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Ambient or Guerilla ads


The AXE mousepad stunt - not very clever after all.

We got that AXE mouse pad thing sent to us Wednesday night, you might have seen it already since most ad blogs already published the picture last week. It The tardyness of telling us about it reminded me a bit of high school, where my petite size would make me be picked last for basketball. That same lack of height ensured that the opposing team never saw me coming. ;)
But I digress, there's an interesting rationale behind the Axe "feel her up" mouse pad, read inside for the thoughts behind this rather risque ambient ad.


Peroni Beer Pays Homage To "La Dolce Vita"

Peroni beer broke a :30 trailer ad during the Oscars on Sunday which pays homage to Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita", leading viewers to CinemaPeroni where you can view the full :210 film. Created by The Bank, Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s and SABMiller’s lead creative agency in the UK, the ad was shot in Cape Town and Rome in November 2005.
A $50 million global campaign for Peroni
that will run for 18 months in the UK, US, South Africa and Romania, and will eventually run in other territories.


Sony's PSP Posters London

TBWALondon has created a series of 22 posters which have been up throughout London as of Feb 25th. These posters are part of the Do it Here project, aimed at showing off the features of the PSP.

Many gaming sites have been puzzled at the "white bits" poster. Is it a double entendre? Possibly. The line "Your girlfriend's white bits here" touts the ability to store photographs, so really it could be any thing from those pearly whites to knockers. Another ad reads "Strong language and scenes of a sexual nature here" to promote the movie-playing function.

Check out a collection of the ads on flickr


3D and hangers for your concepts

Earlier this month UK 3D innovations company, Create 3D, produced the first 3D moving media campaign of its kind for Bacardi. Fallon London looked to Create 3D to provide a flat, single-colour graphic to fit ‘6 sheet’ poster units that would incorporate 3D effect and motion. They wanted the viewer to interact with the dancer and 'move' with the image. The poster character ‘responds’ by replaying at the same speed as the viewer. It is the first time that a flat poster has provided 3D viewing and motion in the same image.


Correction fluid HQ in the USA, tells us to remove Correction fluid Chile ads.

Well there's no real way to sugarcoat that one, aye? So here's a short update on as to why the Correction fluid campaign Saigon/Ninios/Torres Gemelas now has a pixellated beyond recognition logo and trademark on it. Correction fluid HQ in CT USA has asked us to remove the ads.

This is the first time we have seen these ads and we have just learned that these ads were created by the agency, TBWA in Chile. These ads were created with no knowledge or approval from . We are currently in contact with TBWA to address this situation.
In the meantime, as these ads are in extremely poor taste and were not approved by , we would like to request that you please remove the ads from your website. The ads also constitute an unauthorized use of the logo, trademarks and image.

So we blurred the trademark, and hope to get to the bottom of this Chilean campaign, was it really done for client without authorisation? Who knows, since the server (including mail) for has been down all weekend. However, we won't remove the ads. Stay tuned.

The GameKillers goes from show to ad campaign

The GameKillers, a reality-based hour long special which first aired Feb 6th on MTV, was produced by advertising agency BBH Bartle Bogle Hegarty and production company for AXE Dry. It is a step into the realm of branded entertainment for Unilever's brand and thankfully a step away from the "pit" ad campaign. It was also used as the launching pad for the latest ad campaign which just began airing.


Schweppes fountains of effervescence

A new ambient campaign by Duval Guillaume Antwerp for Schweppes will be taking over fountains through European cities in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway to illustrate the effervescence of the product.


Guerilla campaign with holes in it

Actually that's not fair, the guerilla campaign created by Duval Guillaume in Brussels for the Overpoort Bowl doesn't have holes in it - rather it is holes. Three of 'em! Stuck as a sticker on any round object it instantly turns helmets or salad heads into bowling balls.


Project Hello now aired on Fuel TV

The 15-second PSAs from Project Hello are currently airing on FUEL TV and will roll out on other cable channels this spring. The PSAs were independently shot in Miami and in Los Angeles by commercial directors Nelson Cabrera and T.G. Herrington respectively, and use a mixture of film and digital video. The idea was to capture people who live on the streets, many of which that look like your average citizen, in their element. The long, dramatic pauses, and silence interrupt the typically busy broadcast media and force the viewer to take a closer look at the human looking back at them and the oversized nametag sign they are holding.

When we shone the spotlight on 86 the onions Chad Rea said " I'm also very proud of our own philanthropic initiative Project Hello. It just feels good to do good. "

Project Hello - Errol - (2004) 0:15 (USA)

Super adgrunts click to view.


XBox 360 advert has easter egg

Apparently in the new XBox 360 spot airing in the UK, there is a hidden easter egg. By pressing the red interactive button on their digital remote, viewers are presented with a high-energy and fast- paced video that reveals the games and features of the new Xbox 360.

Leading DiTV agency Weapon7, in collaboration with digital agency AKQA, has created the interactive launch campaign for Microsoft's Xbox 360. The initiative airs nationally on Sky on the 22nd of December and will run for a month. The spot can be accessed through four different commercials and the Sky a-z.

Stephen McGill, Head of Marketing for Xbox UK, says: "In this instance the medium of digital TV has given us a fantastic opportunity to show the world of Xbox 360 and be able to excite and engage a traditionally exclusive audience. Weapon7's idea is inspired from the core gaming audience and is a truly innovative way to add an extra element of engagement and talkability."

"This commercial is the first in DiTV to allow viewers to play with the advertising," says Steven Hess, managing partner of Weapon7. "For those who choose to go deeper into the ad, they will discover that there is more to it than meets the eye. However, we're not giving away any secrets."

The linked article also has tips for finding the easter eggs.