Adland's Radio ads


Matteo's Pizza - Pizza Report (2005) :60 (USA)

Music & audio produced by: Scott W. Hallgren, Scootman Music Productions

Client: Cooper Orthodontics

Agency: ELH Advertising (defunct)


Coates Hire - Loo, Digger, Air, light - radio :30 Australia

To reinforce Coates' position as the 'experts in equipment hire' these radio ads play out scenarios were people have the wrong equipment. Like candles instead of real lights.

Client: Coates Hire
Agency: Ideaworks, Sydney
Production Company: Stellar
Creative Director: Paul Knights
Assoc Creative Director: James Gali Barrow
Copywriters: Paul Knights; Tom Russell, James Gali Barrow (also AD)
Agency Producer: Norma Johns


Birmingham Area Quizno's -Tailgate / Stimulus Sundays

a local Quizno's Sub franchise owner was looking for something to promote their Sunday incentives. And, as is the case with most "mom and pop" local/direct, it had to be done YESTERDAY.

TALENT: Bruce Martin


Moulinex Blender – Radio 'Mix' 09/2009 - BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel


Briefed with positioning the Moulinex Blender as 'the best food processor in the world',
and with a limited media budget, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created a unique radio campaign - specially 'mixed' by the advertised product.


Ad agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel
Chief creative officer: Yoram Levi

Creative director: Ben Sever

Scriptwriters: Ben Sever, Guy Gordon

Account director: Yael Ron

Account supervisor: Shlomit Kloger

Aired: September 2009, Tel Aviv


"Monster Truck High Church Liturgy" St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

This started out as a joke. It was intended to be a parody, done in jest as a present for a local Episcopal Church that brands itself as the only Anglo-Catholic High Church parish in the Diocese of Alabama.

It went viral, both on the internet and radio.

Writer, producer, and voice talent: Mike McKenzie


Dad's Barbeque

Writer and producer: Mike McKenzie
voice talents: Mike McKenzie
Lauren Belcher


A message from Yuri

"YURI SAYS!" messages are placed throughout the website, with the top 10 messages on the Facebook site. Yuri is voice acted by Canadian comedic actor, Christian Potenza (6Teen, Total Drama Island) who will be adding new messages throughout the coming months and updating Yuri's Twitter account at


ZSL London Zoo - The Animals (2009) 30" (UK)

Last Thursday, 17th Sept, saw victory for Candle at the Radio Advertising Awards with their music and sound design commercial for London Zoo.

The making of the commercial (shortly available as a "making of" DVD) shows how difficult it was to produce. ZSL London Zoo was closed to the public for the day as all the groups of animals were meticulously rehearsed to sing their parts in The Animals Went In Two By Two. Charlie conducted while Ben prompted them with their lines & made sure that all the recording levels were correct - a tricky task with so many creatures of different size and volume.

Sadly, some animals were unable to make the final mix as they had been eaten by other members of the choir. I think you'll agree that their sacrifice has not been in vain.

Commercials: - Cubs / Parking / Hip-Hop - (2009) :30 (USA)

ChicagoNow is a network of more than 70 blogs on a wide range of topics that reflect Chicagoans’ passions – from politics and sports to fashion and sex. Bloggers include former White Sox pitcher Jack McDowell, Miss Illinois 2009 Ashley Bond, auctioneer Leslie Hindman, socialite Candance Jordan and more. The site offers a unique platform for Chicagoans to weigh in on the city’s hot topics. These three radio spots are part of a larger campaign.


Ray Ban - Never Hide / SqueakE Clean N.A.S.A - :70 (USA)

This is the soundtrack for Ray-Ban - Never Hide (filmed at SXSW )

Earlier this year Ray-Ban had a "Never Hide" booth at the 2009 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, where close to a thousand people were able to get in the booth and record 20 seconds of whatever they wanted. We then took the 800+ video clips and gave them to SqueakE Clean (the hot DJ duo otherwise knows as N.A.S.A who just released their first CD a few months ago with Kanye).


Tigo - How many times do you say "Hello" - (2009) :40 (Ghana)

Hello? Hello? Hellooo? A classic radio ad idea demonstrating bad telephone networks from Ghana.

Client: Millicom / Tigo

Ad Agency: Creative Eye, Ghana
Production Company: TRAP studios

Kwang Lee - Executive Creative Director
Drangu Liviu - Creative Director
Victor Acquaah - Copywriter



*cannes radio shortlist 2009

Advertised brand: TEFAL BY NEWPAN
Advert title(s): HEATS UP IN 3 SECONDS
Chief Creative Officer : Yoram Levi
Creative Director: Ben Sever / Ad Noy
Scriptwriter: Amrel Shoshani / Rani Tzalach / ben sever
Other additional credits:
Account Supervisor: Shlomit Kloger


Just For Laughs Festival - Shower / Meditation / Family Reunion / Cops - :30 (USA)

The Just for Laughs festivals, which are held each year in Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and Nantes, France and feature performers like Ellen DeGeneres and Martin Short. Zig recently worked on a campaign for the Toronto Just For Laughs Festival, which will be held July 15 – 19, 2009 - and this is the radio campaign.


Lemsip - Quick worker - Beer / Datsun / Council Worker - :30 - (Australia)

My personal fave - beer.

Client: Lemsip - Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: EURO RSCG Sydney
Rowan Dean (Executive Creative Director)
Patrycja Lukjanow (Art Director)
John Gault (Copywriter)


Freddie Laker - Sapient - re "Best job n the world"

This belongs to the interview with Freddie Laker at the Cannes Lions 2009 Freddie Laker - Sapient - Spontanious combustion & Coke Vending machines

"If it won a grand prix tonight, I'd probably spontaneously combust".


King Cereal Soup - Soup Base- (2009) :30 (New Zealand)

ad agency : Blackwood Communications Group
Production Company : Harmonic Studios
Peter Hobbs - Harmonic Studios : Music + Sound Production
James Blackwood : Executive Creative Director
Phil Parsonage : Copywriter


Bud Light - Heston - Self Discovery/Personal Triumph (USA) 0:60

Another Bud Light radio ad starring Charlton Heston that aired prior to the Real American Heroes campaign. USA


Eatalica Italian Food

Client: Eatalica - Itlalian / American Restaurant
Ad agency: 1pointsize
Executive Creative Director: Sharad Haksar
Creative Director: Anantha Narayan
Copywriter: Prakash
Producer: Jai & Arvind
Country : India


ANZ - Mummies, Can't Wait, Copyright - (2008) 3 x :30 (Australia)

M&C Saatchi Melbourne states that ANZ, as 10-time Home Lender of the Year, will make sure that you don't get your mortgage wrong. See also the ANZ - Spelling Bee- (2008) :30 (Australia) commercial that goes with it.

Steve Crawford : Creative Director
Doogie Chapman : Creatives
Sandra Galiazzo : Creatives
Karen Muxworthy : Agency Producer
Risk Sound, Melbourne
Sound Engineer - Dylan Stephens


Gulfpower - Change Will Do Us Good - (2008) :60 (USA)

Produced by: Luckie & Company
Media planning and implementation: Luckie & Company