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Resumé reports on Hardly Legal, quoting adgrunts

Hardly Legal the CP&B stunt to gain more fame for the Young Guns awards had a mixed reception here at Adland, to put it mildly. What's fun is that the adgrunts comments have been read and noted by the Swedish tradepress. Wehey!


Adult Swim's unique approach to bumper ads

Back in September 2001, Cartoon Network (owned by Time Warner) started Adult Swim as a Sunday night program block. It has since expanded into a six night block from 11pm to 6am. When they began, ads were totally inappropriate for their audience (they have a warning that goes up every hour that viewers should be over the age fo 14) for things like diapers, kids toys and other advertisers that would normally be seen during Cartoon Network's regular programming.

Filled with adult cartoons like Futurama, Family Guy, Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law, SeaLab 2021 and good dose of anime, Adult Swim has taken over the ratings for their time block for basic cable with the highly coveted 18-34 year old male audience. Ads now reflect this older demo.

But even more interestingly is how Adult Swim uses their bumpers to incorporate advertisements.


Mad Dogs mad sale.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen is closing down, sadly, but this means that for the right price you can get a Mad Injection of hip creative people who used to work there. Oh yeah!


"Poison" thought to be an advertising slogan

Reuters reports that a Taiwanese man died and four others were poisoned after drinking Bullwild energy drink labelled "I am poisonous.


Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral movie

Back in march viral advertisings enfant terrible Mr Asa Bailey, famous from the ogilvy hijack, was auctioning off a sure-fire viral idea on Ebay and spewing releases about it in hopes offinding a bidder. I never bothered to write about the auction, but in Sweden did, my guess was that if anyone would buy the idea it would probably be - the guys who bid on anything inane on ebay as their sole marketing strategy. Who else would bid on a poor Posh Spice imitator getting run over by a car? Or as the ebay auction read: …Victoria is then unfortunately hit by a London buss. .

Well, whaddyaknow I was right, the viral has now been sponsored by You can see the fake security-came footage here in the film called Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral, where Asa Baileys name is as loud and large as the "clients" name Golden Palace's, because you know, being a viral advertising marketer means you have to get your name as well as your clients out there. Right.


Fred & Farid heart Marcel = true!

Curious when I read yesterdays news I had to go and ask them, "So boys, what's this about you starting a new shop?"

Fred&Farid "We're launching a new international creative agency, based in Paris. The name of the agency is "Marcel". It belongs to the Publicis Group, but is totally independent in its functioning. We will be the Presidents of the agency, and will report to Maurice Levy. This agency is an "integrated agency" treating all media (advertising, design, web design, direct marketing...)"

The name Marcel is very symbolic as Publicis' founder was Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet. Read on for the story of where they've been, what they've done and where they are going with this new agency.


Fred + Farid launch Publicis-backed creative shop

According to Brand Republic, the French duo are looking to challenge other mid-sized creative shops like Mother.

Actually, Mother was the only agency specifically named.

Maybe it's Freudian.


Night Agency interviewed in Gothamist.

The Gothamist have interviewed three wet behind the ears creatives who have opened their own shop in NYC.