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"I'm Melting! I'm Melting!"

Probably the most famous melting sequence in history would be when Dorothy Gale threw a bucket filled with water on the Wicked Witch of the West. Well, the famous melting technique has found its way into commercials as well…but it hasn't managed to become as much of a trend.


How Did We Go From Smiley Faces To Sun Tzu?

I don't know which will be more remembered for the scourge it visited on this planet, Wal-Mart or The Black Death. Few companies have taken more of a beating.

But now the company is fighting back with a new campaign that goes right after its detractors. But is this a good idea?

Yeah, the company is in desperate need of an image makeover. But isn't this new campaign just giving its enemies an even louder voice? There's so many other ways they could have gone.

Sun Tzu might have been a genius on the battlefield. But he looks pretty impotent in a blue apron.


CAB’s Kevin Barry on The Advertising Show

Hear Kevin Barry, vice president of advertising sales and services at Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB), talk about how the viewers are in control with hundreds of channels, DVRs and Video On Demand. Kevin also discusses how a ratings parity between ad-supported cable and commercial broadcast television has created a one TV world. As vice president, Kevin oversees the efforts of assisting CAB members in maximizing advertising revenue.


What are you really saying?

What does the account exec mean when he talks like that? What do you mean? What is the client saying? Fear no more, use Dr. Gary's Jivedecoder to understand the buzzword inflated vague spiels dished out in every ad agency daily. "We are a full service integrated communications company" translates to: "seriously, do you have any odd jobs?" You knew that though, right?


13th time is the charm, FCUK needs to fcuking stop it

The UK Advertising Standards Authority are getting miffed at FCUK again and have warned FCUK, this is the 13th time since 1999 that the ASA has published an adjudication regarding French Connection's adverts.
The latest ads are for the FCUK perfume, with the usual fold-out samples, with pictures of a young couple sitting in a bed wearing only underwaer and the headline reads: "open here to try fcuk her" and "open here to try fcuk him."
FCUK argued that FCUK is the brand name and the headline clearly states open the fold-outs to try the perfumes named "him" and "her".
The ASA responded that in the context of the ad, the phrases "could be interpreted as 'fuck,' not just as the advertiser's brand name." and reminded French Connection "that it had previously made clear in published adjudications that 'fcuk' should not be used in an advertisement if it could be interpreted as 'fuck' and was concerned that they had done so in the advertisement."
The perfume ads were placed in Boots magazine and received only two complaints from the public.


Shoutout to all the adlisters, now on TV

This amused me a lot.. Longtime adlister, adgrunt and pal Leslie Burns was on Jeopardy. In her "Howdy" Jeopardy blurb (real player) she managed to sneak in the line " adlister like me". It's like sublimininal advertising! ;)


Media Guardian - about that Pepsi ad + CNN Money

Pepsi warns media over surf ad image reads the Media Guardian reporting about a PR-shot which we published here: Pepsi ad pulled due to Asian tsunami

Bonus screendump - the CNN Money article mentioned, guess where they got the image. ;)
Pepsi halts wave-themed ad campaign


advertising on forehead hype reaches fever pitch

"!" yelled some guy a few years back and since then the idea has been top of mind.. (sorry).
The Guardian spoofed it when the Cunning crew said they'd sell it... And now, you can find quite a few on Ebay. Here you can Advertise on this mans forehad!, or if you want to *Advertise your logo or website domain on this guys forehead!, here's one that reads " Advertise Your Logo on my Ass (or Forehead)" oooh, cheeky, how about Advertise Your logo on 3 C.I.K.TV staff forehead and help som local kids TV program get some much needed equipment. Seems a worthy cause.

Andrew Fisher is the man from Omaha that caught the attention of BBC news and channel six news, Omaha this time around.
Hat tip to Researcher