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Ambient or Guerilla ads


3M Scotch Brite - Wash basin - ambient, Thailand

To demonstrate the super absorbance of 3M Scotch Brite sponges Y&R Bangkok attached some to drinking fountains ensuring that every drop spilled was soaked up.


"We wanted to find a novel way to demonstrate Scotch-Brite super absorbant sponge to our customers. We attached to sponge to water taps that are found all over the city. Whenever the tap was used, teh consumer saw a clear ad effective demonstration of it's superb absorbency. This created a buzz in the city and the clients saw an increase in awareness & sales."



Ad agency: Y&R Bangkok
Pornchai Wongki-La : Photographer
Trong Tantivejakul : Executive Creative Director
Jittra Thiutipsakul : Copywriter
Nares Limapornvanich : Art Director

Commercials: - "Post-Box Waterfall" - ambient, USA

I haven't seen a mailbox this clever since those R2-D2 mailboxes invaded the USA - KNARF New York used the blue curved mailboxes as media space for the Niagara Falls tourism posters for


Colgate - Don't forget to brush - Ambient, Thailand

I need to totally nick this idea. Y&R Bangkok helps Colgate remind kids to brush their teeth after eating sweets with this toothbrush shaped popsicle stick. Brilliant!


Publicis Vancouver - food bank greeting cards - self-promo, Canada

During the recent holiday season, Publicis Vancouver - inspired by the recent economic recession - opted for a contribution to the local food bank on behalf of their clients. In lieu of a traditional holiday card, paper plates were sent to clients informing them of the donation made. The response was overwhelming and received much praise, including an on-air mention from a local radio station. We bought 7-inch paper plates from a grocery store nearby and put food-shaped stickers on top of each plates by hands.

More plates and credits inside.


Sharad Haksar - Camera Lens Calender - DM, India

My Significant Other is a photographer, so when his birthday was coming up I spent a silly amount of time trying to make a camera-lens travel-mug for him to drag his coffee around in. I failed, my welding skills aren't what they used to be and I never did look as cool as Jennifer Beals doing it.

So when this popped into the submission box I mentally high-fived art director Sharad Haksar and Creative Director Anantha Narayan of 1pointsize for coming up with the world's first camera lens calendar. I want this! Click on the image to enlarge it and view the details better.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Key international clients of photographer Sharad Haksar
THE BACKGROUND: Clients receive a lot of desktop calendars as corporate gifts. To stand out from the clutter, the calendar had to be something they've never seen before.
THE OBJECTIVE: To create an innovative calendar that strengthens Sharad Haksar's equity of being a creative photographer.
SOLUTION: The Camera Lens is the most visible sign of a professional photographer. So we designed a long-life desktop calendar that looks like a camera lens. We used the focus, shutter speed and aperture rings to cue the year, month and date. And we sculpted the calendar from a single block of Aluminum.
THE RESULT: a stunning looking calendar displaying dates from 2008 to 2032. And weighing above 4 Kgs.


MASSAD - Spankvertising - ambient, The Netherlands

Branded ass? Sure, with spank-vertising. anything is possible.

Directdaily tips us to this gem in targeted advertising. The crazier what you sell is, the crazier you can make your ad. When talking to a very narrow target like a group of sadomasochistic fetishists it makes total sense to get a branded spank paddle and slap your clients logo onto a ladies red cheeks. Move over assvertising, we have now entered the era of "spankvertising".

See full image inside where the Dutch porn actress Sofia Valentine demonstrates how the whip was employed when she advertised the fetish magazine MASSAD during S & M fetish parties in Amsterdam.


Restaurant Freud - 'Warning', there's an an ex-psychiatric patient in this hood - guerrilla, The Netherlands

I'll let the creative team explain this one;

revita escalator

Revita Beauty Centre - Shiatzu / Relax - escalator ad, Brazil

Well, we've seen quite a few escalator ads at this point (*linkies) - and some do better than others. This is not one of my favorites, I think I'd find it a little creepy walking on someone - people do avoid that if they can, a phenomena already mentioned in the comments to the Juicy Hair Salon ad.


Kids Day "Vandalized Computer Monitors" - ambient, USA

Back in August 2007, the creative team Frank Anselmo & Jayson Atienza at BBDO New York pulled a massive prank, where they gained access to the building before office hours, and "vandalized" over 500 shiny new iMac screens. Oh I would have loved to see peoples reactions. :))

Everyone in the company came into work to find their computer monitors vandalized with crayon scribbles.
To promote "Bring Your Kids To Work Day," childlike art was hand-drawn on acetate sheets, which were trimmed to fit the screens. Building security secretly unlocked over 500 offices the night before so the acetate sheets could be affixed to everyone's computer monitor.

Link to larger image here


Rodney District Council - Haunting Girl - Ambient, New Zealand

Speed around schools has always been a huge issue in the Rodney district. So to get people to slow down Colenso BBDO, Auckland created a poignant campaign that would get people thinking about how it would feel to kill a child. To launch the campaign they plastered the whole district with images of a haunting little girl. For two weeks people saw the mysterious girl on walls, poles, around schools, shopping malls, parks, road sides, etc. Then during week three of the campaign we placed a sticker over the girl revealing the line, "The kids you kill never leave you".

Link to larger "Haunting girl" image
Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland