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Uncomplicate = get straight jeans?

The little punk-terrier thing in the 501uncomplicate viral who literally pisses on everything new and complicated is quite cute. However the rallying call at the end of said viral perplexes me.... "This 5.01...." it reads and suddenly I'm confused. This May 2001? This fifth of January? Aaaaah, this May one, right? If only our different ways of writing dates on different sides of the Atlantic wasn't so darn complicated. ;)

PS: If you click on "behind the scenes" at said site, you'll be taken to a spaces MSN blog.


Hyundai Sonata & Subaru advert, Badland targets

Adgrunt nubetre tips us to this pair of Badland commercials where cars only use two tires at a time. nubetre reckons:

Maybe it's just to me, but I see a distinct similarity in premise, if not message. Also, note Subaru's "Professional Drivers, Do not attempt" disclaimer.

Yep, there is a distinct similarity alright - don't you think?

Hyundai the half car summer 2004

Subaru the skirting mobile
this spring. Hmmmm......


Young Designers Emporium quits spanking ads

The Young Designers Emporium spanking ads in South Africa that caffeinegoddess reported on last month have now been withdrawn by the YDE, after the ads received complaints. The posters got some people so upset that apparently a punter rushed into the YDE shop at The Zone at Rosebank in March and ripped one of these posters in two. The Soul City institute for health and development said that the ads showed society's "silent approval of violence against women".
A manager of YDE in Gauteng however said to News24 that the campaign was withdrawn weeks ago, not because of complaints but because "It's time to introduce a new campaign". Perhaps this is a last minute attempt to gather some saught after word of mouth hype for a bunch of mediocre posters?

News24 reports:

YDE's creator, Paul Simon, defended the spanking ad campaign on group's website, saying it was in line with YDE's "cheeky humour".
"It is a reference to S&M, a game to which both parties agree, which means there is no sexual exploitation.
"People are now confusing sex and violence," he said.


Google adsense beta testing ads in RSS feeds

All thee who read the interview with yours truly in Unleash the power of RSS by Rok Hrastnik might have gathered that I don't fancy the idea of RSS-feeds full of ads much.
I might be the only person on the planet who doesn't like ads in my RSS, since so many are now trying to employ them. Don't get me wrong, I do understand the financial reasons why sites with many RSS subscribers are trying to support their costs of offering said feed by text-ads in the feed. I just feel this online ad-supported revenue model is a bit like an arms race, the ads become more intrusive and everywhere, the adfiltering software becomes better at filtering things out, and people turn to alternative ways - RSS over email for example - to get the content they are after without the ads.

This weeks big news is that Longhorn Blog is testing Google textads in the RSS feed, a new toy in beta by google. Ironically Pentdego blog got his google ad-account closed last October for doing the exact same thing. So will Google ads in the RSS feeds become a success? Only time will tell.


UK election posters then and now

With the UK general election less than a week away there's a election special at Creative Club, with a select bunch of political ads. Remember the 1996 "New Labour New Danger"? Brilliant visually then and some who are disappointed in Blair after the Iraq-lies may say, pretty spot on as well. Take a trip down political poster memory lane at the creative club where you can see all other political party ads or indeed any current advertising campaigns if you're a member.


Melania Trump is the sultry voice that sexes up aflac duck

Melania Trump's biggest commercial gig to date is her starring role in an upcoming Aflac commercial. The ad, called "Experiment" features her purring out the words "Aflac" instead of Gilbert Gottfried usual squeal due to the intervention of a mad scientist who messed with the ducks voice. This crazy ad-story apparantly, is designed to lend that duck som sex appeal. Sex appeal? It's a a duck people!
"We want to give Aflac some sex appeal; that’s what the commercial is all about" said the billionaire bride.


Donny Deutsch beach shots gets Jeison Rodriguez fired and then hired.

Way back in Feb Gareth Kay posted some leaked glamor-shots of Donny Deutsch, comparing him to David Brent from The Office. "Well an email is spreading like wildfire featuring various shots of your friend and mine, Donny Deutsch."

This email, and other like it is getting the sender in trouble - actually it got him fired. Art Director Jeison Rodriguez got the boot for emailing the bikini-shot AdFreak reports.
Now, one may wonder many things after seeing this, for one why in the hell would Donny keep giving his Art Directors pictures of himself that make him look a total twat since they keep ending up being circulated? Or...maybe this is all part of a viral campaign to get people to watch his craptracular show?
Jeison Rodriguez isn't hurting at all though, after getting fired for emailing around said images he simply went on to email more images and got job offers from places where balls and a high degree of assholeness are required traits. None of these offers panned out though, but Jeison is happy with his freelance gig while he waits for the right steady gig to come along.


Viagra gets rough with Virgin - forces them to pull ad

Aaah, too many pun possibilities here, pun-overload!

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has ticked off Pfizer and Viagra by using their familiar little blue bill shape as a visual in an ad poster for Virgin airlines. In their poster, the pill is inscribed with "Virgin" and the copy reads: "Virgin Upper Class Suite. The biggest, firmest, longest bed in business."

Pfizer didn't see the funny in that and complained saying the diamond shape is trademarked and these Virgin posters are infringing on Pfizer's intellectual property. Virgin has agreed to remove the posters within the next few days. Another Virgin poster they'll no longer run reads: "We're bigger than BA in the bedroom department".

click on image for a larger version.