ADESF Institutional Stop Smoking now - The Future "live to see it" - print, Brazil

"In 2066, Bin Laden will be caught.
Live to see it. Quit smoking now."

A new angle on the stop smoking ad scene? Instead of (trying to) scare the bejesus out of folks, Neogama/BBH,'s & client ADESF's reason to quit smoking now is that you'll otherwise miss all sorts of interesting future developments. Like Bin Laden finally being caught, temperatures rising to the point of spawning nudist cities and driving your car on top of the stranded cars of the standstill traffic jam in 2048.

Institutional Burti HD (photo retouching) - Vaticano - print, Brazil

"Only life produces better images than Vaticano"
I like the photoshop referencing layout. From ad agency NeogamaBBH, Sao Paulo.

Fantastic Noodle - Pimp My Kettle - press, Australia

Drrriiing! Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide - 2004 called, they want their "Pimp my X" spinoff ad ideas back.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - Turning the page (far) - press, Brazil

How far does the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport go? Keep on turning the pages in your magazine to see how far (more inside). Neat media-buy from Africa, São Paulo.

Unicef - Don't Ignore me - print, China

We've seen the "person painted as the background" thing used to sell everything from secure internet to chocolate-chip cookies before - but here it finally makes total sense. In fact, the only way I think this could be made better is if these were real kids sitting around all day like this in an ambient/guerilla stunt. Well done O&M Shanghai. There are 1.5 million underprivileged children in China.

William Beaver House – Beaver Butler (2008) Print (USA)

Here's an ad selling a service called Beaver Butler. Looking at the visual, do you have any idea what it is? Beaver Butler is a video surveillance service! Really? Maybe I'm just pervy but it sounds like something else to me.

Red Cross - Rain, House, Bridge - press, China

Soon after the devastating earthquake in China, ad agency Itect, Guangzhou ran this campaign to show people that even a single donation can make a huge difference.

Dentsu Utama - Ideas on the move (self promo) ambient - Malaysia

Ha! I love this! Dentsu Utama Kuala Lumpur recently moved offices, and since they are an idea agency, they needed a giant moving box crate type thingie just to move all those ideas with them.