Adland's Radio ads


Just For Laughs Festival - Shower / Meditation / Family Reunion / Cops - :30 (USA)

The Just for Laughs festivals, which are held each year in Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and Nantes, France and feature performers like Ellen DeGeneres and Martin Short. Zig recently worked on a campaign for the Toronto Just For Laughs Festival, which will be held July 15 – 19, 2009 - and this is the radio campaign.


Lemsip - Quick worker - Beer / Datsun / Council Worker - :30 - (Australia)

My personal fave - beer.

Client: Lemsip - Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: EURO RSCG Sydney
Rowan Dean (Executive Creative Director)
Patrycja Lukjanow (Art Director)
John Gault (Copywriter)


Freddie Laker - Sapient - re "Best job n the world"

This belongs to the interview with Freddie Laker at the Cannes Lions 2009 Freddie Laker - Sapient - Spontanious combustion & Coke Vending machines

"If it won a grand prix tonight, I'd probably spontaneously combust".


King Cereal Soup - Soup Base- (2009) :30 (New Zealand)

ad agency : Blackwood Communications Group
Production Company : Harmonic Studios
Peter Hobbs - Harmonic Studios : Music + Sound Production
James Blackwood : Executive Creative Director
Phil Parsonage : Copywriter


Bud Light - Heston - Self Discovery/Personal Triumph (USA) 0:60

Another Bud Light radio ad starring Charlton Heston that aired prior to the Real American Heroes campaign. USA


Eatalica Italian Food

Client: Eatalica - Itlalian / American Restaurant
Ad agency: 1pointsize
Executive Creative Director: Sharad Haksar
Creative Director: Anantha Narayan
Copywriter: Prakash
Producer: Jai & Arvind
Country : India


ANZ - Mummies, Can't Wait, Copyright - (2008) 3 x :30 (Australia)

M&C Saatchi Melbourne states that ANZ, as 10-time Home Lender of the Year, will make sure that you don't get your mortgage wrong. See also the ANZ - Spelling Bee- (2008) :30 (Australia) commercial that goes with it.

Steve Crawford : Creative Director
Doogie Chapman : Creatives
Sandra Galiazzo : Creatives
Karen Muxworthy : Agency Producer
Risk Sound, Melbourne
Sound Engineer - Dylan Stephens


Gulfpower - Change Will Do Us Good - (2008) :60 (USA)

Produced by: Luckie & Company
Media planning and implementation: Luckie & Company


National Foundation for the Deaf - Dance party / Concert - (2008) :30 (New Zealand)

DDB New Zealand needed to raise awareness among young people what prolonged exposure to loud music will do to your hearing.

Toby Talbot : Executive Creative Director
Simon Vicars : Creative
Joe Hawkins : Creative
Dave Brady : Creative
Judy Thompson : Exec Agency Producer
Kim Baldwinson : Agency Producer
Production Company : Liquid Studios
Managing Partner - Scott Wallace
Account Executive - Brad Armstrong


5Alive! - "Dog", "Circus" & "Theme" (2008) 3 x 0:15 (Canada)

Client/Brand: Coca Cola – 5Alive
Script Title: ”Circus” “Dog” “Theme”
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto
Creative Team: Steve Persico
Creative Director: Judy John
Agency Producer: Tessa Waisglass
Facility House: KEEN music, Voice and Sound Design
Sound Engineer: Andrew McCready
Director: Thomas Neuspiel
Production Company: Problem Child Radio
Client: Coca Cola Canada
Voice Actor: Ali Rizvi & Benjamin Israel
Air Date: August 2008


Evergreen - "Trees" & "Pollution" (2008) 2 x 0:30 (Canada)

Client/Brand: Evergreen Foundation
Script Title: ”Polution” & "Trees"
Agency: Problem Child Radio
Creative Team: Thomas Neuspiel & Matt Syberg Olsen
Creative Director: Thomas Neuspiel
Agency Producer: Matt Redmond
Facility House: KEEN
Sound Engineer: Andrew McCready
Director: Kai Koschmider
Production Company: Problem Child Radio
Client – Name & Address Evergreen Foundation - Spadina Ave. Toronto
Voice Actor: Kyle MacDonald, Rob Greenway
Air Date: July 2008


Purell - "Dirty Doorknobs" (2008) 1:03 (Canada)

Client/Brand: Purell Hand Sanitizer
Script Title: ”Dirty Doorknobs”
Agency: J Walter Thompson Toronto
Creative Team: Andrew Shaddick & Winston Chan
Creative Director: Martin Shewchuck
Agency Producer: Daina Liepa
Facility House: Keen Music, Voice and Sound Design
Sound Engineer: Andrew McCready
Director: Thomas Neuspiel
Production Company: problem child radio
Client: Johnston & Johnston Canada
Voice Actor: Michael Copeman
Air Date: April 2008


Four'N Twenty Pies The Magic Salad Plate stories - Builder, Electrician , Plumber - (2008) :30 (Australia)

Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
James McGrath : Executive Creative Director
Ant Keogh : Creative Director
Julian Schreiber : Creative
TOM MARTIN : Creative
Sevda Cemo : Agency Producer
Director : Stevo Williams
Production Company : Flagstaff studios


Young Adults Institute - Brighter Futures Society / Evan, George, Rachel - (2008) :60 (USA)

These ads were designed to get young professionals in New York City to attend the YAI Charity Event. Ad agency:, New York City

Alec Brownstein : Creative Director/ AD / copywriter
Justin Racz : Copywriter
Joe Barone : Copywriter
Director : Alec Brownstein
Production Company : Bar1 New York


V Lemon Frucor - Change - (2008) :30 (New Zealand)

Colenso BBDO Auckland has launched a new flavour for V called V Lemon. Because people are different. Some people don't like to take orders, "others quite like married life".

Colenso BBDO, Auckland
David Liversidge : Editor
Nick Worthington : Executive Creative Director
Lisa Fedyszyn : Creative
Jonathan McMahon : Creative
Gemma Heyes : Agency Producer
Production Company : Liquid Studios
Group Account Director: Angela Watson
Account Director: Scott Coldham


Volkswagen Polo - Make some noise / I like it - (2008) :40 (South Africa)

Ogilvy, Cape Town remember the nineties - do you?

Chris Gotz : Executive Creative Director
Chris Gotz : Creative Director
Cuanan Cronwright & Jennifer Macfarlane : Copywriter
Johnine Hughes : Agency Producer
Director : Theo Crous & Cuanan Cronwright
Production Company : Bellville Studios & B&S


Deafness Forum of Australia - 'Podcast' - (2008) :25 (Australia)

This podcast ad from Colman Rasic Carrasco Sydney to promote Hearing Awareness Week 2008 ran only in ABC podcasts - however the ad was set at a much lower volume than the podcast so it could only be heard if the listener had the bad habit of listening to his headphones at a dangerous volume.

Alex Romans : Art Director / Copywriter
Nadia Ahmad : Art Director / Copywriter
Rebecca Carrasco : Executive Creative Director
Dejan Rasic : Executive Creative Director
Rene Shalala : Producer
Production Company : Sound Reservoir
Account Director - Ben Colman
Client Contact - Nicole Lawder


McDonald's - Massive McMuffin, Hot cakes and syrup, Double Bacon BBQ - (2008) :30 (New Zealand)

DDB New Zealand proves that McDonald's Breakfast Menu is always on yor mind with a few freudian slips.

Sound Engineer - Shane Taipari
Production Company: Soundtrax
Toby Talbot : Executive Creative Director
Pul Hankinson : Creative Group Head
Joe Hawkins : Creative
Dave Brady : Creative


TV3 - Silence / The Librarians - (2008) :30 (New Zealand)

The Librarians is a new show on TV3 New Zealand and this is how Colenso BBDO, Auckland chose to promote it.

Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Creative: Lisa Fedyszyn
Creative: Jonathan McMahon
Account Director: Karla Fisher
Account Manager: Lucy Pilkington
Account Executive: Virginia Frankovich


AT&T - Music Fan - (2008) :60 (USA)

Agency: BBDO Atlanta/New York, USA
Joe Schrack (Creative Director)
Evan Brown (Copywriter)
Chris Cassar (Agency Producer)
Joe Barone (Director)
Tim Leitner (Engineer)
Bar 1 (Production Company)
Bootsy Collins (Music/VO)