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Tell me again how these guys bought Time/Warner?

Slate gives us a run down on AOL's new commercials and how awful they are:

" ad shows a mob of AOL customers massing in front of the corporate offices, demanding to be heard. There are so many problems with this. 1) Why would I sign up for a service when its users are so intensely dissatisfied that they're storming corporate headquarters to beg for improvements? Wouldn't I prefer a service whose users have no pressing complaints and are sitting contentedly at home, perhaps whiling away the hours with a few pleasant games of online Boggle? 2) That shot of the endless mass of AOLers reminds me that this is a gargantuan corporation and as such is pretty damn unlikely to deliver the highly responsive, highly personal service these ads are promising."


86 the onions make ubiquitous campaign for NEC Japan

NEC Corporation has launched a branding campaign U can Change conceived and produced by 86 the onions, featuring killer cows, cocoons masquerading as sleeping bags and rainbow-like effluences, not to mention a lot of people named Dave.

"NEC's buzzword is ubiquitous and it represents a concept that the company wants to own throughout the marketplace", said Kunihiko Inoue, managing director at Robot Communications Media Switch, the creative consultancy firm for NEC. "We chose to collaborate with 86 the onions because they are underground enough to show a young, international audience exactly what ubiquity means and above ground enough to do it in a professional way."

Underlying the "u can change" films is the idea that NEC allows businessmen and women to work anywhere, anytime and to experience the euphoria associated with this freedom. Hence kiler cows, and middle-aged butterfly men flying off into the sunset. We asked Chad what every envious creative wants to know: How on earth do you present a campaign like this to a client?


Mr. Wendy, We Hardly Knew Thee...

Wendy's has announced the cancellation of its series of commercials featuring the "unofficial spokesman" known as Mr. Wendy, after less than nine months on the air. Bad news for comic actor (and ex-Groudling, children's book author and cartoon writer) Roger Eschbacher, who potrayed the overzealous burger fan. But is it possible that The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Wendy might soon re-emerge shilling for some other burger joint? If you don't think somebody's thinking about it, then You Don't Know Jack.


Ogilvy London Hijacked

The viral advertising agency ASABAILEY has placed a well-aimed left hook on the chin of O&M, by scooping up for £4.95.

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TBWA Lisbon, Portugal - The blogging ad agency

This month in our spotlight on series - our very first spotlight actually - we have chatted a bit with Leandro Alvarez , the Creative Director of TBWA Lisbon in Portugal, and a few of his collegues (Thanks Sergio Santos for the help). TBWA has a blog called TBLOGWA at, and quite a few stunning poster campaigns to show off.

DB: Show us TBWA's creative hot spot. Where are the ideas born?


Arnold Worldwide Talks Shop on The Advertising Show

Hear it straight from Arnold Wordwide’s Andrew Lynch and John Staffen. As Arnold’s cultural strategist, Andrew reads consumer trends within the matrix of a broad cultural context and keeps an open dialogue with academics and thought leaders in fields ranging from pop music to economics to media studies. Andrew has helped design and write a Mood & Mindset study which was launched as a service for clients of Arnold Worldwide as a way of tracking American’s shifting ideas, attitudes and values following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Since then, the Mood & Mindset research survey series shifted focus to examine a wide range of cultural issues and lifestyle trends as they relate to the current behavior of the American consumer.


CityBanks Freudian Slip (literally)

Citybank may have been a tad too honest when they wrote thier latest pamphlets. Usually there's some alphanumeric goobidygook printed at the bottom, but not on this one. "CON-ALL-10/04". Finally, some truth in advertising. WendellWit has the scan of the mishap