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VW still promising to sue the VW polo suicide ad creators

More on that volkswagen polo "terrorist" advert, dubbed the suicide bomb which might be fitting in more ways than one. Stephen Brook at The Media Guardian has found the director Stuart Fryer who claims the ad cost maybe 400 pounds, not 40 thousand pounds to make, and that it was only intended to be on thir showreel.


Vonage vs. Chevy Cobalt

When two advertisers air their spots at the same time, with the same soundtrack…something has to give. Woo-hoo!


Remember, webheads can read your code

The New York Times (if you're without a NYTimes login you can view it here) reports that GM's national teaser campaign, where each day a billboard somewhere in the US would reveal a new word of the "secret" phrase, has been figured out. The billboards direct people to which uses Flash to show where the new billboard is and what part of the message is revealed on it.

Webheads quickly discovered that the "secret" message was in the site's flash source code.


Angelina Jolie to host Inhuman Traffic on MTV Europe

Tomb Raider, silver screen femme fatale, mother and United Nations goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie will host a documentary on MTV Europe called "Inhuman Traffic" February 10, which will also be streamed on the website The documentary highlights the human rights issues of sex trafficking and tells stories of real people affected by trafficking. Since this is an important issue, MTV has decided to make the entire thing available free of charge and rights free to broadcasters worldwide!


Don't sing Pias tune - Danish political viral.

The 8th of February Denmark heads to the polls. As you might know, Venstre ("the left" which confusingly enough are the conservative right) the Conservative People Party Konservative Folkeparti and the Danish People Party are in the current government and hope to be re-elected.


Oy vey, another creative for sale on Ebay

Want to buy an entire in-house creative team? A bunch of in-house creatives were displaced in the recent PeopleSoft/Oracle merger, but they like working together so they set up an Ebay auction here where you can 'buy' the whole group, or at least access to their fab portfolios and resumes.

"Their loss, your gain. An award-winning, clear-thinking, bottom-line-focused creative services organization is now immediately available to rock your bottom line. We are a creative team that's ready to plug and play. Today."

Previous eBay stunts: CW sells his life on Ebay, Viral marketing campaign for sale, mint condition copywriter for sale on Ebay, Alex the Art Director for sale and of course all those forehead ad spaces for sale.


The Satin Pajama awards!

The Euro-blog fistful of euros has created a European weblog award, The Satin Pajama awards. We're thrilled to be nominated in the category Best Weblog, as you adgrunts know AdLand is quite a borderless country, which just happens to be hosted in Denmark by a Swedish gal. ;)
Won't you give us your vote? Oh, and there are very nice fellow nominees you should look at, for example Viewropa is a community blog with posts on anything related to Europe and Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons by expatriate Francis Strand amuses me on a regular basis.


Baby Yahoo was a hoax.

Remember the story about the romanian couple that named their baby Yahoo because they met over the net? Even CNN Money picked up the news, which was quite belivable after all the brand your baby hype which might have started back in 2000 when promised 5000 dollars to anyone who named their baby after their site, and Iuma Dylan-Lucas won the cash.
Turns out the yahoo baby was a hoax, and the reporter Ion Garnod who faked the story has been fired from the Romanian tabloid Libertatea.