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Font aid III ready, Fleurons of Hope

Back in 1999 Claes Källarsson of fuelfonts, Sweden started Font aid where 25 type designers created a collaborative font, with proceeds of it's sale going to UNICEF. Font aid is back now for the third time, the Society of Typographic Aficionados have joined font aid and created "Fleurons of Hope, a Collaborative Typeface" .


Uninformed UK debate about childrens advertising marches on

The Scotsman carries a quote from Winston Fletcher about advertising aimed at children in an article about same.

"In Sweden advertising to children has been banned ever since commercial television began there, but 18 per cent of Swedish children are overweight - much the same as in Britain," says Winston Fletcher, who chairs the Advertising Standards Board of Finance and is a director of advertising agency DLKW. "Advertising to children was banned in Quebec more than 20 years ago, but 28 per cent of children in the province are overweight - about the same as in the rest of Canada where advertising to children has always been permitted."

Unfortunately, this quote has been allowed to go unchecked by journalists. Fletcher seems blissfully unaware that both the laws he quotes are completely toothless and have no effect at all in diminishing the amount of advertising children in Quebec and Sweden see every day which undermines his argument.

Cover those billboards

Apparently semi-naked men shilling for underwear on billboards isn't flying in Bangkok.

The Ministry for Culture of Bangkok has ordered local advertisers to remove all billboards depicting images of men in their underwear from the streets of the city. Municipal officials believe that such images are corrupting local residents. In addition, such advertising activity was said to be immoral towards children.

The king and his milieu said that posters of semi-naked men in underwear were "obscene." The king said that the owners of such billboards would have to remove obscene photographs from the streets within several days.

More on the story here.


Budskis and Amstelikovs!

Heineken's taking Amstel and Budweiser to Russia, but it looks as if it ain't necessarily going to be an easy sell.

What is surprising, though perhaps not refreshing for the company, is that it has failed to make any significant headway with the Heineken brand itself. For reasons that are not completely clear, it is simply not popular in Russia.

Nifty article on this and the state of the Russian beer market here.

Marketing and MRI gone awry

Those brain-gauging marketing guys are still at it, trying to replace intuition with pseudoscientific data.

"Right now, brain scanning, especially at the level of neuromarketing, is to some degree a matter of tea-leaf reading," said George Lowenstein, a behavioral economist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Robert Lee Hotz of the LA Times reports, via The Seattle Times.

My Magic 8 Ball works just fine for me, and without all that pesky magnetic brain scrambling.


Prehistoric Shitstorm in Canada

Spec work - It's the bane of the advertising world. Untold hours of toil just so you can get a chance at winning an account. And if you don't win, you're SOL, for both your time wasted and something even more aggravating...

The Globe and Mail: A Toronto ad agency is complaining that ideas it submitted to the Royal Ontario Museum in a request for proposals last November are being used by a rival agency that won the pitch.

When the ROM asked agencies for ideas on how to advertise its exhibit on feathered dinosaurs, Holmes & Lee Inc. submitted a sample ad showing a car covered in giant dinosaur bird poop, and another showing a hydro wire that had been pulled down by a giant bird.

Holmes & Lee was not selected for the account, but both ideas are part of the ROM's latest ad campaign produced by DDB Canada.

Full story here. Ain't spec fun!?

Ketching up with Russia

Acclaimed director Emir Kusturica just kicked out an ambitious Gypsy (Tsygansky) ketchup commercial for Russia's Baltimor. Tricky thing is, it's a ketchup with a troublesome brand.


Ducking the Issues

Gilbert Gottfried did a little interview this weekend with Fairfield, CA's Daily Republic, and wouldn't you know it? - The Aflac gig thing came up.

In public, you have a personality that is so obnoxious. Why?

Well, I've never been one of those persons they're hiring for Shakespeare. People ask if my parents talk like that, I have no idea! I don't know where or when it happened. I even see it in the AFLAC commercials.

Yes, those commercials are annoying, too.