Ambient & Guerrilla


Ambient or Guerilla ads


Affinity Petcare - Listen to your nose - ambient billboard, Germany

"Listen to your nose" the branded poster says, and dogs are magically attracted to it. Why? There's actual dog food hidden behind that bowl-picture, and the smell is wafting through tiny holes in the poster. I wonder how long it was up before hounds tore into the paper trying to reach the food.


Unilever threatened to remove ad or face prosecution

Unilever, parent company for Lynx, has been forced to pull its ad from a field in the flight path of Gatwick Airport.

However, following a complaint by a member of public, Tandridge District Council ordered Unilever to remove the ad or face prosecution.

The ad was a part of the "Spray more, get more" campaign and also includes TV spots. This outdoor ad was scheduled to run from July 18th to August 14th.


Bizarre Japanese "Passion of Christ" billboard.

Here is a photo of a billboard in the Ebisu subway station Japan. It appears that some advertising company was asked by a Tokyo distributor to do a special ad for Christmas for the Passion of the Christ DVD. Apparently nobody who was actually Christian got to review the ad before it was posted for thousands of people to see on their way home for Christmas Eve.

All credit to Josh who created the jjnotablog and took the pic.


The first live billboard in Times Square

The press release boasts; "First Live Billboard Launches in Times Square: Famous for Breaking New Ground in Advertising, Calvin Klein's ck one Fragrance Will Launch First-Ever Live Billboard in Times Square, NY July 19" and continues it's chest thumping with "Calvin Klein first took over Times Square and set the world abuzz in 1992 with a giant billboard featuring underwear-clad Mark Wahlberg." Gak. Didn't care then, don't care now.


Nissan - Sandstation Event / Sand ads

Nissan decided to have some fun when they sponsored the Sandstation event in Berlin, so they trucked in several tonnes of sand and had an artist build sand-Nissans in it. The result, eye-catching branding, I guess.


Queer cab campaign against homophobia

RFSU (the Swedish national group for sex information) have launched a new campaign, this one aims to battle homophobia.


French AIDS campaign has a sting.

The French AIDS prevention and information org, has come up with another scary poster campaign to remind people of the dangers of AIDS.

Their last campaign used dying super heroes, and the campaign back in 2002 starred a Dick-head (literally.)

Dick says: "Condoms are like a good bath, when you are inside, you don't want to get out"


New York Taxis get a New Look.

Purepartner by design is currently busy rebranding the old yellow taxicab of New York City, and giving a facelift to the entire Taxi and Limousine Commission. The new look is designed to make the 12,000+ NYC taxis more attractive, iconic and consistent in their appearance, and will provide a new set of revenue generating trademarks and copyrights for the City.


Amstel Ballen Bar: The Ballroom of Amstel beer

Dutch agency Doom & Dickson created a campaign for Amstel beer with balls.

The ball-room hostess.


Tanning taxis promote Nivea self-tanning in germany

Via TBWA blog Portugal we find this brilliant piece of visual interrupt going on down in Germany.