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Swedish travel agency sends President Obama a baffling message

Swedish last minute travel agency Ticket wanted to capitalize on President Obama's recent visit to Stockholm, by suggesting it was more important to discuss Edward Snowden with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow. They also posted the same ads in Moscow, directed towards Putin.

If you don't stop to think about this ad for too long it's clever. But if you do think about it for more than a second though it misses the mark. Here's how:



Unlock a woman and help escape domestic violence

The french organization Ni Putes Ni Soumises (Neither Whores Nor Submissives) did an event earlier this month at Pont des Arts in Paris. A poignant place, considering this beautiful bridge has been a romantic spot for ages.

NPNS hung hundreds of padlocks on the bridge-- each representing a woman stuck in a violent relationship. Over the past ten years domestic violence is up 30% in france. Ni Putes Ni Soumises works to free those women.

BY scanning a QR code on the padlock, you could see testimonies from domestic violence victims on your phone. Afterwards you could donate. And if you chose to donate, you'd get a symbolic code to "unlock," the woman.

I do applaud the effort as it's perfect placement. And it's also great for drumming up PR.


The New York Lottery gets creepy for Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day, these fun and only slightly creepy print/OOH boards celebrate the New York Lottery's Mother's Day Scratch Off Game.

I wonder what you win? How about a night away from those kids, they are working my last nerve? Or maybe, grandma watches the kids so me and daddy can do the stuff that got us the kids int he first place?


Porteur Bike sale

Porteur is a new bicycle brand that has a one-for-one scheme, kind of like Tom's shoes. Buy a bike and they'll donate one. In order to promote their 10% sale, they decided to run the ad where cyclists were sure to see it: On the street. Made from water soluble paint, ads were made out of the road markings pointing out the bicycle lane. Clever use of a timely 10% discount. Because when the ads disappear so does the sale.

Fair enough. But what happens if it doesn't rain or snow in Stockholm for a bit? I realize this is impossible in spring there, but if we pretended climate change hit the land of Vikings, when's the official sale end?


Helsinki Region Transport Fact Campaign

More from the Helsinki Region Transport, urging you to take public transportation rather than drive.

OKay I'm down with public transportation. But only if it's in a lovely tilt-shift art direction world.


The Tutor Crowd corrects graffiti & street slogans saving us from bad grammar is the tumblr where all the helpful street graffiti tutoring has been collected for your enjoyment. You see, people who vandalize walls usually don't have the best grasp on spelling and grammar. They'll write slogans like "Less Boats, More Fish" (Oh wait, that was greenpeace), and forget where the apostrophe goes despite Bob the angry flower's helpful guide. So The Tutor Crowd, which is a website that helps you find tutors, have made this clever campaign to alert yobs out there of their services. Cheap on media?


Jaison Greene / Urban Detox - ads on toilet paper.

We told you about Star Toilet Paper, in "Just what you've always wanted: ads to wipe your bum with". Seems this client and that ad-media is a match made in a seedy stall somewhere. The creatives explain:

"The Detox Authority, Jaison Greene, is here to whip your shit into shape--literally."

Wait, what? No he's not. Not literally, unless his job is toi actually take a cat o' nine tails to a pile of my fecal matter. I'm so grossed out now, I don't even.

Jaison Greene is the Detox Authority of New York City, the problem was nobody knew him. So we decided to make an introduction when people would need it most; while on a public toilet regretting their New Year’s Eve bender.


Giant Hobbit themed carousel the latest in Hobbit crazyness in New Zealand

New Zealand is going Hobbit crazy. Not just Air New Zealand who made their new Safety Feature film all Hobbit themed, but all of New Zealand. First, when you land at the airport you will be greeted by a very large Hobbit themed baggage carousel. Then you'll find a giant Gollum, marching dwarves and a giant Gandalf sculpture.


Toyota: protect what's behind you

Toyota wanted to get the word out that ,any car accidents happen when the driver is backing up. So, along with Happiness Brussels they got a bit of art on for Toyota.

The carmaker commissioned a series of 3d street paintings from artist Ernest Zacharevic , who painted a series of murals in a Brussels parking lot. The murals depict innocent kids playing and having fun, right in places where drivers are most apt to back up.

Along with all of them is a line: "Protect what's behind you. Drive with a rear-view camera."

Emotional without being sappy. Straight and to the point. And the drawings are quite beautiful, too.

Nice one, guys.


DBS Bank Ltd / DriveShield - Expect the unexpected / Halved car - (2012)

Wait, what's this how did this car get cut in half? That my dear, is what they want to to ask yourself, and if you snap a pic of the QR code you will be lead to this clip showing the unexpected Star Wars fight that happened in front of this car. Luckily they had signed up with DBS Bank Ltd car insurance and gotten a free dashboard camera.

Just one question. Where's the other half of the car?