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Seth Godin shares his Fonk for Thoughts...

BlogFonk: If you'd be given the chance to do something over again, what would that be?

Godin: I wouldn't have gone skiing on January 2, 1976, when I wrecked both my shoulders. But there's not just one. I also would have made sure that the email campaign we did for AOL and American Express in 1997 wouldn't have been accidentally swapped with one for Arrid Xtra Dry deodorant.

Did I mention the one about wearing a white suit to school?


Converse film shorts

Converse is looking for you to make a film that "embodies the values and spirit of Converse." If your film is chosen to be used as an ad, you will get $10,000. Not too shabby. And much better than some of the other "make an ad for free" type things we've seen recently. All films must be 24-seconds. They will not be edited except for films chosen for TV use will have a 6-second tag with the Converse logo added on at the end. Some of the films are already airing on MTV and other channels.

In the Converse Gallery you can check out the already submitted films, and sumbit your own.


Coke might just finally get it...... Julmust rules!

Fellow adblogger Researcher in Sweden reports that Coke has finally thrown in the towel on trying to take over Swedish yule with their brown bubbly. We wailed last year that Coke still doesn't get it. Julmust rules, but this year the Coca Cola corporation has changed tactics. Instead of running a million ads with those inane trucks toting Coke as the yule beverage they have adopted the "can't beat them join 'em" strategy and now sell julmust for christmas. The bottles look like the real thing (julmust that is) and even have an umlauted name, "Bjäre Julmust" but it's the coca cola corporation that has made the concoction. This might be the year coke finds out what brand loyalty really means, as most Swedes swear by the original Julmust, Apotekarens and nothing else.


Want to smell like a celebrity?

Since it's not so achieve a life of fame and fortune, at least now you can smell like the celebrities you love.

Traditionally we've seen celebs just hawking scent like the recent Chanel No. 5 spot with Nicole Kidman. And there's always more of a push for fragrance around this time of year.

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Creatives launch PSA

Let's face it. We've all been out of work. Some more than others these last few trying years. But I got sick of it! Plain sick. Fed up. So I stepped up and kicked my pride right out the window. Humiliation is my middle name. I (Joe Leih, director) joined up with out of work copywriter Marc Guttesman and out of work art director Tom Millar and together we made a public service announcement. That’s right. Our own PSA. Pleading, no crying, for a job. Never take charity, hell no, we take charity. Check it out at And check out the spot credits too. Help those in need.


PFSK 2005 Forecasts

Lists, we love lists - and December is the month of making all sorts of lists. PFSK will do you one better and actually make forecasts of what will happen in 2005. The PFSK 2005 Forecasts tip that we'll finally pay for our vending machine drinks and parking with our mobile phones, IDivisualism - consumers designing and building their own widgets - will be the hot new trend, China will rock the world, and plant fuel will have it's day. One prediction a day in December, peek into next year right now.


The subservient Blair

You knew it was bound to happen, some have alredy called him that for years - here he is Subservient Blair! Make him dance, jump, Rock'n'Roll, beg for mercy, lie to you and so on......