Ambient & Guerrilla


Ambient or Guerilla ads


Reekbok wants you to stop using the wrong shoes at the gym

Running shoes are great for treadmills, but when it comes to everything else in the gym they are definitely the wrong shoe. Stability is key. To get people to understand this, Animal Stockholm created Workout TR 2.0.


JCDecaux wants smokers to see the damage inside

JCDecaux, UM and the Cancer Institute NSW created some innovative advertising in an attempt to get smokers to quit once and for all.


Dignity Institute, talking bones DM images

While you can watch the case study explanation of the "talking bones" campaign here, the x-ray records need to be seen on their own. The x-rays are of Arta, Adnan and Fideles bones, revealing the torture that their bodies have suffered through.


Wunderman Creative Director creates baby case study to announce paternity leave

As a Creative Director, taking even a day off seems like it's impossible as you'd be asked for input on things, emailed, called up and texted either way. So what do you do when you need to be out of the office for a month? Well, since it's the Creative Director of Wunderman Portugal, Luís Coelho paternity leave, he had a creative solution to explaining his absence.


Café Pelé's coffee is so fresh they packed it in the daily newspaper

To show that your product is packed every day and is so fresh Café Pelé had a brilliant idea, they simply packed their coffee in the daily newspaper.


Helsinki Region transport want you to go west!

Helsinki metro's western extension is going to open in August of this year. Helsinki Region Transport wanted to send a ’save the date’ message. So they created a campaign that is visually centered around the M symbol in orange, which is the color of Helsinki Metro. Simple, and to the point.


SOFI: The ad campaign that launches the 'beginning of a bankless world'

Bankless world? Yes, SoFi, is a leader in marketplace lending and the largest provider of student loan refinancing, and they want you to see a brighter future. With MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER they created this campaign, projected onto bankings old buildings, to show you the light. Insert visual pun here.


Arla drops some massive cheese in Helsinki

Playing off it's recent campaign of big flavor, Arla dropped an installation, literally, around Helsinki. I'm sure that turned some heads.


Kymco - "In case of emergency break glass" scooter billboard

In the middle of 2015, Tel Avivians were surprised to find out their lives were about to change due to the start of the light train constructions.


Under Amour brings Rugby to the Thames

Under Armour and Amsterdam agency WE ARE Pi launched its nationwide campaign for Underarmour, on a boat on the River Thames.