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Ambient or Guerilla ads


Kymco - "In case of emergency break glass" scooter billboard

In the middle of 2015, Tel Avivians were surprised to find out their lives were about to change due to the start of the light train constructions.


Under Amour brings Rugby to the Thames

Under Armour and Amsterdam agency WE ARE Pi launched its nationwide campaign for Underarmour, on a boat on the River Thames.


Wrangler, or Wrongler. Your choice.

Amsterdam shop WE ARE Pi teases Wrangler Europe's Fall/Winter 2015 line with these social and OOH campaign. Basically there's the Wrangler way and the Wrongler way. You know-traveler not a tourist, sexy not slobby, slow cooker, not microwaver, off the beaten path not tried and true, outdoorsy, not city boy, etc.


Introducing BEARDSURANCE by BrokerLink

Some say that a man’s best friend is his dog, you know better. In all your wisdom, you know there’s none more loyal than a man’s beard. The same beard that kept you warm during the polar vortex. The same beard that earned you countless right swipes on tinder. And the same beard that had your back at numerous dinners, when your food didn’t quite make it to your mouth.


Ariel takes the stain out of just about anything

When it comes to stains, grass and mud are some of the hardest to get out. Only thing harder is the stain on someone's reputation. Just as Luis Sanchez, who was suspended for nine matches and banned for four months during last year's FIFA World Cup.


Hey, Jersey: PartyPoker wants you to start playing.

PartyPoker has an app that you can download to play online poker and casino games on the go. Tribal NY created these out of home ads to promote the app in New Jersey, where online gambling recently became legal.


Migdal Insurance provides for all kinds of work injuries.

A little World Cup-themed ad for Migdal Insurance company. Injured at work? Yikes. The one nice thing about Suarez this past World Cup is that his bite the gift that keeps on giving.


Brazilian ad agency wants to change the subject

No more world cup talk. This ad for VW Golf shows that Brazilians may have lost the cup but they kept their sense of humor..
And hey--at least they didn't use a poor choice of words like VW USA.


DDB Canada designs some great posters for their Netflix campaign

You gotta get it to get it. The only one Id din't 'get' was Life of Pi because I didn't see it. That movie looked like it sucked. Either way, love the design of these.


Mutato sums up Brazil's loss in one social post for Coke.

After Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany, Mutato pushed out this Coke social post. Not much else to say. Choooooooooke.