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Just what political ads need, decorative flags in dogshit. Obama Presidential Campaign.

You old gray ad-silverbacks (gasp, like me) with a longer advertising memory than five minutes will know that yes indeedy, the flags-in-dogpoop advertising media has been around for at least ten years. Kesselskramer did it back in the 90s, Miami did it a few years ago, and countless student portfolios have had dog-shit-flag ideas in them forever. We've been mocking the dog-poop-flags here since at least the year 2k (see last image).

But have you seen it applied to political advertising before? Thought not. Here are some flags likening McCain's promises to dog poop.

Granite Pass is a fan of Barack Obama and so, in true election advertising style, they threw some shit at McCain. Toothpick flags were used on sidewalk dog poop. See more at http://flickr.com/photos/31219120@N03/

I'm not sure it's helping Obama much.

ad agency: Granite Pass
Credits - Greg Beauchamp : Creative Director


TV3 "Wipe out" - Dryer stickers - ambient, New Zealand

Colenso BBDO, Auckland are having too much fun with their TV show promoting again! This time, they placed
stickers inside laundromat dryers "to give people something to look at while they waited for their washing to dry" to advertise the show "Wipeout". Funny.

Nick Worthington : Executive Creative Director
Karl W. Fleet : Deputy Creative Director
Alexander Bartleet : Creative
Daniel Nelson : Copywriter / Art Director
Account Director: Karla Fisher
Account Executive: Virginia Frankovich


Californication on Network Ten - 100% Off - ambient, Australia

Marketforce, Perth are being quite funny as they hijack some shop-windows to advertise the sexy show Californication.


Adidas - Together as one / Parade - Guerrilla, China

OMG! Watch out! It's the eight-headed man! TBWA\TEQUILA in Hong Kong created this kind of creepy "as one" shirt that engulfed an entire team, it was eight jerseys stitched together so that the standing shoulder to shoulder idea was dramatized quite literally. The two teams then "paraded" in two of the highest trafficked pedestrian streets in Hong Kong, and got a lot of press attention.


SBS Top Gear Australia - Free Parking / Street Ramps - guerrilla, Australia

Unsuspecting communters who parked their cars Melbourne’s central business district found themselves in the middle of an elaborate stunt, created by RazorJunior. Check out a film and more photographs inside.


The World Class Health Academy Surprise Ad

For the launch of World Class new flagship gym in Stockholm, caricature artists were put on strategic places via Le Bureau Stockholm, making free portraits of Saturday strollers. Unsuspectingly they received a personal hand drawn ad with an opening offer and themselves made as fit body builders. World Class gave you the ad that you save, show your friends and put up on your wall.


Cadbury Schweppes Spring Valley Smart Water - Smart Water Bar - guerrilla, Australia

"With a 2:00am lockout trial in force in Melbourne and the government accusing clubs of promoting binge drinking, we recognized and opportunity to help launch Spring Valley's new range of vitamin-infused mineral waters with an ambient idea like no other. We opened Australia's first "water only" bar. The smart water bar."

Ad agency: Lifelounge, Melbourne
Yolanda Collins : Designer


CNCF - Street kids feed on garbage - guerrilla, China

Vietnam and Mongolia both face a serious problem with street kids, "Images of them scavenging through garbage for sustenance can be seen everywhere" the release says. Now, I reckon that you'd simply see street kids digging for food in the garbage, but they get images too.


Swedish cartoons become stamps in conjunction with Comic-Con at Bokmässan

Every year there's a book-trade fair (or Book-con if you will) in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year the Swedish post are launching stamps with Swedish cartoon characters on them in conjunction with the trade fair.

Eight toons were honored with their own stamps and Miami ad agency conceived of non traditional ad channels to get the word out. Since the client is the Swedish post, street arting the mailboxes with the characters was a given. Aside from invading mailboxes a la street-art, the toons were also spotted running off the funny pages and people wearing sandwich-board stamps patrolled the city of Gothenburg. (inside)


Offsetters - Stop Global Warming / Flood city - guerrilla, Canada

Life boats hanging off buildings? Life vests under park benches? Life guards on duty in the middle of city streets? Yeah, Rethink Vancouver are at it.