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Harry Egipts cult following, remix his ads.

At StevenF's blog there is a Hakkliha Remix Competition going on. Remember those Estonian and hungarian 1980s commercials we mentioned here a little while ago? The entire web has discovered Harry Egipts Estonian advertising gems and now there's a game going on - remix the surreal Kana Hakkliha chicken mince ad to new music and post the results to StevenF's blog. See if you can make it even weirder than the original.. It's hard to top...


Shocking sophmoric jokes ensures virals success

Interesting article at the new york times for you viral crazed folk. Interactive Viral Campaigns Ask Consumers to Spread the Word at the NYT

"The sophomoric, shock-driven work is going to predominate for a while," said Owen Plotkin, president at the Now Corporation in New York, an editing boutique for television commercials and viral productions that was host for the awards. "That's the easiest way to ensure people pass something along."

"It's really hard to make something so compelling that it makes people want to share," Mr. Plotkin said. "But that can happen, too, and it does happen."


Daytona 500 Commercials reviewed by FOX

Ad watch: Tracking Daytona 500 commercials

Another major sporting event, another boatload of brand-new commercials to check out.

All through the Daytona 500 we watched the commercials and kept track of the best and worst that money could buy.

Somehow I don't think it'll ever be as hyped as the Superbowl Commercials, but it's a nice try FOX. Hat tip to Claymore.


Mazda makes worlds longest ad in Tokyo

Possibly the worlds longest advertising poster was unveiled in Tokyo the 15th of feb. The long ad which features the Mazda Premacy, is on display in the Art Road underground walkway leading to Tokyo Station. The poster measures 311 meters (1,020 feet) in length, or "width" depending on how you look at it, and features sixty family portraits taken by Kishin Shinoyama. In all, 106 different images make up the poster, even celebrity couple Kei Shimizu and Miyuki Kosaka are in the ad as well as the photographer Shinoyama.


Don't Get Hoodwinked By A Counterfeit Mini

Crispin Porter and Bogusky is at it again with a new campaign for the Mini Cooper. The campaign gives all the info on how to spot a counterfeit mini, and promotes making the streets genuine once again.

Their ads lead viewers to visit, where there there is further information on learning how to distinguish a fake from a real mini.


Paris Hilton T-mobile account cracked = marketing?

So the web is again abuzz after seeing images of Paris Hiltons tit-self portraits, a skill she has honed ever since the end of that sex tape video. She might be snogging Eglantina Zing in one of these shots but we're not sure if that is the MTV Latin America VJ. This storm in Paris a-cup is only a few months after she was caught stealing her sex-tape. Now it appears that her T-mobile phone has been cracked - or as some rumors say, she was conned out of her password.

Hilton Hacked is a website that hosts the files found on paris T-mobile, where the rumor might be confirmed "The previous information was obtained using social engineering tactics" it reads. T-mobile gave Paris her phone early, as a way to get a little publicity for the toy... They might regret that move today as the publicity isn't of the good sort. Her adressbook with Vin Diesels phonenumber and notebook is now open for all to see. The oddest thing about this story and the reason I see it fit to post are the persistent speculations that this is in itself, some sort of viral advertising campaign leaked on purpose for T-Mobile. We knew ad creep was bad, but didn't know that people would get that cynical, that fast.


Celebrity Overload?

The Independent reports on consumers' feelings towards celebrities trying to influence their buying. Apparently research is starting to show that the red-carpet walkers aren't making much of a dent in consumer consumption. Mintel, a British market research company, did a survey and found "three out of five adults are 'bored with celebrities' and a further one in five is 'celebrity resistant'." It's rather amusing too if you think about the number of ads in the Super Bowl this year that banked on celebrities in their spots. A majority of them could have saved a bunch of money and just hired any random actor to achieve the same effect.


A real red nose day for Paul Kaye

Red Nose Day is a UK wide fundraising event organised by Comic Relief every two years. It culminates in a night of TV treats on BBC ONE to raise funds for charities in the UK and Africa.
This year, Asa Bailey Viral Advertising has helped out by producing a hard-hitting (literally) viral campaign for the UK charity. But now the charity have distanced themselves from it asking Asa Bailey to take of any reference to the charity, after the viral was deemed far too violent.
The viral clip is violent for real as the comedian Paul Kaye and a group of UK break dancers put on a skit but in the midst of shooting a fake headbutt went terribly wrong. On his que Paul Kaye entered the breakdancing ring and accidently headbutted a dancer for real, splitting his own nose in the process (ow!) and knocking the unlucky dancer unconscious...Brings a whole new meaning to red nose day doesn't it? After a few tense minutes both actor and dancer were given the all clear and the show went on. See the violent viral that Red Nose Day '05 don't want you to see here.