Vibe wants you to come to Israel. With your dog.

Fun Fact: Tel Aviv has the most dogs per-capita in the world. Guess that's why there's a National Dog Day in Israel which happens to be this coming Saturday.

Humboldt Redwood is the obvious choice

Humboldt Redwood is the largest supplier of redwood in California. This year Humboldt wanted to target specifiers to show them just why redwood is the best choice. In case you don't know, specifiers are the people who select building materials for construction projects. So this is business-to-business. It is also a great example of why there is no such thing as a bad category to work on because these ads are silly, fun, entertaining and effective in their communication.

The Legacy Lab honors visionaries

The Legacy Lab™ is a L.A.-based think tank that explores the dynamics of long-term branding in a 140 character world. This print campaign was launched to promote its inaugural class of Legacy Lab Honors.

PETA's new poster campaign: Meat messes up your sex life

PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - have hired an ad agency. Shocking, yes, so here's a print campaign created by Y&R New York. It focuses on awkward bedroom moments, with a humouristic twist, and what we see is the aftermath of erectile dysfunction. The claim is that the animals (eaten) are the cause of said issue.

Bola Pra Frente Institute - "Shots of change" billboards from bulletholes

When the Bola Pra Frente Institute needed to attract 600 kids to their open spots in their sports & education after school program, they had one rather large problem. Operating in one of the most violent favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Favela do Muquiço, there were no advertising billboards to advertising on. No poster sites, no direct mail.

poster that doubles as a fishing net
The warning poster that can also be used as a fishing net.

To educate fishermen on the need to join the hunt for lionfish, a venomous species destroying the Caribbean ecosystem, Geometry designed very smart posters.

Printed on an incredibly tough material, it explains everything the fishermen need to know about the lionfish, it shows images of the lionfish, and then the poster also transforms into a lightweight net the fisherman can use to bring home the catch. Yes, it's a poster that can work as a fishing net. How very clever!

Home Hardware wants you to remember to pack up your pets this moving day.

Every July 1st in Québec, thousands of residents pack up and move out of their apartments. It’s called “Moving Day,,” and it’s the busiest day of the year for tenants to move within the province and it can make a large city like Montreal chaotic. Even worse is the fact that every year, more than 1,600 pets are left behind by their moving owners.

OneMethod’s SweetSixteen: The Year of Evolution redesign

Toronto, June 7, 2017 – OneMethod turns sixteen this year and to celebrate sweetly, the Toronto-based digital and design agency is evolving with a new look, a new space, and a new approach to collaboration.