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Fill-In-The-Blank Napkins For 3 Bar and Grill

So you wake up Sunday morning, and see the contents of last night's pants
pockets strewn about - keys, a piece of lint, wallet, 37 cents in
change, and a crumpled napkin with a scrawled phone number on it.
Whose number is that? Where were you? You have no clue. Don't you hate
when that happens? If you'd gone to 3 Bar and Grill in Arlington, VA,
you wouldn't have to ask these questions. These handy napkins come
already printed with space for a name and phone number, and tell you
exactly where the encounter happened. So no matter how fuzzy your
memories of the night before, it's all right there for you, courtesy
of 3 Bar and Grill.

Salvation Army - This Campaign Cost Nothing

Salvation Army - This Campaign Cost Nothing

The Salvation Army worked with The VIA Group to launch a Guerilla-style marketing campaign that leveraged the strong community in Portland, ME and brought awareness to their organization and the amazing services they bring to Mainers in need. The campaign cost nothing, enabling the Salvation Army to make a bigger impact.


Alfa Romeo, with a price so small it fits in a shopping trolley....

You recall the price-dumping Alfa Romeo is doing which Duval Guillaume Antwerp decided to advertise on the lowest place on earth with an underwater billboard, right?

Duval Guillaume are now sticking full cars into shopping trolleys to get attention. Lets hope it's not one of those trolleys with a dud wheel, that car looks like it's about to fall over any second now anyway. ;)

Here is our blood

Here is our blood

Here is our blood.

Elmex toothpaste bowling ball

Dude, where are the holes?

Elmex wanted to promote their anti-cavities toothpaste, under the tagline “Helps prevent cavities” and asked them to find a surprising way to expose it. They collaborated with Israel’s largest bowling chain with branches in all major cities in the country. 140 bowling balls with no holes were randomly mixed with the regular balls on all the bowling lanes. 3 round stickers designed to look like the holes on the bowling ball were placed where the holes should have been. The stickers carried the message “Elmex – Helps prevent cavities”. The campaign was launched on December 2009 (peak holiday season in Israel) and is still running.

Shape your body: Woman
Shape your body: Man

Shape your body: Woman | Man -Clay poster, Brazil

Advertised brand: FORMA TOTAL GYM
Advert title(s): Shape your body: Man, Woman
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Agency website:
Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena


HOT magnetic billboard

Take the stars home with you


MUST Long Last gum

Client: Elite

The Brand: MUST Long Last

The Product: Chewing gum

Copy: For Sale! MUST Long Last chewing gum.
Like new, chewed for only two hours. Phone 050-7339206

Title: MUST Long Last gum

Garbage Can Review

JAR israel - Trash Can Reviews - ambient, Israel. wanted to draw attention to the fact that too many people are eating on the street. So they did "trash can reviews" in the same way a food connoisseur writes a restaurant review. "Despite the perfect location, near quite a few restaurants, it was quite disappointing.

Unicef Toy Soldiers row
Unicef Toy Soldiers Bag
Unicef Toy Soldiers standing

Unicef - Toy Soldiers - DM South Africa

Y&R South Africa created a bag of playing children in classic toy soldier green plastic. I like it.

The challenge
The African continent has the world’s highest number of child soldiers, fighting in wars they don’t believe in, for causes they don’t understand. UNICEF extract many of these children from combat and reintegrate them into society. Y&R Johannesburg's aim was to rally support for this programme.
The Solution
Sending out a direct mailer that garners support for UNICEF’s child soldier programme. Initially, the mailer appears to be a typical packet of toy soldiers, but once opened, the recipient finds that the figurines are in fact children - reading books, playing soccer, riding bikes and doing other childhood activities.