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Bloggforum 2.0 Stockholm

It's not like me, but next week I'll not only attend the Bloggforum 2.0 in Stockholm on Saturday the 28th of May, but I'll also be talking about blogging blogedi-blog-blog and advertising in a panel called "Blogs for companies and marketing" between 15.00 and 15.45. In the flesh! Away from a keyboard and everything (actually that's not true I'll bring my handheld. Can't win it all baby.).


Barbie Modern Circle - Ken, Art Director

As Claymore so aptly put it: wtf!?
Introducing, Ken the art Director - complete with faux leather jacket, turtleneck, highlighted hair, black jeans and a pleather portfolio.
"1 Modern Circle Ken doll is a passionate artist, and his style reflects his line of work." If he could speak he'd be saying things like; "I wanted to juxtapose the crudeness of the coffee stain to the elegance of the font" to cover up when he spilled on a mockup, "Where's my ≠%# spraymount!?", and "math is hard" whenever he layouts a press ad.


Contagious Media Showdown competition

Showdown contagius media showdown is sortof a viral award, except it doesn't suck. Entries may not be paid work, like those virals advertising a commercial product, or promoted with bots, text ads or seeded at seeding places, like Kontraband. The work has to spread on merit alone, and on the Showdown Ranking page you can see what is rising to the top.

Webhead injokes like the magazine Blogebrity is neck to neck with the apple + blogger switch AutoBlogger integrates seamlessly into your journaling software, allowing a busy writer to do things that other internet nerds only dream about. Go out on dates. Take an extended vacation. Turn off your computer for a few hours and spend a lazy weekend just sipping lemonade in your back yard. Followed by Crying While Eating

What he's eating:
Double-chocolate milano cookies

What he's crying about:
Sex will never be that good again

Go down the list, you're bound to find something that amuses you. Or not. The Grand Prize in this competition is 2000 US Dollars.


Getting fired for using the wrong brand.

Man fired for drinking the 'wrong' beer. Ross Hopkins, former supervisor at the Budweiser distributorship American Eagle claims he was fired for drinking the wrong beer after work. He was fired after the son-in-law of the distributorship owner saw him drinking Coors in a Greeley bar.
The court filing does not directly challenge Hopkins' claim that he was fired, at least in part, for drinking Coors in public.
Not the first time something like this happened, mind you.


Resumé reports on Hardly Legal, quoting adgrunts

Hardly Legal the CP&B stunt to gain more fame for the Young Guns awards had a mixed reception here at Adland, to put it mildly. What's fun is that the adgrunts comments have been read and noted by the Swedish tradepress. Wehey!

"Comments on the site Ad-rag point out that CP&B have done the fake-porn idea before, for both Mini and Virgin Mobile."


Adult Swim's unique approach to bumper ads

Back in September 2001, Cartoon Network (owned by Time Warner) started Adult Swim as a Sunday night program block. It has since expanded into a six night block from 11pm to 6am. When they began, ads were totally inappropriate for their audience (they have a warning that goes up every hour that viewers should be over the age fo 14) for things like diapers, kids toys and other advertisers that would normally be seen during Cartoon Network's regular programming.

Filled with adult cartoons like Futurama, Family Guy, Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law, SeaLab 2021 and good dose of anime, Adult Swim has taken over the ratings for their time block for basic cable with the highly coveted 18-34 year old male audience. Ads now reflect this older demo.

But even more interestingly is how Adult Swim uses their bumpers to incorporate advertisements.


Mad Dogs mad sale.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen is closing down, sadly, but this means that for the right price you can get a Mad Injection of hip creative people who used to work there. Oh yeah! If that fancy little web-page complete with a nice Mad portfolio doesn't convince you to buy, perhaps an auction on eBay will?


"Poison" thought to be an advertising slogan

Reuters reports that a Taiwanese man died and four others were poisoned after drinking Bullwild energy drink labelled "I am poisonous. Please do not drink."

Some of the victims thought the warning was a new advertising slogan. Police suspect someone laced the drinks with cyanide and now Paolyta Co., who manufactures the drink has ordered a recall for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.