BETC Pop gets together with Burn energy drink

Burn, which is an energy drink now part of the Monster Energy conglomeration, is making a big comeback as beign the official energy drink partner of France's hottest electronic music festivals: Nuits Sonores (Lyon), Weather Festival (Paris)Astropolis (Brest ), the Peacock Society (Paris) and Marsatac (Marseille).

Norwegian State Railways urges you to be polite

Unngå floke = Avoid Tangles.

Thank you for moving in and using the whole train
We travel together.

Unngå propp = Avoid Jams.

Thank you for using the whole platform
We travel together.

I love the illustration style here. Very fun way of telling someone to act politely..

National Geographic creates confused "faceswap" campaign.

From Y&R São Paulo we get this totally visually driven idea for national Geographic - and forgive me but my immediate thought was "Did National Geographic really approve this?"

Arla: The cheese that keeps you going forward

Arla is the cheese that doesn't over promise. It's not about being able to climb a mountain. More like getting the vacuuming done because it's high on protein and low on fat. Fun art direction.

Muscle Milk: Stronger Every Day

Work your butt off every day. That's the gist of these inspiring lines from Muscle Milk, two of which feature Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry.

San Diego Zoo wants you to help save the northern white rhino

Last year, the San Diego Zoo's northern white rhino died, leaving just three left on the planet. M&C Saatchi LA used the rhino horns as an EKG to remind us all that time is almost out, but that we could help end extinction through conservation, not just of the northern white rhino but other animals too, if we go to to donate.

Now France will get Game of Thrones the same time America does

France has had it rough for years now because America had been getting all the cool stuff first. Sometimes they'd have to wait years before they'd get the cool stuff we had. Like Jeans and an electric guitar. In the case of cupcakes, they had to wait for sixty years. No joke. And don't even get them started on entertainment. When it comes to our TV, they often have to wait an entire season before they get to catch up. Until now! Game of Thrones, season six, will air at the exact same time it airs in America, April 25th, at three in the morning France time.

The National Park Service is turning 100

Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks! Want more info? Go to Find Your Park and find one of your own. Then go there and sing Happy Birthday to it..