Helsinki Region Transport and Finnish League for Human Rights want you to speak out against racism

Racism and discrimination in public places is becoming a lot more commonplace across Europe. Finland’s capital Helsinki, along with its public transportation, is no different. Bystanders usually don't help because they lack the courage to do so. Or maybe they just keep to themselves, I don't know. Regardless, something needed to be done about it. 358 Helsinki and their client Helsinki Region Transport partnered wit The Finnish League for Human Rights to come up with ways to get this issue out in the open.

Prom Outfits Made with Condoms Prove Safe Never Goes Out of Style

We're just a few months away from prom, that time in America where kids don their best formal wear and stay up the whole night of celebration of surviving four years of high school. This year, kids and parents alike will discover a new look, at least in Omaha: outfits made form condoms. The Adolescent Health Project, a program of the Women’s Fund of Omaha, partnered with local designers to create condom-adorned formal wear and display in area stores, boutiques, salons and barbershops.

Irish Defence Forces create a first person shooter recruitment tool

The Irish Defence Forces are in a unique situation. As ROTHCO account director Katie Oslizlok explains; "As a small neutral country, there's a lack of understanding amongst the Irish public as to what the defence forces do which has a knock on effect when it comes to recruitment. We were tasked with changing that perception, and in doing so, convince 5,000 18-24 year olds to apply for a career with the Defence Forces.

King Kong's skull dominates Southern Cross Station in Melbourne

On the weekend people go to the movies, and to make sure they pick the right film to watch JCDecaux and Roadshow partnered to make a fully immersive activation at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne’s CBD for Kong: Skull Island. The station takeover premiered yesterday (Friday), just like the film itself.

From 6 – 13 March ‘Kong will be King’ at Southern Cross Station with a giant 6m x 3.75m x 3.2m skull replica dominating the entrance to the station.

Children of the Street Society- Uncertain Terms

Launched in time for Stop Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week in British Columbia, Children of the Street Society is urging kids to think about the potential "terms and conditions," to sexting. Basically all they should know is, sending naked photos online. There's also a 30 second tv spot/online film, too. Sadly we've come along ways when the only stranger danger we had to worry about was someone hanging out in the park.

"Uninterrupted views" desert billboard installation by Jennifer Bolande inspired by ads

You'll find these billboards along the Gene Autry Trail in California as their installation is as part of Desert X, an outdoor exhibition of site-specific art installed across the Coachella Valley.

Cirque du Soleil are just like you and me

This campaign from Y&R wants us to know that Cirque du Soleil performers who live in Vegas are just like everyone else. Except way more amazing of course. Oh sure they have crazy acrobatic abilities and amazing feats of strength and can push their bodies to do physically artistic things like the ballerinas in the sky that they are. But they still pick up their dry cleaning and clean their pools and sip a cortado down at the local beanery.

Lawn Doctor reminds you: don't be a grasshole

Ugh the pun. It hurts. But I guess it's one way to get people to start thinking about the shape of their lawns and how they should start maintaining them to keep up with the Joneses who will be mocking you behind your back. Neighbors talk, you see. And the last thing you want is for them to talk about your lawn with such contempt. How were you even allowed to buy in this neighborhood? Tsk, tsk, tsk.