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Not all blogs have to sell ad-space to gather revenue, some sell their skills. Like the PSFK blog posse, who have started to produce a range of products and services based on their trend spotting skills. If you haven't heard of them yet, PSFK is a collaborative trend spotting blog that is read by marketers around the globe.


Lee and Dan say: we've been up to no good again

We've had a bit of election fever and made some Party Election Broadcast spoofs. The ads were commissioned by Channel 4 News' Independents' Fund and will be broadcast within Channel 4 News as the last item for the next three nights.

"We think it's what the parties would produce if they weren't limited by political correctness", says Lee.

For a sneak preview of each ad which will be airing on UK tv 26th April 7.50pm and 27th April 7.50pm. The Following links are Windows Media films only:

Labour this link here

Conservative this link here

Lib Dem This Link here

The web page in full: Channel 4 election2005


Mince Mary advert the most complained about ad last year.

The UK advertising watchdog Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced our favorite toplist on Tuesday by releasing their annual report. Top honor goes to an ad shilling mince meat pies, which became the most complained about advert in the UK last year.

In the TV commercial for Mr Kipling's mince pies, Mary is seen giving birth in what seems to be a hospital but is later revealed the be a church hall. More than 800 people were offended and complained, the advert was judged to have breached advertising codes and was withdrawn.


Right Brain Terrian poster competition

Those who like to dabble with art and images, you can win the inventory at rightbrainterrain!

Yes, the folks that brought you brilliant posters such as patience and focus want to see what you can do. Entering is quite simple, whip together an image with your name somewhere on it, make it a gif image 350*350 pixels, and email it to rightbrainterrain. Your inspiration is the lyrics from Lennon's "Imagine". Hurry! Winners will be announced May 1.


Is CNN spamming a blog near you?

Is CNN spamming your blog?
Comment Spam isn't just for the Viagra salesmen anymore as CNN seems to have sunk to their level. Nick Lewis InfoBlog lays out some pretty hefty evidence of CNN spamming on blogs.

This week, CNN broke ground as the first news network to attempt a viral marketing campaign in the blogosphere. Operatives from CNN targeted an unknown number of mid-to-high level bloggers to receive guerrilla comment spam. In total, 10 of these spams have been varified so far; all of them appear on blog posts that focus on CNN. Perhaps the most shocking find is that CNN may have left malicious keywords at least three blogs with the intent of using google's keyword stuffing detectors to censor them.

In other words, Nick Lewis is not only accusing CNN of spamming, but also of keyword stuffing, that oh-so passe practice which went out of style years ago when the search engines caught onto it, and even malicious keyword stuffing that could knock these blogs down from their top spots on google. That's not just spam-nasty, that's sabotage nasty.

Catch 22 comment on Lewis' page: "So haven't you started a buzz about cnn by posting this?". Ouch. We're damned all the way around these days. ;)

Via Metafilter, where the word astroturfing now has officially evolved into Ashleeturfing, due to that earlier Ashlee Simpson incident.


G.A.P launches F.A.T

Forth & Towne is the name of Gap Inc.'s new store concept aimed at women over 35 who don't want to shop at their Banana Republic and aren't ready for Old Navy yet.
Businessweek reports:

Forth & Towne -- Gap's first new chain in a decade -- aims to appeal to boomer women, who grew up with Gap, but with whom the store "lost touch," said Paul Pressler, president and chief executive


Photoshop contest makes a Coca Cola Logo on the moon, again.

Worth1000 has had yet another fun photoshopping game , called Corporate Takeover 5, where the idea was to find new places for corporate sponsorships logos. And boy did they!

Among the funny ideas is the McCow, The genetically modified 7up limes.
AT&T buys the moon (brilliant!), and the old Coke logo on the moon idea. That is, if Starbucks don't beat them both to it.

One of the first gags the New York Post Post House pulled on their tabloid-like homepage was the ad-on-the-moon idea, which was recently done when CunningStunts PR stunt was to hoax the Sun newspaper into believing they had projected J-Lo's butt on the moon.

Back in 2004 we reported on Alexander Lavrynov's idea of putting billboads in space, Ads in space (revisited)


Link Lust: Damned lies and statistics, shorter URL:s with dates

Over at Butler Shine and Sterns brainblog InFlux Insights they're picking Yankelovich study apart armed with common sense. In my humble opinion, they're being way too kind. "Despite saying that marketers need to get their act together and start connecting with consumers, they release a finding that contradicts the overall trend. People are starting to like advertising a lot more!"

Just a note that might impress other geeks, our neat little archive by month and year page which lists all articles and films published by their date now has sexy looking date-URLs to the years and months available. January 1969 looks like this:, and May 1986 looks like so Pretty logical innit? Arentcha impressed? ;)