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a short chat with Dan, from Lee and Dan (LAD)

Like the rest of the planet we want to know a few things about that Volkswagen Polo terrorist viral (adland post Jan 18), or 'fake' ad, or whatever you want to call it, and Dan kindly humored us with a few answers. Yes, that Dan, from Lee and Dan (LAD). So what do we know about this ad? Well, it was shot on 35mm, and ever since it came out the lads phone has been ringing off the hook. Lee and Dan are extremly tightlipped about who furnished them with the cash to film this, but they will tell us that they wrote the script and they worked with a Director named Stuart.

adland: What happens to you if you break your vow of silence?
Dan: .................................

adland: Have you received any death threats or other interesting forms of outrage yet?
Dan: We know a good plastic surgeon.

adland: (I hope you don't mean this one ;).
Is it true that those cars only have teeny-tiny 13 inch wheels?
Dan: I think the one in the film is rollin on 14's.

adland: Was the driver wearing his seatbelt?
Dan: Of course he was!! it's illegal not too!

adland: What is your preferred recreational beverage or substance for creative inspiration?
Dan: A nice cold pint.

adland: What's next?
Dan: Cannes?


Embracing Real Beauty (Part 3)

AdLand: What lead to the idea of using cartoon characters?

Gould-Davies: These are iconic women whose hair never changes and is therefore interminably stuck in the same style. It therefore represented a natural opportunity to complement the functional product story of Dove styling -
natural style that moves - and show the difference it would make to the hair of these familiar characters.


From selling trash to selling everything

Want a piece of the NYC landscape? An Art Director living in New York packages and sells trash, artfully arranged in plastic cubes. Apparently his love for trash blossomed while attending the School for Visual Arts in New York. Makes one wonder what the people who purchase these "works of art" actually do with them.

Copywriter Brian Thompson might not be selling trash, but he is selling his life. Everything he owns is up for sale on eBay, with new items added weekly.

From my portfolio to my toothpaste, everything must go.

He hopes "it will be an entertaining exploration of the consumer culture we help shape."

I just hope he doesn't start selling his kidneys or anything! Although it would be interesting if someone else gets a job using his portfolio.


Resumé blurb Pussy Galore

Our little tidbit about Pussy Galore to join M&S advertising campaign reached the Swedish advertising tradepress Resumé, with a (rare for a lot of tradepress) nice nod to us, their source.
Original article scan


Another buncha Switch parodies

Well, that meme for switching to Macs, or PCs, or to wine over beer, or whatever isn't going to die just yet, so we bring you two more Apple Switch parodies.

Skyler switched. To a PC. To prepare her....

.....and over in the "switch to Linux" corner we have a super-villan stating "Linux gives us the power we need to crush those who oppose us", a Flash animation from


Swimsuit Issue? What Swimsuit Issue?

Some would say the attitude toward media in the United States has taken a decidedly conservative shift. Howard Stern would probably say that. So would Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Abercrombie & Fitch, too. Others. Now, Sports Illustated is giving subscribers the chance to opt out of the annual swimsuit issue. They say it has nothing to do with the chill in the media air.


Embracing Real Beauty (part 2)

I had a chance to speak with Guy Gould-Davies, one of the planners who worked on the hair care part of the Dove campaign. He told me that as the manifesto for Dove was being formed and the UK executions were going out in front of the public, the team at Ogilvy in Chicago was given the task of creating a campaign for Dove hair care products.


Embracing Real Beauty (Updated)

Soap. It's considered a parity product. But Dove doesn’t see itself as such. "In 1957, Dove® Beauty Bar was born. What made it different from other soap cleansers? It really wasn't soap at all. It used mild, non-soap ingredients, plus 1/4 moisturizing cream, so it didn't dry our skin like soap. This was a unique combination and the first of its kind." This Dove bar brand heritage was the basis for the Dove mandate, which started about 2 1/2 years ago- that as the company started to create new products (deodorant, hair care, etc), "any product Dove comes out with must go back to the idea of the Dove bar".