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Ambient or Guerilla ads

We come in peace. With Oreo cookies. August 5 Mars landing.
Are you ready to dunk and roll?! August 3rd
Night time is the right time for an Oreo cookie. Aug 2
Never has a golden Oreo looked so good.  Aug 1
  Twist, lick, dunk and twist, lick, dunk... July 31
Cheesecake and Oreo. Nuff said. National Cheese day July 30
They came from outer space...actually, they came from the supermarket. July 29
No shirt, no shoes, no problems. Dunk’s up. 28th July
Don’t forget to hold your pinky out when you dunk.
Is it a boy or girl? July 26

Oreo's social media "posters" are a daily treat.

Since they're are in the digital realm, and not traditional "press" or OOH, we've been posting updates on the Oreo cookies timely images in digital, like we did with the Rainbow stuffing image, and the


Kit Kat "have a break" sandwich board man in line at the Apple Store

JWT Amsterdam and Kit Kat teased all those Apple fans lining up for new gear by having a sandwich board sign man stand in line wearing the "Have a break, have a kit kat" logo. Nicely done.


Jameson Irish Whiskey - Pub Paintings - (2012)

Here's quite the clever bar ad creep that just nabbed a Bronze at the one show which means that yes, you will very likely see this in Cannes this year. TBWA\Chiat\Day New York have tried before, and not quite reached Cannes quality limits but like a good whisky this campaign is maturing, and personally I think that "Pub paintings" has a chance at some lion-action.

Spot McSorley's old Ale house among the bars, the paintings fit right in there.

See also The Hawk of Achill.


NYT battle - Real Life game - NYT.fi

NYT.fi magazines motto is "right here, right now" and they wanted more eyballs on their website. Helsingin Sanomat responded by coming up with a battle concept, three teams lead by celebs had to complete tasks across the city of Helsinki in one day, and points given in the shape of like & shares on facebook were added to their score. Make a bus driver laugh. Breakdance in the central station. Freestyle rap to someone over 50. Collect five kisses from strangers. As the teams sped through their tasks, the clips generated brought the traffic to NYT.fi.


Ben and Jerry Street art - Dublin is made of ice-cream

Ben and Jerry's Ireland introduced their new Core flavour Karamel Sutra to Dublin via this installation where a giant spoon dug into Dublin's core to find said ice-cream. To create this, Ben & Jerry teamed up with street art activist Will St Leger and built this punny "good to the core" moment in Dublin’s city centre.

Graham Fink with shedloads of awards
John Hegarty - with Paul Smith suit!
Lord Bell
Justin Tindall
Johnny Hornby
Jeremy Bullmore

the IPA made Adland Lego figures, collect them all!

Top old blokes of advertising, sorry, leading industry figures including Sir Martin Sorrell, Sir John Hegarty, Lord Bell, Johnny Hornby and Jeremy Bullmore, have been immortalized in Lego as part of a ‘build your career’ campaign to highlight the high calibre of speakers that the IPA’s 44 Club attracts. SO cute.

The Lego figures, created by 44 Club committee member and Leo Burnett creative Ben Gough and photographed by Adrian Burke, will appear on a series of postcards to be sent to the industry’s HR managers and those new to the industry.


Light for the world: Release a blind person from their armband - Guerrilla PSA

Here's an interesting idea from PKP BBDO Werbeagentur GmbH for their client ""Light for the World" (Licht für die Welt). The idea is quote simple, at any given event where people check their coats the wardrobe assistants will hang the "blind person" traffic symbol on the sleeve.


Anton Berg - The Generous Store. No cash or credit cards, just good deeds.

Imagine a store where you don't pay with money, but instead with good deeds. Go on. Close your eyes. It's full of chocolate isn't it?

Yep the recent Anton Berg pop-up store, a.k.a the generous store, where you can not pay with money. Chocolate so good money can't buy it, anyone?


Doritos giant vending machine stage at #sxsw

Oh wait, hold up. Something happened at SXSW that we should take note of,. The giant Doritos vending machine.

This weekend’s SXSW Music Festival featured a special stage that was a giant Doritos Vending Machine as part of Doritos launch of their new “Jacked” chip. The machine, created by Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, was 50 times larger than a typical vending machine, totaling six stories. The machine featured real bags of Doritos with giant chips in them. At the lowest level of the machine was a stage.
The stage saw several performers over the weekend, including a kick-off with Snoop Dogg and several other musical performances.


Choko la - the candy wrapper business card , yum.

Cosmic Kitchens owns Choko la, New Delhi's premium chocolate chain. What better way to tell people what their number is than by the candy wrapper business card ?