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Pantones new toys, for the home, for your purse, for every color lover

Pantone has decided to answer every color-loving designers dream, and now offer accessories, pantone stationery, office supplies and "Palette Plates" & cups for your kitchen. Now all we want to know is where the heck is the bridal and birthday registry? ;)

Check out the Pantone Universe, the wallets, purses and other accesories, and the plates are also available here at Fishs Eddie. Hat tip to Caffeinegoddess.


What is that new South Park commercial modeled after?

"It's driving me crazy" says mefioso to Ask Metafilter, "There's these new South Park commercials on Comedy Central that's a take on some interstitial, show intro, or commercial from my childhood (born in '76). It's the quasi-pinball roller coaster ad, where the silver ball goes by and flips up 3 flags. What are these ads a parody of?"

The answer is still blowing in the wind, as no one has solved the mystery though everyone is having a jolly good time walking down memory lane. Do you recognize this south park ad? Is it a homage and if so, of what? Super adgrunts, watch the ad here:
Comedy Central - South Park - Pinball


The price of a sock puppet = dirt cheap.

From Pittsburg live on "the day the bubble popped".

It's telling that the most valuable asset of, the online pet supply store that folded in November 2000, was the attitude-laden sock puppet from its popular TV commercials. When last seen, the puppet was hawking a no-name credit company that bought the rights to it for just over $20,000.

Wow, that's a bargain.

Previous puppet-stories:
How many lives does this friggin' puppet have anyway!? March 11, 2003
The return of the sock puppet? June 19, 2002


The British Television Advertising Award winners

Watch the gold winners including Levi Strauss, Honda, and The Observer of the BTAA awards at CreativeClub in streaming media, while all the details regarding the BTAA 2005 silver and bronze category winners can be found at

Winner in the "Toiletries", "Best less than 60 seconds commercial", "Best less than 90 seconds commercial" and the "Shown on cinema and TV" categories was Lynx "shopping" a.k.a "getting dressed".
Lynx - Getting Dressed 2004


Blogging By Moonlight : Adweek

Blogging By Moonlight
Ad execs use blogs to promote something new - themselves

Men are behind most ad-related blogs, but there are some exceptions: Boston-based freelance copywriter Jane Goldman runs Cup of Java (, and Copenhagen, Denmark-based freelance art director Åsk Wäppling operates Adland ( Like many bloggers, they keep their identities somewhat a mystery. "People don't know who I am and it's cool," says Wäppling, 32. "But they think I'm a guy, and that gets annoying."
"You could talk to 30 people about one campaign and they could all have different opinions," says Goldman, 27. "In that respect (a blog) is a good sounding board, and having a little bit of anonymity isn't a bad thing."


WOMMA ethics draft not well received.

There's more to yesterdays story of NIMF attacks WOMMA for "buzzploiting" children and teens, for instance NIMF has started their very own blog at where they post their concerns with WOMMAs ethics draft. WOMMA is the word of mouth marketing and advertising organisation in the USofA who have attempted to create a code of ethics that should apply to all forms of word of mouth, viral and buzz marketing.

ClickZ reports that WOMMA Extends Comment Period on Ethics until April 15, which was the least they could after many people complained that their comments never made it to WOMMA webpage.

The ClickZ article where WOMMA put forth the ethical guidelines:
"I don't think it's been done with the representation of the broader stakeholders in this arena," said Kirby. "It's a really top-down way of doing things in an industry that's predicated on its bottom-up approach."


Welcome to Orange county and Ikea go their separate ways

After two years of clever creative work, Ikea and welcome to Orange county have decided to split up.

"Ikea is an exiting organization that many of us at WTOC have a great
relationship with after our many years together in different countries. However we are an idea based and project based agency, and Ikea are concentrating on areas outside our expertise at the moment. Instead of changing our agencies structure, we've agreed with Ikea Denmark that it is time to go our separate ways." explains John Schoolcraft at Welcome to Orange County.

WTOC is an independent pan-European agency with it's main office on
Majorca and their Nordic contact office in Copenhagen Denmark.


Don't be a tool for Big Tobacco

Slate on the new anti-tobacco ads, where Big Tobacco boardroom meetings are reenacted as if on a Sitcom.

"In fact, the ultimate adolescent nightmare is to appear in any way an out-of-it rookie who doesn't know the score. These "Fair Enough" ads isolate and prey on that insecurity, and they do a great job. With a dead-on, rerun sitcom parody (jumpy establishing shot; upbeat horn-section theme song ending on a slightly unresolved note; three-wall, two-camera set; canned laugh track), the ads first establish their own savvy, knowing coolness before inviting us to join them in ridiculing big tobacco's schemes. The spots are darkly comic, just the way teens like it. And rather than serving up yet more boring evidence that smoking is deadly (something that all teens, including the ones who smoke, already know) the ads move on to the far more satisfying step: kicking big tobacco in the groin."

Truth - Fair Enough - Trendsetting Hipsters (2005) 0:60 (USA)