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Talking out of your ass? UK EleXion 2005

Elections and politics really bring out the virals and games doesn't it?
Try Madame Tussauds Lie Detector test where you can see if you too have the talent that you can talk out of your ass, just like politicians.
Fantasy cabinet is a game, where if you choose a cabinet that most closely resembles what Tony Blair goes for, you'll be in the top 10 league of political predictors and will win an ipod.
Channel 4 offers a toy for all the who are turned on by the issues but turned off by the bullshit, the EleXion 2005 machine, where you can find out which parties truly push your buttons.
Update: The last video from Backing Blair before the election was just released as well, the Iraq war in 30 seconds. Happy voting all.


Ad Guy Starter kit - everything you need to be creative.

For all thee newly grads with smokin' portfolios from hip portfolio school, you are not ready yet, you won't be ready until you get the Ad Guy Starter Kit. Go straight to the commercial here.
Yes, the Ad Guy Starter Kit includes a dickie, a Soul-Patch, a pair of really sharp Glasses, a cool Certificate of Creativity, an impressive looking Creanus Award, an 8 piece Tchotchke Set, a Coffee Shop Gift Card and of course, a Bagel with Cream Cheese. Everything you need to rock the creative department. Young Isaac says:

Had it not been for the Ad Guy Starter Kit and our sporty new soul patches, we would probably have been misfit tax accountants (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Now, I wouldn't be me unless I murmured that I had this strange deja vu sensation going on... I'm sure the hive mind of adgrunts know if a similar gag has been done before, or correct me if I'm wrong.

Save Louis Vuitton? From What exactly?

Our buddies Researcher and TextURL have both noticed the strange story of the Louis Vuitton markings on Yale schoolyard.

Lawmeme posted: "Yale's Louis Vuitton® Sidewalk" april 26, with images of the drawn on sidewalks. The poster Rebecca Bolin asked students who were doodling on the pavement what it was all about and got the reply: "to raise awareness".


Oddly sized burrito locks down school

This morning a concerned citizen of Clovis, New Mexico called authorities a student carry a suspicious item into the Junior High School.

The school was locked-down and two hours later, the suspicious item was identified as a 30-inch burrito wrapped inside tin foil and a white T-shirt. It was part of an extra credit project to create advertising for a restaurant specializing in oddly sized burritos.

When the police saw the burrito, they laughed. Apparently the burrito was wrapped in a T-shirt to keep it warm.

And now for the joke:
Is that a bazoooka in your pocket or did you buy an odd sized burrito?


Uncomplicate = get straight jeans?

The little punk-terrier thing in the 501uncomplicate viral who literally pisses on everything new and complicated is quite cute. However the rallying call at the end of said viral perplexes me.... "This 5.01...." it reads and suddenly I'm confused. This May 2001? This fifth of January? Aaaaah, this May one, right? If only our different ways of writing dates on different sides of the Atlantic wasn't so darn complicated. ;)

PS: If you click on "behind the scenes" at said site, you'll be taken to a spaces MSN blog.


Hyundai Sonata & Subaru advert, Badland targets

Adgrunt nubetre tips us to this pair of Badland commercials where cars only use two tires at a time. nubetre reckons:

Maybe it's just to me, but I see a distinct similarity in premise, if not message. Also, note Subaru's "Professional Drivers, Do not attempt" disclaimer.
Yep, there is a distinct similarity alright - don't you think?

Hyundai the half car summer 2004

Subaru the skirting mobile
this spring. Hmmmm......

Young Designers Emporium quits spanking ads

The Young Designers Emporium spanking ads in South Africa that caffeinegoddess reported on last month have now been withdrawn by the YDE, after the ads received complaints. The posters got some people so upset that apparently a punter rushed into the YDE shop at The Zone at Rosebank in March and ripped one of these posters in two. The Soul City institute for health and development said that the ads showed society's "silent approval of violence against women".
A manager of YDE in Gauteng however said to News24 that the campaign was withdrawn weeks ago, not because of complaints but because "It's time to introduce a new campaign". Perhaps this is a last minute attempt to gather some saught after word of mouth hype for a bunch of mediocre posters?

News24 reports:

YDE's creator, Paul Simon, defended the spanking ad campaign on group's website, saying it was in line with YDE's "cheeky humour".
"It is a reference to S&M, a game to which both parties agree, which means there is no sexual exploitation.
"People are now confusing sex and violence," he said.