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Head&Shoulders escalator

Head & Shoulders - Easy to Comb / Escalator ad - Argentina

Leo Burnett, Argentina demonstrate - with an escalator - how easy your hair is to comb after using Head&Shoulders. Okay. That's pretty cute. Bonus trivia: In Argentina an escalator is called escalera.


Adicolor goes global

Idealogue created an idea for podcast commercials for adicolor. Seven color-themed films in total will each be directed by well-known directors. The first film released was White, (r255g255b255) in which Jenna Jameson bashed the crap out of a Whack-A-Mole machine. It was directed by Tronic. This past week the second film Green (r006g146b071) was released, directed by Happy, which tells the tale of the Finkles and the Gladstones celebration the end of the nuclear winter.

The remaining directors include: Neill Blomkamp, Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel, Psyop, Saiman Chow, and Charlie White. The rest of the flims have the following release dates: Pink (r243g197b208), April 12; Blue (r023g075b158), April 19; Red (r213g037b053), April 26; Yellow (r254g245b60), May 3; Black (r000g000b000) May 10. The urls for those unreleased spots will also carry on the theme of RGB, which is a very nice touch. The colors relate to the original markers that were sold with the adicolor back in 1983.


McDonald's wants you on its packaging

Last week, the MediaGuardian reported on McDonald's new global search for everyday folks to appear on their packaging. The company is seeking 25 brand "stars" who sum up its "I'm Lovin' it" ethos. Those selected will be flown to London for a photoshoot in August.

There is no advertising for this campaign, and instead is relying on WOM by internet communities. In applying for the opportunity to be a "brand star", McD's is asking people to tell them what they "love in life" and "how they live it" in 100 words or less, along with a picture.


Quicky ad breaks

Motley Fool informs us that NBC is trying "speed ads" this week on its USA Network. The experiement consists of a one minute commercial ad block with 2 :30 spots which so far Walgreen and Allstate have signed up for. The rest of the commerical breaks will be their usual 2-4 minutes in length. Here's a great point by the writer of the article:

On the other hand, I can't see just how effective this experiment might be. First off, there's the sheer fact that it lasts for only five days, during one program, which wasn't identified. If the experiment is deemed a success from this small piece of data and the practice becomes more widespread, I can imagine a few things that might infuriate viewers still more -- if the commercial breaks are shorter but more frequent, for example. As a Foolish colleague of mine commented earlier, the frequency of commercial breaks is already enough to make a lot of us feel just a bit ADD. Breaking up the story too many times for quickie breaks might rile up even more of the self-righteous indignation that many viewers already feel.

Live ads at the theater

Visit London has created a 3 minute "live ad" that will be presented for the first time tomorrow night during the evening performance of "Steptoe and Son In Murder at Oil Drum Lane" at the Comedy theater.

The ad will connect aspects of the city is is playin with those on offer in London, and will be supported by print and online. Each advert will feature a local celebrity or actor making a cameo appearance.

They claim this is a first, although last February, there was news of scripted "commercials" piloted at the Apollo in Victoria acted out by the cast of Saturday Night Fever for products including McDonald's, Heinz and Kellogg's during breaks in the performance.
update Check comments, the first interactive ad like this was done at least 13 years ago.


Who would you have a beer with?

The next phase of Anheuser-Busch campaign, which began during the 2006 Super Bowl asks, "If you could have a beer with anyone, who would it be?" Shot by Spike Lee the ads were created by DDB Chicago and produced by 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks.

This is phase two of the Beer Institute campaign, which will highlight celebrities talking about which people they'd have a beer with if they could.


Don't get stuck waiting

A new campaign that broke this week in Dubai uses well-dressed maniqueins to tout the regularity of Emirates Airlines flights to the UK. The campaign will also include press, radio and online.


Volvo wants to inspire your senses

Last week Volvo introduced a logo overhaul by branding agency Bite. There aren't major changes but the "male" iron mark is more curved and has a thicker bevelled edge and the silver used was given a softer matt shade in an attempt to create a more luxurious feel.

And this week was the launch for the FEEL campaign for the new Volvo C70 in the UK. The FEEL campaign is "designed to inspire people to reawaken their senses, see life in a new light and open their minds to the pure pleasure the new Volvo C70 coupé/convertible brings."


Xerox adds color to comic

Xerox is showing the UK how injecting color makes a difference. A well established business cartoon titled "Alex" has been taken over by Xerox for six weeks (started the 27 Feb). The comic, which has been running for 13 years in black and white, is about a stockbroker and runs in the Telegraph.

The Telegraph's recently launched in-house advertising projects team, Telegraph Create, came up with the idea. Xerox's creative agency Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R are also involved.

Read on to see the ads.


AXE peep hole

AXE might be the most fun client to work on in the middle east, judging by the crazy ideas they've done. Here's another example, this one was created by Ash Chagla and SM Ziyad at Lowe United Arab Emirates.