New Youtube "ad friendly" video rules spurs creative ways of bypassing them

We've previously discussed the Youtube ad cleanup, triggered by the massive brand boycott due to... more
Ambassadors joins forces with Heidi Baltzer and opens a second office in Amsterdam

Ambassadors is taking strong steps towards the international creative industry in and outside Amsterdam with the opening of their boutique studio on the Herengracht and the arrival of Heidi... more
The Washington Post to offer audio articles using Amazon Polly

The Washington Post today announced it has started experimenting with audio articles using Amazon Polly, a service that converts article text into lifelike speech.

Humble Signs Director Luigi Pane

Integrated content studio Humble welcomes award-winning director and video artist Luigi Pane to its roster for U.S. representation.

Brighton Agency, Brilliant Noise, appoints Allison Wightman and Will Lockie as Client Partners

Marketing and communications partner, Brilliant Noise, has announced the appointments of Allison Wightman and Will Lockie as Client Partners, following a...

Olly Chapman joins Furlined as UK Managing Director

With over twenty years experience in the UK’s most revered creative agencies and independent production companies, Olly is uniquely positioned to lead the London based operations of Furlined.

New York Times will still sponsor Shakespeare in the Park despite Trump-Inspired Julius Caesar controversy

Earlier this week Delta and Bank of America pulled their sponsorships from New York’s Shakespeare in the Park over a current production of Julius Caesar in which Caesar is depicted in modern... more
Quietman Signs Awards Magnet Nico Beyer

Award-winning director Nico Beyer has signed with Quietman for US representation.

Topical Smirnoff ad "would be happy to talk about Russian ties under oath"

With tongue firmly placed in cheek, Smirnoff got extra topical this week mirroring President Trump & the ongoing saga of the "Russian investigation" that is happening in the United States.

The economist cover: Terror and the Internet

Every so often a cover of a magazine will stop you dead in your tracks, like the Economist "oh fuck" cover in 2008...

Beers named "Drink Responsibly", an idea so good it's been done four times

Naming a beer "Drink Responsibly" is such a good idea we were kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first when we first shared the... more
Do you harp on about diversity in advertising? Put your money to making it happen.

The School of Communication Arts in London has launched a clever fundraiser in these pre-Cannes days.

M&C Saatchi LA makes multiplatform campaign for San Diego Zoo’s New “Africa Rocks” exhibit

M&C Saatchi turned to Gentleman Scholar, Kyle Lambert, and SCROJO for talent in creating a colorful multiplatform campaign.