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Whats faster than a speeding bullet? Two of them?

First up, lets have a look at a VW ad from Southafrica.


Creating Creative Catalyst through Cannes Do

Raising the standard of South African creativity through a competition called Cannes Do SA, as a branch of Cannes Do International (formed in October 2003 in London by Robert Campbell, Managing Director of Outsider; James Studholme, Managing Director of Blink; Robert Campbell, UK Executive Creative Director at Mc Cann Erickson; Maria Carbonara, former producer at Leo Burnett Milan, joined the team as project coordinator).


Controversial ad wins effectiveness award

The controversial campaign for The Number, created by WCRS, won a gold award at last night's effectiveness awards run by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.
Disputes began as David Bedford demands compensation from The Number for using his likeness in their advertising, 6 months after the spots started to run. Also, David Bedford to sue The Number and he complained to OfCom- and the results can be found here.



Claymore has a knack for spotting word trends, all these links have been sniffed out by him. He says: "I think we're seeing the birth of the new "extreme/xtreme"... empower!"

It's a vacuum cleaner! EmPower!
It's a toothpaste!EmpowerMint! It's a shirt!
It's a detergent! It's a spray gel! It's a mattress! It's an adaptor!
It's a penis mightier!
It's a buzzword!
empowerment: The corporate mantra of the late '90s used to deceive subordinates into believing they actually were allowed to think and make decisions on their own.


It's Snow Fun

There's nothing more fun that plopping down in the snow and making a snow angel, according to some. And apparently, both Volkswagen and Old Spice Red Zone agree. Granted, the VW ad was done in 1998 - 6 years before this Red Zone ad appeared.


pléthore de jerks

Passé advertising trend: Portraying white males as bumbling morons.
The new rage: Portraying white males as scheming jerks.

"While the women are the ones outwitted in some commercials, dad has been the butt of jokes for a long time," says Mastroianni.

"Sometime it's easier to make fun of someone than be creative."



Christian/pop/punk band Relient K (Chrysler enthusiasts?) has some curious commercials for their forthcoming album, "Mmhmm." Head on over to their album's website to check out "The Pitch," "The Wedding," and "The Dentist." A fourth spot, "The Ticket," will be put online on 11/2.