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Paris Gets a Little Too Spicy

We all know (but don’t necessarily love) Paris Hilton. Goofing up on “The Simple Life”, attempting to survive “The House of Wax”, and being so ‘blond’ it’s frightening. It’s a rarity to find her doing something that has helped this world move forward (of course, that depends on what you think moves this day and age in that direction). Did she finally find her purpose in…of all places…Carl’s Jr.?


A very Painful rendition of Donna Summer's hit

Adgrunt JLB here tipped me to this one, a project so painful he'd rather quit than do it. I agree with him 100%. What could possible be that bad you say? .... Well, don't say I didn't warn ya...


B3ta - The Phallic Logo Awards

The cream of the cocks over at b3ta.


D&AD 2005 Nominations - all ads (Part 1)

It's that time of year in Adland. Good luck trying to find that hot creative team, because we know where they'll be. For the next month or so, award shows will be the most happening events with the Clios (May 23rd-24th), D&AD (May 25th), Addy Awards (June 7th), and of course, Cannes (June 19th-25th).

Tomorrow night D&AD will hold the 2005 D&AD Awards Ceramony and Dinner at Old Billingsgate in London. Want to see what some of the nominees are? We've scooped together some of the work. Anyone want to place bets on what the judges will choose to get those those coveted pencils?

Read on for the creative...


D&AD 2005 Nominees - (Part 2)

Posters: Consumer Posters
Title: King Kong
Advertising Agency: DDB London
Client: Volkswagen


Pozz Failed viral for Firefox

Remember POZZ the French viral ad agency who wanted to sell a viral campaign on Ebay last year? Someone actually bought it. Well, now they've created a campaign for Firefox over at, and these films received 300,000 views in the first day they say. The films are predicatble, boring, pointless and not very 'viral' in the sense that I wouldn't pass it on to anyone.


Street art "guerilla" campaign causes backlash from real street artists

Saatchi&Saatchi's new campaign for Sagatiba cachaça ain't going too well.

"The Man Behind The Curtain has been revealed. He drives a Jag and eats sushi."
-- The Londonist

ArtInfo: "Saatchi Tags London with Fake Art to Hawk Brazilian Liquor"

When a documentary on BBC2 called "Inside Saatchi and Saatchi" revealed that the stencils appearing all over London were really an advertising campaign created by hip creatives the backlash didn't take long. When the 'Brazilian Jesus' appeared on the Woostercollective street art website, other street art fans to wrote in to explain that it wasn't "legit" street art at all and called for it's destruction. The brazilian jesus is now being plastered over with plain white posters, and painted over by other street artists wherever it may be found. Even The Times Online reports on this turf war going on between commercial art and street art in the heart of London.

D*Face, an artist and a curator at the Outside Institute gallery in Paddington, West London, said that artists were angry that an advertising agency had attempted to hijack an artform without investing in it.


For the last time people, Blogebrity is not real.

Ok, you can all stop emailing me the tips about Blogebrity now. Really, it's ok. I'm not even going to link it again, when I first saw it it was via the Contagious Media Showdown competition's ranking page on Friday, and I admit that I did indeed laugh at the idea, even if I didn't have any reason to believe it was real in any way since it was a contest entry. It's funny anyway. That's the beauty of it.

Now, some people just won't let this idea be a plain old funny idea, they want it to be real. When Sean Bonner posted that Blogebrity is a Hoax (on Friday) someone protested fiercly in the comments. Naturally. How else do you spread a link? Add a little controversy and/or mystery and watch the thing snowball. So who benefits from that then? The people behind the Blogebrity idea of course, as they might win the 2000 USD if the controversy brews big enough to garner them enough links-in and traffic attention.
So everyone, you can stop emailing me that link now. Don't email me the "Paris Hilton End Hunger" thing at either. In fact, just look at this list of entries now, anything on there is not a "real" viral in the sense that a company has paid for it. If they are real in that way, they break the rules. It's a game of online gags, just enjoy them.

Related: Fridays post about the competition and this mornings post Brain Freeze the 7-11 Slurpee 'viral' ranks ranks 12 in competition.