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Branded Culture on European Stamps

Just read at European Stamps about a "sneaky" advertising on Dutch stamps.

“Stamp no. 20 (in the right corner below) features a little boy on a sleigh wearing shoes with the famous Adidas logo: three vertical, slanting stripes.”

PR? Proven advertising ROI? Just coincidence? Or maybe just Jung's collective unconscious in action? Mysteries.

More spanking used to sell

If you've been an AdLand visitor for a while you might remember Dab's post about WE Sweden's spank fashion ad that was withdrawn after complaints. Well, when I read about this distrubing bit of news regarding a game for the Young Designers Emporium today I thought I was having a flashback to 2003.


Overstock ads O-annoying notoriety gets noticed

Slate's Seth Stevenson seemingly has a crush on the lady, and so does the rest of the web. Or not. What's With That Ad?, yes what is with her? While Clayton dubbed it "Worst Attempt at Appearing All-Sexy-Like" ad of the year in the 2004 roundup the rest of the web can't seem to take their eyes off her. Seth's conclusion at slate:

I'm not saying this is a work of art. At base, this is a classic spokesperson spot, with an actor who looks at the camera and touts the product. My grade here is about brand awareness. Before Sabine's spots launched in October 2003, had a measly 12 percent brand recognition. By November 2004, recognition was at 46 percent. I know I remember the brand. And I know why. Love her or hate her, in the end it's all about Sabine.


First Oprah, now Dr Phil banned from Swedish telly

Well, not banned per se, nothing Oprah or Dr. Phil says is that scandalous. However the product placements in each show are so many and so sneaky that channel four which shows them gets fined for nearly every show that they air. Oprah Winfrey is constantly talking about products and often giving them away to audiences, this is illegal on Swedish television so TV4 decided to cancel the show after being fined one too many times. Now Dr. Phil is getting TV4 in trouble.

"This means that it is difficult for us to send popular American shows. We can control our own productions, but we can't affect things that the viewers want to see that we have not produced" said Richard Wallentin to Resume.

While the fines may be troublesome for channel four, I wonder how the product placements affect the costs of the shows when they are sold to other countries. Do worldwide products bring down the price of buying a season of Oprah? Do viewers get annoyed when the products on the shows are US only brands? Does anyone notice the placements at all except the TV legal board in Sweden?


Ads on Snail Mail

The upcoming film "Robots the Movie" is the latest collaboration between 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios. Apparently Fox's movie marketing department has gone gangbusters to get the word out about their upcoming film. From video games to co-marketing with supermarket chains and premade kids meals like Kid Cuisine, Robots are everywhere. Not that this is anything new in the world of movie marketing.


The Guardian Interconnected talks about adverts

The Guardian Interconnected: "The blog is good for advertising news and scandal, while charts the evolving view of gays and lesbians in mainstream advertising from Ikea's Van Den Puup to the Mach 3 man"
Link to the Guardian
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L.A. Times - Searching for the Why of Buy.

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting article about people, their brains and why they buy. Click here for the article.

Moreover, researchers suspect that the inescapable influence of marketing does more than change minds. It may alter the brain.

Just as practicing the piano or learning to read can physically alter areas of the cerebral cortex, the intense, repetitive stimulation of marketing might shape susceptible brain circuits involved in decision-making.


The scent of Bin Laden

In 2002 we asked Would you wear Bin Ladin pants? because we had just spotted that Osamas half-bro Yeslam Binladin had the name as a trademark in Switzerland.

Outraged Swiss authorities have revoked the Bin Ladin trademark that had been registered by the millionaire half-brother of the al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.