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Lynx - Crouching Tiger

This is the new advert for Lynx Unlimited.
Taking off the latest style in martial arts movies, such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. windows media download

super adgrunts view the ad here

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Celebrating a century of Canadian advertising

AdBeast wants your input on the top ten commercials of all time. As thanks for casting your vote you may be eligable to win some neat prizes. Four lucky people can win the first prize which is one night’s accommodation for two adults on the Club Level of the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. This includes a deluxe continental breakfast for 2 persons; and evening hors d’oeuvres for 2 persons, in the Club Lounge of this Hotel.


Best-Selling Author & Net Marketing Guru on The Advertising Show

Hear Chuck Martin, best-selling author of the upcoming book “Coffee at Luna’s: A Business Fable”, explain the three myths of American business and how technology is changing the workplace. “Coffee at Luna’s” is a fable, but based on Chuck’s research over the past 2 years on the keys to success and happiness in business with more than 25 senior executives and managers offering input and validation.


Font fetishists rejoice, P11 has made a kinky site just for you

Are you the nerd at the office who knows what Hermann Zapf meant by serifless Roman, who obsesses about the difference between Grotesque and Humanistic faces? You can tell your Arial from your Verdana, without them getting into a streetfight?

Then font fetish is for you. Any page that combines Betty Page and fonts wins us over. You might want to look at this page when you are at home..... Late at night, as the sounds are not safe for work baby.


A dead pigeon ad divides Holland

In a country where an ad can show parents singing "I want to fuck you in the ass" together with their kids, you wouldn't think throwing a pigeon at a window would raise many eyebrows. But the Dutch Animal Rights Committee received 150 complaints already the first day the ad was aired. Media was quick to follow up, and the "Dead Pigeon" ad was featured on prime time news along with Hirsi Ali coming out of hiding (the co-writer of Submission, the movie that lead to the assassination of filmmaker Theo van Gogh). The pigeon-frenzy was further fed by a theft of 10 valuable carrier pigeons in Delft (apparently unrelated).

The ad is part of a launch campaign for local telecommunications company Versatel, featuring the tag line Communication just got easier, and shows a young man sending a love note with a pigeon. Unfortunately, he's forgotten to open the window... The ads can be seen at

The Reclamencodecomissie is ruling on the matter today, deciding whether Versatel has to withdraw the ad. The company took a poll on their website, with 75% of people for the ad, finding it hilarious. The TV reporters seemed to agree, failing to remain serious after seeing the pigeon hit the window. For some fun reading (in Dutch), try googling "Versatel" and "duif", and remember: it's legal to bike past a cop smoking a joint, but if you don't have the lights on, you'll get a 50 euro fine.


We've been had by Ogilvy person pretending to be a student.

Bjoern at Site-9 Weblog spotted something iffy with the polite email from a marketing student. The email starts off with : "First of all, let me tell you how much I like your blog. I am a last year student at university and I hope to start working in advertising next year. Your blog is a real source of inspiration." and goes on to tell about the American Express interactive Billboard we posted about on Thursday.
Bjoern did a little header-reading on the emails to see where it came from, and when he compared to his site-stats, he saw that the same IP showed up in his server logs as
Do a

dig -x

and the answer is 
86318 IN    PTR

In short, they suckered us! Ogilvy happens to be American Express' ad agency. I'll blame my lack of cynicism that day on the yearly deadline stress before the superbowl, I read the mail and took it at face value.

Well not really, I couldn't care less if they were a student, if they really did think this site was a source of inspiration or not - all I care about is the tip, and is it "report-worthy"? After sending a few images to the Amex billboard, including goatse as I mentioned in the comments I thought it was a fun little poster and posted about it. Someone at Amex server actually sifts through those images and makes sure goatse doesn't end up on the street after all, and that's pretty clever (though it might have been even more fun had the Goatse image-send worked - god knows it would have gone viral immediately then)


13 Advertising Tips

I've been involved in marketing and direct marketing since… my God! Am I that old already? Anyhow, over the years I've been asked to give tips on marketing along with my specific advice. Here's a short list of some of my best tips. Read on.


Black Rocket Turns "Heat" On

Black Rocket Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director, Steve Stone, announced the launch of a new company called “HEAT.” in the middle of superbowl-fever, february 7 2005. Joining Mr. Stone is former General Manager of Black Rocket, Bob Ellis, and six other Black Rocket alumni.

Laughing off the "hot company"-jokes, Stone says, "Heat is what we are. Heat is what we do. Heat is what we offer. There are clients out there who may have brands or products that have gone cold. They need new ideas, smart ideas. They need some heat. There are also clients out there launching new brands or products. You can only launch something once and it better be done right and with enough heat. We have a lot of experience launching new brands."