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CNCF - Street kids feed on garbage - guerrilla, China

Vietnam and Mongolia both face a serious problem with street kids, "Images of them scavenging through garbage for sustenance can be seen everywhere" the release says. Now, I reckon that you'd simply see street kids digging for food in the garbage, but they get images too.

Their advertising solution: make garbage bags shaped like little kids and drop them around garbage bins, with the line Street kids feed on garbage every day this was signed off with "make a difference" to urge donations to the

CNCF is the Christina Nobel Children's Foundation - it is "dedicated to helping children in need with education, medical care, social opportunities, and job placement. All of this is done with love, dignity and respect for each child as an individual." Operating mainly in Vietnam and Mongolia.

Created by Leo Burnett, Hong Kong (this is why the ad is listed as "China" even though it does not appear in China).
Connie Lo, Brian Ma, Alfred Wong : Creative Director
Brian Ma, Leo Yeung, Martin Tong : Art Director
Joey Chung, Alfred Wong : Copywriter
Bag design: Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay, Raw-Edges Design Studio

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Swedish cartoons become stamps in conjunction with Comic-Con at Bokmässan

Every year there's a book-trade fair (or Book-con if you will) in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year the Swedish post are launching stamps with Swedish cartoon characters on them in conjunction with the trade fair.

Eight toons were honored with their own stamps and Miami ad agency conceived of non traditional ad channels to get the word out. Since the client is the Swedish post, street arting the mailboxes with the characters was a given. Aside from invading mailboxes a la street-art, the toons were also spotted running off the funny pages and people wearing sandwich-board stamps patrolled the city of Gothenburg. (inside)

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Offsetters - Stop Global Warming / Flood city - guerrilla, Canada

Life boats hanging off buildings? Life vests under park benches? Life guards on duty in the middle of city streets? Yeah, Rethink Vancouver are at it.

To demonstrate the impact global warming will have on our cities, Rethink Communications Vancouver suspended lifeboats high above downtown streets. Printed on the bottom of the boats was the line “Stop Global Warming” and our client’s website, Other elements in the stunt included a lifeguard blocks up from the water and bus benches with life preservers underneath.

Offsetters helps companies and individuals offset their carbon dioxide emissions. More images inside.

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Belgian Burn Wound Center - Burning man - guerilla, Belgium

Problem: Belgian burn wound centers get an alarming increase of victims during the summer - all due to BBQ accidents.
Solution: Saturday the 14th of September the World Championship Barbeque was held in Belgium, while expecting 20000 visitors more than 30000 BBQ fanatics showed up. On that day the Belgian Burn Wound Center presented "the burning man" - a real man who was on fire walking around handing out leaflets on how to avoid BBQ accidents and how to perform first aid on burn victims.
Result The stunt got mass coverage in press and media, continuing to inform the public of the dangers with barbequeing. The website for Belgian Burn Wound Center got a increased hit-count and finacial donations to the burn center have risen considerably.

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Milky Way - "Caramel Stretch Campaign", Movie Theater Line Barrier, Seat belt, Conveyer belt - ambient USA

Remember the Milky Way conveyer belt I posted 09/04/2008? There's more to that campaign, check out the Movie Theater Line Barrier, seat belt and bonus film of the conveyer belt inside.
(I like it, but then I'm a sucker for chewy caramel).

Art Directors: Scott Kaplan, Tom Kraemer
Copywriters: Tom Kraemer, Scott Kaplan
Creative Directors: Scott Kaplan, Tom Kraemer
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce

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401k Squared - "Fish Bowl" direct mail (with live fish!) - USA

Oh my, it looks as if we'll soon need to start a decent tag for DM work as we're getting more and more creative examples. Like this one for 401k Squared which had a live fish inside! Created by LeeReedy they explain:

401(k) Squared, a small company that specializes full-time in 401k plan development, asked LeeReedy to get a big bang out of their modest direct mail budget. On the whole, the marketing done by companies in the financial services industry is safe, corporate and forgettable. We went in the opposite direction — developing a direct mail piece that featured a live fish inside a box adorned with messaging. The concept? "If someone's not watching over your 401(k), it won't thrive either."

Check out the pretty pictures of this DM piece inside, folks.

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CFRB 1010 Gets People Talking - Panhandlers, fly posters, bike posters, art or vandalism - guerrilla, Canada

I should have posted this ages ago and I have no good excuse except - holy crap I need a bunch of interns or something - you try to keep track of a full time art director gig, offspring, and this site lets see you remember all the posts you need to make in a day. Hehe. I need to stock up on NoDoz.

So my apologies to zig, Toronto, who sent me this campaign. This one amuses me - ads questioning ads, on top of a bunch of ads - can you get more meta-ironic? My favorite execution is the poster plastered on a wall mural asking if it's art or vandalism.

Zig says: "zig took what could be a simple OOH project to the streets of Toronto, posing provocative questions that are at the core of CFRB’s talk radio not only on billboards and TSAs, but also in the hands of panhandlers, on bike racks, on the sidewalk, plastered over advertisements, etc. The best way to explain it is, of course, visually."

Inside you'll see plenty of guerilla executions that appear everywhere from bike racks to the laps of panhandlers, CFRB 1010, an Astral Media Radio Inc. affiliate really want to get people talking.

“CFRB is talk radio; the place where today’s hotbutton issues are discussed, whether they are light and tongue-in-cheek or downright serious,” said Pat Holiday, Vice President and General Manager, Toronto, for Astral Media Radio, Inc. “It’s important that Torontonians start talking about real social issues again, and our station provides the perfect platform for people with opinions.”

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Blue Shield - "Uncovered (statues) - Guerrilla, USA

"Uncovered", a statue display "depicting naked humans in vulnerable positions" is meant to bring attention to California’s 6.7 million uninsured residents. Up to 40 statues were on display at an event last Friday advocating universal healthcare coverage in Los Angeles with Blue Shield of California CEO Bruce Bodaken and former Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Janet Evans.

Taxi New York came up with the idea, while Daniel Stocks created the sculptures.

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Centraal Beheer - Abyss in the mall floor - Guerilla, The Netherlands

Oh bless, we've been fans of Julian Beever since at least 2004 (see 3D street chalk art used for ads.) and now he gets to show off his mad skills of anamorphic illusions for Central Beheer in a Rotterdam mall. Accidents can happen anywhere, you know. I love that Julian sneaked a self-portrait into this as well, that's him with his trademark baseball cap hanging on for dear life..

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Greenpeace - Squirrel - print, Romania

Scala JWT, Bucharest are back again with another ad promoting the use of energy saving economic light bulbs (their previous light bulb bugs are seen here). Being kind to the animals on the planet is a nice idea, but will that alone change peoples habits?
My man has been stockpiling and sneakily replacing all bulbs in the house with economic light bulbs for years - and not because he's an animal loving hippie or worries that much about his carbon footprint. Nope. He's doing it because he's a cheap lazy guy who wants smaller bills and less changing of all the hard to reach light bulbs in our super-high ceilings. Just once, I'd like to see a campaign appeal to guys like him, showing dusty ladders and tiny electric bills.

Since he's in control of the bulbs in the house, we've already changed - but if you wanted to make me do it all you'd have to do is create an economical bulb that had the right color light. Us insomniac artist get right picky with the color of light and the only room in the house with old fashioned bulbs is my office. Yes I'm bad. Spank me.


Angela Teodorescu : Creative Catalyst
Andrei Orcula : Photographer
Mihai Cojocaru : Creative Director
Andreea Dragomir : Copywriter
Bogdan Danailescu, Virgiliu Andone : Art Director

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