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FT Creative and team up

Back in June 2004, Dab posted an article, Is selling your ideas a good idea?, about starting up. Recently in the forums it was discussed as well.

Today I learned that has teamed up with The Financial Times Creative Business section to launch a new ad competition. Once a month an ad brief is published and readers have two weeks to submit their entries at The first brief was put up yesterday and is for the Make Poverty History Campaign. You can view the brief here. They seem to have a decent list of judges too, including Peter Souter - CD from AMV BBDO and Greg Delaney of Delaney, Lund, Knox Warren & Partners. The winner will be featured in the next issue of FT Creative Business and on As always, read the legal for the contest if you're thinking of entering.


Toyota vs Volkswagen

The same idea sells two different cars on two sides of the pond. Watch American Toyota versus British Volkswagen. Adgrunt Kgeiger spotted these, where both cars are so inexpensive the owners think they got a great deal through a mistake. The question is who is the cheap one?


Today,TV Spots. Tomorrow, Actual TV.

Andy Bobrow is a freelance copywriter in California. Like a lot of ad creatives, Andy had more in his ambition profile than just ads. So he goes out and shoots a minimockumentary on a little known group of black astronauts that got passed over for guys like Alan Shepherd, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. Anyway, the film catches the eye of some TV exec. TV exec wants to know if Andy would like to write for TV. Andy thinks about it. For maybe, um, a nanosecond. If you haven't seen the film, it's pretty funny.


Best font faux pas ever, live on Jeopardy!

Over at Mark Simonson's loverly font-yummy blog we found a screenshot from Jeopardy and Mark's words:

"Eagle-eyed type nerds watching a recent broadcast of the Jeopardy game show will have fallen off their chairs at this font faux pas."

Spring Break In The Great White North

Ahhh.... Spring Break. The words evoke seductive images of sizzling sand, sun, skin and social disease. So what better way to promote MTV's Spring Break programming than to feature those who would most appreciate it!?

Read more to find out about these chilling spots...


Cillit Bang, the hardcore cleaning sensation!

With the supreme naffness of the Cillit Bang ads, it was bound to happen eventually. The ads on telly have chirpy and often badly dubbed spokesmen in each country of airing, Jakob Holm in Denmark, Barry Scott in the UK. The colors are hysterical and bright with extra fuschia thrown in for good measure, and the spiel so annoyingly perky that the ads were a cult joke already.

Really, it was just a matter of time before someone mixed that euro-trash ad into a euro-trashy dance song. Go Cillit Bang!

See the windows media video over at LuckyKazoo.

Sing along, you know the lyrics already.


Capital One's carpet bombing

Capital One's 'What's in your wallet?' ads filling airwaves USA today reports: "If you think you're seeing Capital One ads all the time, you are. Capital One spent $5.4 million on ads in January, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. That's more than rival Visa and MasterCard. Capital One spent $285 million in 2004, more than American Express and not far behind Visa and MasterCard."

Capital One - Huns - long (2004) 0:60 (USA)

saddest quote in the article :

"We have one of the best ad campaigns on TV and one of the strongest ad campaigns in financial services," Girardo says.
But that didn't save the ad agency. One of the lowest moments for an agency is when it creates successful ads and still gets fired. That's what happened with McCann-Erickson, New York.

Hat tip to Claymore!


Ad Mag dedicated to guerilla, buzz, P.O.S. is born.

A magazine dedicated to non-traditional advertising (an expression I always hated by the way) is set to launch this spring, it's called Other advertising. Adweek Magazines and editorial director/founder Adam Remson figured this is a good time to launch a monthly dedicated to all the Other Advertising - geddit? ;)