottymouth is baaaaack.

Remember those baby-shirts back in 2000? The ones we had so much fun making more insane slogans for? The thread provided gems like
I eat at Hooters!™ (boy), I'm only here for the Welfare. (coed),
Absolut™ Accident (coed) (penned by Claymore, who else?) and so on....
Good news for those who want to dress their tykes with 'tude - the pottymouth shop has opened!



Amazon's advertainment movies really suck

Slate on's "Amazon Theatre" project that brought us short films with large amounts of product placement and clickable credits. Which might not be a bad idea if only the films didn't bite the big one.

I mean, they're really, really bad.

"Watching these films is time wasted. I did it so you don't have to. I urge any future producers of advertainment to heed this advice: If the content is not as compelling as a Dharma & Greg rerun, it should not see the light of day."

The films can still be seen here. But don't say I didn't warn you.


Pepsi ad pulled due to Asian tsunami

A planned ad for Pepsi, with David Beckham, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry among others has been delayed indefinitely following the the tsunamis in Asia. Teaser press releases about the ad sent out to Norwegian trade press the 21st of December with a reminder sent only a few hours before the real world tsunami happened contained images of the football heroes posing in front of a giant wave. "If we had a crystal ball we would never have sent out these images" said Lene Gjestad, Pepsi marketing Director in Norway to Verdens Gang. "The image was taken from the commercial which has a surfing theme, and was meant to be humorous, but looks frightening now after the disaster."