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Adidas vs Douwe Egberts

"Don't you ever get tired of pairing up those Badlanders?" some people say. "Don't you know that twin ideas can just happen?" protest the defensive ones.
Sure I know that, I say that, and sure sometimes I'd rather have an ice-lolly than make another Badland pair... But then again there are other times when I just roll my eyes and wonder who was the lazy-ass bastard to fall so deep into demo-love that you can hardly tell the copy apart from the original.

Like this time.


Trippy 3D video released for Plaid's "CaretStick"

Electronic music mavens Ed Handley and Andy Turner of Plaid collaborated with Gelman on producing this video for one of Plaid's unreleased tracks entitled CaretStick.

The entire video, which lasts for 3min and 40 seconds, is built in CG as a continuously moving chain link fence.

It looks awesome. Although the video is rendered to be viewed as an über 3D film with 3D glasses, it'll probably bring up more psychedelic ravey sensations when viewed without the glasses. ;)


Advertising Campaign for the 2006 Audi A3

In March, strange blog ads started popping up touting video game designer Virgil Tatum as well as art theft. Then during the New York Auto Show, Audi's 2006 A3 hatchback went missing. A sign was put up that read: "If you have any information regarding the location of a 2006 Audi A3 VIN WAUZZZ8P65A045963 please contact Audi of America at 1-866-657-3268." states "the number leads to a voice mailbox where callers are asked to provide any information they have on the missing car. The message says more information will be revealed on the Audi of America Web site on Tuesday morning, April 5th."


The next Nike/Tiger commercial?

Jaffe Juice has created a new Nike ad which he humbly describes "It's a tribute to Tiger. It's a tribute to Creativity. It's the embodiment of everything the Nike brand stands for."
Some may say that slapping a tag onto an actual even isn't what they call creative, others might point out that by slapping nike-logos all over Tiger he already is a walking commercial 24/7, but hey, it's fun all the same with fan-advertising. (Fanvertising?)
The most goosebumps golf-moment ever is when Tiger chips a ball onto the green at the 16th hole which rolls around nicely just to teeter at the edge of the cup displaying it's Nike logo for a moment before dropping into the hole. (*gasp*!) If it hadn't happened on national TV, you'd think it was faked. If Nike wants this they better get on the horn to Augusta National Golf Club and start begging for the rights to this footage now.

The ad can be seen of Jaffe Juice in .wmv format, and there is a mirror at morningcoffeenotes.

See also TV close-up of hesitant golf ball scores for Nike in USAToday.


Parent group boycotts 50 Cent's Reebok Advert

50 Cent's Reebok Advert is causing controversy since he is seen counting up in the ad "....2...3...4...5...." to nine, as many times as he got shot. Mothers Against Guns are now against Reebok, and the ad has been reported to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) by at least 36 people so far.

Reebok thinks the advert is "positive" and the company "socially responsible".
A spokesperson said: "Reebok does not condone or support every action, choice or view expressed by the hundreds of athletes and entertainers who wear our products. "However, we do support their individuality and their right to express themselves freely."

Reebok - 50 cent I am what I am

Mrs Cope, who founded campaign group Mothers Against Guns and has reported the ad to the ASA, said: "It is disgusting. My son died of one bullet. 50 Cent is very lucky to be shot nine times and survive.
"I say all parents should boycott Reebok until such time as they pull the ad and apologise."


Sandboarding, Celebrities And A Nice Scotch With Michael Deane

Over the last couple of years, America has taken a fascination with the hitherto relatively unknown world of Japanese commercials starring Western celebrities. Thanks to the Internet, we've gained access to plenty of the Nipponese spots, but we've remained mostly blind to the stories behind them. That is, until now.

From within the hallowed halls of AdLand's AdList (our semi-secret society), we met Michael Deane, Executive Producer of Modern Times Film Company. Along with documentaries, an IMAX film and music videos for the likes of They Might Be Giants and Dr. John, he has over 200 commercials under his belt, including plenty involving the magic Japan+Hollywood combination.

This is his story, so far.

(And a few of his favorite spots.)


Robber steals idea from superbowl commercial

Oh it was bound to happen - really, it was. When the Ameriquest super bowl ad "robbery" aired, we knew some schmuck would reenact the scene.

We never guessed he'd actually get away with robbing bank that way though. Timothy Connor managed to withdraw almost $6,000 cash from two banks and one liquor store last month using the "talk on mobile phone" technique seen in the ad.

"Watching the surveillance tape, he mimicked that commercial exactly," said Officer Michael McCarthy, a spokesman for the Boston Police Department." to The Boston Globe