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Ambient or Guerilla ads


Stop The Traffik - Human Sale! Saatchi stunt attracts attention to Human trafficking.

Every year thousands of men, women and children are trafficked into the UK for forced labour and sexual exploitation. To help Stop The Traffik (a global coalition against people trafficking) to raise awareness about this trade in human lives, Saatchi & Saatchi X London advertised a ‘HUMAN SALE’ in the centre of London. For maximum impact, the ‘sale’ coincided with the last few days before a ban on this kind of familiar hand-held banner advertising in London came into place.


Tourism Queensland - flasher stunt, Australia

The Objective: To make Queensland the number one choice for a winter holiday.
The Idea: To have bikini-clad ladies and bathing suited boys in heavy coats flashing people all over town. 24 male and female models ran about Melbourne and Sydney flashing people, targeting commuters in the chilly gray mornings.


Business cards for Diving Instructor = wet. (Thailand)

Brief: Create a business card for a diving instructor.

Solution: Manually make cards that have actually been wet to imply that this guy spends most of his time in the water.

Response: Diving instructors classes were fully booked for up to four months in advance.


Treasury Casino - Dice adshel / poster - ambient, Australia

No less than 7563 were placed one by one in this adshel to create the image of a face. The installation via Junior Brisbane sits outside the Treasury Casino in Brisbane, Australia. Let the good times roll indeed.


RBC Blue Water Project - Water Donation Box - Canada

If you think you've seen this before, it's because you've been paying attention. Yes, it's similar to the Unicef - Donation Well - from Singapore.
But dudes, this was totally done by Archimedes like ages ago man, and it won so many awards, so there.


SKY movie - Superman Returns - ambient, New Zealand.

Honestly, DDB, Auckland are having a crazy amount of fun promoting whatever movies are soon to appear on SKY. I'm just about ready to emigrate there now - hey Toby, will you please hire me? I promise not to mess with your car.

Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Director: Clara McLaurin
Copywriter: Mike Felix
Account Director: Danielle Richards


Oreo Cookies Elevator dunk , ambient, USA

DraftFCB in New York dunk an Oreo into a glass of milk using an elevator. I guess that's pretty neat. Mmmmm. Cookies.

Larger image here


DHL - 24 Hours Online Tracking (Dude, not truck) - guerilla, China

Another version of that "24-hour tracking" stunt from Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing - previously they did a truck which was cute but only seen by fellow drivers. Now they did a DHL-dude with an online arrow on his back.


Children's Hospital Foundations Australia - Wrist band - guerilla, Australia

The Children's Hospital Foundations Australia project "Sick Day for a Sick Kid" needed some attention, to get some De Pasquale in Brisbane placed a giant hospital arm band on a sculpture of a hand in the city.


DHL - 24 Hours Online Tracking - guerilla, China

This ‘mobile’ on-ground communication created by Ogilvy Beijing makes use of a large silhouette of a computer cursor installed on a fleet of DHL’s runner vans, which shuttles around the Beijing’s Central Business District to announce DHL’s ‘24-7’ online tracking attribute. This simple stunt/ live activity has effectively resulted in an apparent drop in parcel enquiry recorded by the DHL phone tracking system while online tracking click counters surged.

Bigger image inside, cheap but very effective look!

Update August 4 - see also the DHL-arrow man version