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Don't squirt my Kaboose!

Kaboose Inc, the world's leading independent online media destination for kids has partnered up with H.J. Heinz Company to help launch Silly Squirts(tm).

In the deal, Kaboose gets label space on millions of Heinz-base brand and Silly Squirts(tm) bottles, and in turn Heinz gets an interactive Heinz micro-site within

"Kaboose is very excited" said Jonathan Graff, President of Kaboose.
Ok sorry people I can't write any more about this without giggling myself to death like Beavis. Someone please get my mind out of the gutter but the squirty kaboose pun-temptations are getting to be a bit much for me. ;)

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Parasitic advertising?

Interesting... This photoset on flickr shows logo-sponsored insects as an experimental photo series concept. What next? "Just do it" bouncing beans?

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Edible direct mail tempts customers to tapas bar

To tempt people to resturant Tres in Gothenburg, Miami served vacuum packed Serrano ham as DM in peoples mailboxes.
"We wanted to do something different, something that made people stop and take notice, that's rather unusual in our business" says David Lyckdal restaurateur of the Spanish bar Tres. Having a slice of vacuum packed Serrano ham arriving with the mail instead of the usual "you may already be a winner.." crap, is indeed rather different. (read more to see DM piece).

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"Idea man" invents advertising on parking stripes

The Denverpost shares a story of an ad exec with big ideas, the kind that looks for new places to put ads - before any specific communication idea - all the time. Oh boy.

...Golden advertising executive Greg Gorman, 46, has come up with a better idea.
In 2003, he looked out his window at the Denver West office park and noticed all the safety-yellow stripes marking parking spaces. Why not turn those stripes into ads? he mused.
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Mitsubishi Motors sells cars with that 'new car smell' in Sweden.

Mitsubishi Motors has teamed up with Miami advertising hot shop to sell their cars with a decidedly different tactic.

"The climate of car advertising is as you know, quite harsh competition is tough, and sometimes it can be very hard to make ones message heard with only conventional methods. This is why we chose to add an extra edge to our campaign with alternative guerrilla style advertising." said Annika Lennstam from Mitsubishi. (read more to see it)

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Lights.... Camera.... ASTEROID!

Claymore summed it up thusly back in 2001, when he reported on the Russian arm of Space Station Alpha allowing four brand to shoot commercials in space.
Since then many an ad has been shot in space, some creative and some complete dreck as usual, and now it's Japanese cup a noodle's turn. Sign on San Diego reports

Japanese noodle maker to film TV commercial at International Space Station.
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Duracell - Escalator keeps going and going - ambient, Malaysia

Ha ha ha, this is a funny branding exercise - the battery that keeps the escalators running and running and running and running and yeah yeah, we get it - Duracell's last forever. Except in my digital camera where they die after using the flash ten times.

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Animated sitcom for Lavazza coffee

Italian coffee brand Lavazza will be launching an animated sitcom featuring Carmencita, a character that starred in the ads in the 60s. The 12-part series developed by Armando Testa will begin airing on October 14th. 15 second spots will promote the episodes which are about 2 minutes and 30 seconds and will eventually be available on the website.

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Worlds longest billboard in Berlin

Right now in Berlin, from the of 9th September until 7th October, Virgin Express is running the worlds longest outdoor billboard, no less than 1100 meters! The ad stretches from Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche to the Zoologischer Garten.

Written in German of course, as copywriters there are blessed with a language that has words like Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz and could probably make a five word headline cover the entire 1100 meters without breaking a sweat. ;)

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Holographic ads

Forget posters. The possible new trend could be the holographic ad. According to AV Interactive40 Punch Tavern pubs in London and Central England are to be fitted with holographic displays showing advertising. Each pub is getting two ColorHolo screens by Colour Holographic as part of a trial. The screens can show upto 70 frames of video and are set off my motion detectors.

Colour Holographic has already created holographic ads for brands like Guinness, Nike, Cadbury's and Bailey's.

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