Ambient & Guerrilla


Ambient or Guerilla ads


TOYOTECNO encourages men to clean up.

So here's an interesting factoid. In Japan, only 7.5% of husbands clean the bathroom. And yet because most of them are, shall we say, careless when they go to the bathroom, they tend to make more of a mess than the women.


A simple message from RTH hair transplant service

BBDO went super simple with this one. How easy is it to transplant hair with RTH? As easy as copy paste.


Mountain Dew explains its philosophy.

"To get to easy you have to go through hard." Fair enough.

I like the sentiment, but I'm not sure what it has to do with Mountain Dew.


Celebrate the Night Animals with Lilla Sällskapet.

Swedish group Lilla Sällskapet just dropped a new track called "Night Animal." To promote their upcoming interactive music video, M&C Saatchi Stockholm and B-Reel created some posters that changed messages depending on the time of day. In daylight hours it read "Life for the day." At night?


Book Culture: imagination got there first.

Here's Y&R New York's newest work for New York City independent bookstore called Book Culture. The posters juxtapose covers of famous literary classics with images depicting iconic moments in history to suggest that authors imagined the reality before it became reality.


Duke "You Don't Say?" campaign aims to ban words from daily use

This campaign is a collaboration between Think Before You Talk and Blue Devils United at Duke University. The campaign against words on Facebook, social media, and campus posters is called "You Don't Say". Duke students pose & state which words they won't use, and why they no longer use them.


Game of Thrones Dragon Parking

To help promote HBO Nordic's Game of Thrones season 4 premiere, Copenhagen agency SELIGEMIG, put up dog parking signs made for dragons, next to the normal ones, outside stores and supermarkets in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. Nice use of media space.


Spreading the word about breast cancer through graffiti

These aren't technically print ads. They were included with the press release for JWT's "Tinta Contra o Câncer" campaign for A.C.Camargo Cancer Center. But i think they're more powerful than the case study video which spends more time explaining the concept and less time showing the work.


Six Taste - Eatable business cards for dessert

Six Taste - "catering with a twist" wants you to remember their number. So they make you eat it! As you can see in the images of the case study, the cards are enjoyed by actors and opinion leaders at a party somewhere in Israel. They might not have a card with the catering companies number on it in the end, but I'm sure they'll remember the caterers name.


Smoking changes you

Nice, simple interactive print from Helsinki's 358 to demonstrate the physical changes that occur after years of smoking. Yikes.