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Ambient or Guerilla ads


Edible direct mail tempts customers to tapas bar

To tempt people to resturant Tres in Gothenburg, Miami served vacuum packed Serrano ham as DM in peoples mailboxes.
"We wanted to do something different, something that made people stop and take notice, that's rather unusual in our business" says David Lyckdal restaurateur of the Spanish bar Tres. Having a slice of vacuum packed Serrano ham arriving with the mail instead of the usual "you may already be a winner.." crap, is indeed rather different. (read more to see DM piece).


Mitsubishi Motors sells cars with that 'new car smell' in Sweden.

Mitsubishi Motors has teamed up with Miami advertising hot shop to sell their cars with a decidedly different tactic.


Duracell - Escalator keeps going and going - ambient, Malaysia

Ha ha ha, this is a funny branding exercise - the battery that keeps the escalators running and running and running and running and yeah yeah, we get it - Duracell's last forever. Except in my digital camera where they die after using the flash ten times.


Worlds longest billboard in Berlin

Right now in Berlin, from the of 9th September until 7th October, Virgin Express is running the worlds longest outdoor billboard, no less than 1100 meters! The ad stretches from Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche to the Zoologischer Garten.



Marketing Alternatif alerts us to yet another version of street people carrying ads in exchange for food, adgrunts will recall that pizza schmizza did this in San Francisco back in 2003, and the Sisterhood Augustinessen in Amsterdam offered 'advertising coats' to homeless people last winter, and most recently GoGorilla used a "bum" to advertise their media buying tact


Water drop posters - BitFall

Bitfall is a waterfall that displays images by changing the sizes of the water drops it drops. They are currently having a huge boost of traffic, which their internet host didn't much like, due to curious onlookers like myself so the images and german descriptions can be found here right now, but the ubercool Quicktime videos are offline at the moment. Still, this is so neat I wonder when it'll be used as actual ad 'water' posters to sell us Perrier. ;) File under very cool.


Casino websites paints cows as moo-ving billboards

The caramel coloured chateau casino on the web so good at getting press for nothing has apparently run out of morons.... Sorry foreheads, boobs and other limbs, as they are now painting their domain name on cows in Florida.
As usual the mainstream press that can't bother researching anything these days are hailing their old shit as something groundbreaking and new regurgitating everything straight from the palaces press release.

Just to give you an idea of how old exactly this painting on cows thing is, lets take a trip down moo-memory lane shall we? (read more pals, all the fun begins after the jump)


Affinity Petcare - Listen to your nose - ambient billboard, Germany

"Listen to your nose" the branded poster says, and dogs are magically attracted to it. Why? There's actual dog food hidden behind that bowl-picture, and the smell is wafting through tiny holes in the poster. I wonder how long it was up before hounds tore into the paper trying to reach the food.


Unilever threatened to remove ad or face prosecution

Unilever, parent company for Lynx, has been forced to pull its ad from a field in the flight path of Gatwick Airport.

However, following a complaint by a member of public, Tandridge District Council ordered Unilever to remove the ad or face prosecution.

The ad was a part of the "Spray more, get more" campaign and also includes TV spots. This outdoor ad was scheduled to run from July 18th to August 14th.


Bizarre Japanese "Passion of Christ" billboard.

Here is a photo of a billboard in the Ebisu subway station Japan. It appears that some advertising company was asked by a Tokyo distributor to do a special ad for Christmas for the Passion of the Christ DVD. Apparently nobody who was actually Christian got to review the ad before it was posted for thousands of people to see on their way home for Christmas Eve.

All credit to Josh who created the jjnotablog and took the pic.