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Ambient or Guerilla ads


Parissa Wax Strips - Backvertising - ambient Canada

Move over assvertising, spankvertising, headvertising and pregverts and all those other body parts that we've used for advertising before - here comes backvertising, waxing in a message into a hairy back to demonstrate the effectiveness of those wax strips. I feel sorry for the poor dude. Rethink Vancouver tortured the fella and sent him out on the beaches to show the results. (and demonstrate the product on the brave)

Clash in action
The Clash

Rock and Fish - ambient photo op stands - Norway

Tank Design had some fun doing this for the client "Eksportutvalget For Fisk" (the wikipedia calls them world largest common cause advertising group, whose mission is to tout the goodness of Norwegian fish around the world)

In the setting of a outdoor summer music festival, specifically Bukta open air festival, they built these "your face here" photo stands, showing rock & fish with the URL godfisk.no on them, where festival goers could pose in their favorite iconic LP-cover. With fish. The Clash cover there cracks me up.

Homepro saved
Home poster
Homepro saved

HomePro - We've saved a lot on this poster" - Thailand

I'm not saying it's terrible, it's just that the "we saved money recycling X when creating a poster"-idea is getting so common the differentiating factor is all in the execution these days. We've seen Willy:s supermarket in Sweden re-run ads from the seventies beacuse "they always lower prices so why create a new ad every time" (which was such a long-winded line the ad pretty much sucked), we've seen Vintage clothing shops re-run old fashion ads with "now available at " at least ten times since the mid-nineties.

Don't mind me, I guess I'm just cranky. Not sure what Homepro does either, since they're using moving boxes, are they selling homes? In that case, the boxes are a nice touch.

man trap

Random House - Man Trap - ambient, New Zealand

Girlfriend. Random house has published a step-by-step guide that helps you get the man you want - 150 ideas for dates, conversation and fun. You can diet, wax and workout. You can be the perfect date. You can learn all about how men work, what they are looking for in a relationship, and how to make sure the man you want sees you.


The Last Call Silent Disco

100 people from across Europe competing in a 24-hour silent disco, as part of a campaign to promote the new Samsung BEAT DJ mobile phone.

From 6pm 7th July, contestants will begin listening to music on their BEAT DJ phones, and will attempt to continue dancing until 6pm 8th July.


VICTORINOX pocket knife, farmer field advertising

This illustration of a Victorinox pocket knife, covering an area of about 22,000 m² replaced the grain, corn or rapeseed that normally would have grown there and acted as a giant billboard for Victorinox in both the summer of 2008 and the summer of 2009. The field was located under Zurich Airport’s approach corridor near Stadel, Canton Zurich.


Econorexia.com - how fast can you save the economy?


Screenshot of the only online game that lets you save the economy (virtually).
What do you think of it? (looking for comments, criticism, viral spreading)

Created this one just for fun, as an outlet for my frustration with the economy, and for everyone else who is too.


Burger King - The smell of seduction with a hint of flame-grilled beef perfume

Burger King has released a fragrance, possibly the first with a hint of flame-grilled beef, and with the launch they have undressed Piers Morgan. Yep.


Your momma.

With Mother's Day now behind us, we can look back at yet another year of touching and/or sentimental blah blah mom blah blah does so much blah blah thank her blah blah buy our product for her blah blah.

Thankfully, somebody decided to take a road a wee less traveled. Surprisingly, it was for Denny's.


Substral Fertilizer - Tree Poster Adshel , print, Denmark

There are no boring clients, only boring ideas. When Bark Copenhagen had to come up with a campaign for something as drab as Substral Fertilizer, the idea grew to big to be tagged simply "press & poster" even though it is a regular adshel. Check it out inside. (Quicktime movie)