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A real red nose day for Paul Kaye

Red Nose Day is a UK wide fundraising event organised by Comic Relief every two years. It culminates in a night of TV treats on BBC ONE to raise funds for charities in the UK and Africa.
This year, Asa Bailey Viral Advertising has helped out by producing a hard-hitting (literally) viral campaign for the UK charity. But now the charity have distanced themselves from it asking Asa Bailey to take of any reference to the charity, after the viral was deemed far too violent.
The viral clip is violent for real as the comedian Paul Kaye and a group of UK break dancers put on a skit but in the midst of shooting a fake headbutt went terribly wrong. On his que Paul Kaye entered the breakdancing ring and accidently headbutted a dancer for real, splitting his own nose in the process (ow!) and knocking the unlucky dancer unconscious...Brings a whole new meaning to red nose day doesn't it? After a few tense minutes both actor and dancer were given the all clear and the show went on. See the violent viral that Red Nose Day '05 don't want you to see here.


MSN Search incorporates past virals into new viral campaign

Instead of coming up with its own viral content, MSN Search's new campaign, MSNfound, takes existing virals and weaves them into a six-character narrative. Each character has a video lead-in and lead-out to an already-popular viral clip, including the stylings of David Bernal, one of the dancers in VW's "Gene" ad, and Virgin Mobile's Dog Judo.

To get to the clips, the user runs a search for a pre-detemined keyword, which yields a results page with the next piece of content embedded at the top. Ultimately, the viral clips lead the user back to each character's "journal".

Maureen McHugh, a freelance writer who worked on this campaign, wrote about the site in her blog, but the entry has mysteriously disappered.


SHS Launches American Copwriter Podcast

Boldly going where hundreds, if not thousands, of anonymous souls have gone before, the Kansas City office of Sullivan Higdon & Sink (SHS) unveiled "American Copywriter," the ad agency's (and perhaps the ad world's) first attempt at podcasting, on Monday, February 7. The Series Premiere featured the show's hosts, SHS creatives John January and Tug McTighe, discussing this year’s less-than-exciting slate of Super Bowl commercials with Brazilian SHS art director Bruno Pieroni.


BtoB Magazine Editor & Isobar President on The Advertising Show

Hear Ellis Booker, editor of BtoB Magazine, and Sarah Fay, president of Isobar U.S., discuss the latest integrated Internet marketing news and trends. Ellis discusses targeting online customers via lifecycle management and the emphasis on expanding into small and midsize business markets domestically and the Asia/Pacific region overseas. A frequent speaker and panelist, Ellis also manages the editorial side of BtoB’s multi-city NetMarketing Breakfast series. Prior to BtoB, he was editor-at-large at CMP’s Internet Week where he covered Java, XML, and IT development strategy.


PlanetOut awards

Today, PlanetOut Inc. named the winners of their gay media advertising award. PlanetOut Inc. is a global online media company serving the gay and lesbian market. Their awards, in conjunction with, go to companies showing innovation and excellence in advertising within the gay and lesbian community. And the winners are:

* Best Gay and Lesbian Interactive Campaign: General Motors, Saturn by GM Planworks
* Best Branding Campaign: NIVEA FOR MEN by RDA International
* Best Rich Media Campaign: Wrigley, Eclipse by OMD Chicago and San Francisco-based EVB
* Automotive Industry Category Leadership Award: Scion by ATTIK San Francisco
* Best DTC Creative Execution: Glaxo Smith Kline, Paxil by Beyond Interactive
* Best Overall DTC Campaign: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sustiva and Reyataz by mOne Worldwide


Baby Bob is really Baby Babette?

Skip tips us to the scariest thing about that creepy talking Baby Bob...

You know what's creepier than Baby Bob? Finding out that Baby Bob is a baby girl.
From the Daily Star: "Baby Bob is portrayed by L’Wren Scoggins, who will turn 1 in April, said her great-grandmother, Jane Sherman. This is L’Wren’s first acting job, and she seems to be successful, as people have expressed shock when the baby’s gender is revealed."

We predict baby-Oscars in the future for baby L’Wren.


Blackspot sneaker ads banned yet again

Blackspots advertising campaign seems to be centered around getting banned, something that happens a lot to AdBusters ads actually, they have more than ten years of experience in getting ads refused from big networks. It's the reasons for not airing the ads that really crack us up though, the 15 second animated ads were rejected by the fux at FOX and the empty MTV because, as FOX put it, they are "too jumpy".

Who knew, jumpy is now too risque, and that's even without any breasts or nipples involved. Does FOX think the fuzzy animation has some strange hypnotic powers beyond advertisings usual persuasion?
Maybe they think it's like that video in the Japanese horror flick "Ringu" and it has special powers...... Read more to see the "jumpy" animation.


Interview with Paul Lavoie of Taxi

Paul Lavoire speaks out to

Lavoie: There’s definitely an inherent risk to what we do. You can do all the research in the world and it can all still fail. When you are a creative there’s also personal risk. You’re bringing an idea from your soul and mind and it can feel like an attack when people don’t like it. You have to be thick-skinned and confident, but you also have to deal with risk and deal with fear.