As we already noted in the zesty guy gets around post, there's no shortage of shirtless men in advertising these days - and sometimes the spokesmodel is the same guy but for different brands. The trend did not begin with Old Spice, Brawny or even Fabio shilling I can't believe it's not butter. Hell, we've even seen a naked Piers Morgan, who may not be a beefcake but at least he smelled like one.
It seems that this trend has peaked in 2013. Is it perhaps because it's aiming for the 'pink pound' (or dollar if you will), while scoring the bonus free press of offending a million moms, or are we all just easily swayed by shirtless men these days?

The TLC 'world premiere event' last Wednesday, July 17, " Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" was launched with scratch&sniff cards. Watch and sniff! So when the redneck olympics of sliding around the kitchen linoleum drenched in butter happened, you could scratch your card and smell butter. When mama June sniffed a babies head, you could smell the scent of baby. "Scent of a baby" should be a chick-flick.

So, still hungover from Cannes, Oreo and DraftFCB are basking in the shine of their glorious Lion win for Oreo Daily Twist, when lady-who-has-real-job™ asks... "How is the Oreo thing any different from the Google doodle?" OH PLEASE! Back off, lady, this area is for professionals in advertising only. Just because you educate the next generation of consumers doesn't mean you have any idea about what makes an ad campaign. Have a seat in that tiny uncomfortable desk over there while I explain.