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Fiat Brazil puts cars before trains

Back in 2006 Andre Kirkelis & Luis Catapano did this crazy stunt for Fiat Palio at Leo Burnett Sao Paulo.

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What not to do...

Having delivered around 50 viral campaigns over the last five years, we've seen (and made) a fair few marketing mistakes on our way.

Based around this knowledge and know-how, we've developed a guide called "21 Common Mistakes" of what not to do when putting together a viral campaign.

These include:
2) Thinking that viral is about tits, ass and the "ick" factor
8) Thinking viral is just about the internet
12) Commissioning a campaign by saying "I want a game" or "I want a film"
13) Trying to do too much with a single execution
17) Numbers - getting your ROI metrics wrong

Because we've seen it all, and made a fair few of these mistakes ourselves, these should give the marketing community a good platform to improve the quality of virals around the net.
To download a .pdf of the full 21 Mistakes guide, click here

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Hopahari WEE escalator

Hopa Hari Amusement Park - Escalator ad - ambient, Brazil

"Have fun at Hopi Hari's rollercoaster." is what the sign says. The people on each step however are probably screaming WEEEEEEE! at the top of their lungs. ;)

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Verizon - the latest brand to go on a road trip

At the beginning of this month, Verizon launched a new campaign by Draft New York which uses the theme of three documentary filmmakers on a "road trip" asking people around the USA why they chose Verizon. Six TV ads and five radio spots cover the gamut of services offered by Verizon.

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Marching for meat - part two!

Hah! Here's an odd brainsync - hot on the heels of that Svea Kebab demonstration in Sweden come the meatylicious march.

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Ad students clever ploy for free media: a demonstration

With all the ad creep going on, it was bound to happen, the next generation of ad men and women are outdoing themselves in order to get attention.Resume reports that students from Stockholms school of advertising Bergs have 'invented' a new free media for advertising - the legal right to demonstrate. Calling themselves the "Berghs Embassy of Communication" they applied for the right to demonstrate and then pranced around Stockholm - with a police escort - to holler "No mess, Svea Kebab" and "we only sell what we eat - Svea Kebab!".
The police stopped traffic on several major roads in Stockholm, Sveavägen, Hamngatan and Kungsgatan, just to let the "demonstrators" through. Svea Kebab's owner Mustafa Bakirdan is of course very pleased with the attention they got.

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The O.C. World on Latin American beaches

A guerrilla campaign for 3# season of The O.C series, created by Brazilian guerrilla agency Espalhe.

In Latin America, on selected beaches in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico, people had been surprised by ambulants that were selling Italian eyeglasses, Russian caviar, French champagne and diamond necklaces instead of the usual 1$ plastic trinkets.

Each product costs about U$ 300, just to provide to the fans a little of the luxury shown in the series. Some photos here at

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Apple adds ads to iTunes

Apple adds ads to itunes, say that ten times fast!
Yup, the AdAge article "Apple Chomps Into Forbidden Fruit: Ads" explains that Apple is contemplating for the ads to appear only in the lower-left corner of the iTunes library while users listen to podcasts from their computers rather than from portable devices. This makes me laugh - who on earth watches their iTunes while listening to podcasts? Can we see a show of hands? Anybody? Bueller? I thought not.
I hope that the ad revenue is shared with the content creators, the podcaster be they famous or joe-average. Must be, right?

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Earth Day Advertising and Marketing

Well, it's Earth Day. So here's a quickie post of some promotions, marketing initiatives and advertising going on in honor of the day.

Starbucks in Canada will be giving away free coffee if you bring in your own mug today.

Owens Corning, makers of insulation products, promotes their mascot, the Pink Panther, to CEO and gives him a blog about engery efficiency. (funny bit at the end of the press release-"The color PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning".)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is launching a new campaign to protect endangered whales, that will include TV spots and billboards.

GM is running special advertising to drive people to the Live Green Go Yellow site to promote their E85 alternative fuel campaign, as well as participating in events and activities around the US.

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Head&Shoulders escalator

Head & Shoulders - Easy to Comb / Escalator ad - Argentina

Leo Burnett, Argentina demonstrate - with an escalator - how easy your hair is to comb after using Head&Shoulders. Okay. That's pretty cute. Bonus trivia: In Argentina an escalator is called escalera.

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