Ambient & Guerrilla


Ambient or Guerilla ads


CLASSIC Fitness Centre, Bangalore, India - DM Belt

Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Copywriter: Dominic Satur
Headline: JOIN. And it will fit in just two months!


Allan Gray Graduate Recruitment - Paper Ties - ambient, South Africa

King James Cape Town sent out a crew to give away these free flyers that doubled as ties to students who might need a tie when applying for a job at Allan Grey.


TV3 - Wipeout / Spin - ambient billboard, New Zealand


Colenso BBDO, Auckland are having some more ambient fun whilst promoting TV3s shows - this time it's Wipeout "a game-show where people get hurt, a lot". The billboard with dummies strewn about around it demonstrates what to expect.
Nick Worthington : Executive Creative Director
Karl Fleet : Creative
Alexander Bartleet : Creative
Daniel Nelson : Creative


Beate Uhse AG - Directions - ambient, Germany

How do you get attention and show directions to a Beate Uhse AG, who sells adult entertainment in the form of sex toys, lingerie, clothing and pornography - while avoiding showing nipples in public?

The answer is obvious, isn't it? Signs like these showed drivers whether they should make a left or a right!

Creatives at Cayenne
Andreas Ruthemann, Marco Obermann : Creative Director


Pardons Direct Inc. - Handcuffs - ambient, Canada

Real handcuffs locked to items around Vancouver city.

For Pardons Direct Inc, from Hot Tomali - Vancouver

Thomas Stringham (Copywriter & Creative Director)
Richard Henderson (Art Director)


Donate your old clothes - get a round of applause.

The shopping mall Vällingby City has teamed up with ad agency Ruth and the salvation army run vintage shop Myrorna asking people to donate their old clothes before buying new ones. All around the mall are colorful donation boxes that give you a round of applause when you toss an item inside it. read more after the jump.

Update You can watch a film of the donation boxes in action here.


Shopping Curitiba Mall - Run! - ambient, Brazil

(Click on image for larger and more images)

This installation via OpusMúltipla, Curitiba asks people to run and get the best prices at the Shopping Curitiba Mall sale during the Olympics.

Renato Cavalher : Creative Director
Cintya Reese : Art Director
Diego Pianaro : Copywriter


Fido Sessions - Fidodolls - ambient, Canada

Remember Flogos? That is, floating logos/ ads in the air? Well here's a campaign that's actually used flogos, along with everything else. Fido Sessions is a series of events that promote art, travel and design.

To get attention, they began by placing small white dolls, called "Fidolls" all over Toronto’s downtown core. Fidolls have appered in the form of chalk art, sidewalk washes, tree hangers and "through the first Canadian use of ‘Flogos’", and finally the appearance of the 30-foot tall versions. Text the number on them and ye shall receive information. Bos, Toronto pulled this off.


The Liberty Shopping Centre - Liberty Live T-shirt , ambient UK

Saatchi & Saatchi X London designed this T-shirt that works with the wearers hair to underline the whole "microphone" delio on his back.


WWF Turtle Conservation Program - Chopsticks - ambient, Indonesia

Advantage Advertising, Jakarta, created this little piece for WWF Indonesia to help raise awareness about the declining turtle population. These little turtle cut-outs were placed in restaurants between the chopsticks, with a message about turtle threats on the reverse side.