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Mad Dogs mad sale.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen is closing down, sadly, but this means that for the right price you can get a Mad Injection of hip creative people who used to work there. Oh yeah! If that fancy little web-page complete with a nice Mad portfolio doesn't convince you to buy, perhaps an auction on eBay will?


"Poison" thought to be an advertising slogan

Reuters reports that a Taiwanese man died and four others were poisoned after drinking Bullwild energy drink labelled "I am poisonous. Please do not drink."

Some of the victims thought the warning was a new advertising slogan. Police suspect someone laced the drinks with cyanide and now Paolyta Co., who manufactures the drink has ordered a recall for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.


Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral movie

Back in march viral advertisings enfant terrible Mr Asa Bailey, famous from the ogilvy hijack, was auctioning off a sure-fire viral idea on Ebay and spewing releases about it in hopes offinding a bidder. I never bothered to write about the auction, but in Sweden did, my guess was that if anyone would buy the idea it would probably be - the guys who bid on anything inane on ebay as their sole marketing strategy. Who else would bid on a poor Posh Spice imitator getting run over by a car? Or as the ebay auction read: …Victoria is then unfortunately hit by a London buss. .

Well, whaddyaknow I was right, the viral has now been sponsored by You can see the fake security-came footage here in the film called Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral, where Asa Baileys name is as loud and large as the "clients" name Golden Palace's, because you know, being a viral advertising marketer means you have to get your name as well as your clients out there. Right.


Fred & Farid heart Marcel = true!

Curious when I read yesterdays news I had to go and ask them, "So boys, what's this about you starting a new shop?"

Fred&Farid "We're launching a new international creative agency, based in Paris. The name of the agency is "Marcel". It belongs to the Publicis Group, but is totally independent in its functioning. We will be the Presidents of the agency, and will report to Maurice Levy. This agency is an "integrated agency" treating all media (advertising, design, web design, direct marketing...)"

The name Marcel is very symbolic as Publicis' founder was Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet. Read on for the story of where they've been, what they've done and where they are going with this new agency.


Fred + Farid launch Publicis-backed creative shop

According to Brand Republic, the French duo are looking to challenge other mid-sized creative shops like Mother.

Actually, Mother was the only agency specifically named.

Maybe it's Freudian.

BrandRepublic article.


Night Agency interviewed in Gothamist.

The Gothamist have interviewed three wet behind the ears creatives who have opened their own shop in NYC. The Night Agency, Creative Marketers posse are Evan Vogel, 26, Scott Cohn, 28 and Darren Paul 27. Seems to me a pretty good age-average for starting a shop, their only shortcoming is failing to actually know the difference between viral and guerilla marketing.


Multicultural ad pros are in demand, presenting unique recruiting challenges

With multicultural marketing becoming ever more prevalent, agencies are on the prowl for the best talent around. But agencies are also insistent on a level of authenticity, which can bring up delicate issues.

"In a consumer-focused business like advertising, diversity and demographic expertise matter," said Raquel Sanabia, Multicultural Recruiter at Talent Zoo, an Atlanta-based advertising and marketing recruitment firm.


Bars a plenty for mobile phone companies

This badlander is a confusing story. Bars seem to be a very common theme in mobile communications. And there's evidence that either these ads are all being influenced by one international company, GSM, or if Cingular and Telefonica are just copying concepts.

Read on for more...